Saturday, June 28, 2014

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Color | Review

Hello Angels
A new addition to Chanel's Les Beiges collection. Impulse to buy this bronzer was immediate when i spotted it on Chanel's counter 3 weeks back. And the decision to pick No.2 over No.1 (slightly more lighter than No.2) was also instant.

Yes, i have plenty of bronzers. So am in no way going to justify my purchase but by admitting that i simply fell for it and had to own one. 

For the amount i splurged, i was a little concerned if the product would disappoint me. But i stand corrected. I use it almost on a daily basis and the Chanel embossing is hardly visible now! So that says it...

It comes in 3 layers of shades - brick brown (as i would like to call it), a regular tan brown and a pearl white highlighter. Blending the 3 gives a lovely couture shade. I use the highlighter on apples of my cheeks, forehead and chin. Each layer is wide enough for individual use. The finish is amazing. Blends like a dream and gives a natural, flawless finish. 

Stress on finish again - Most powder bronzers and highlighters I've used, settles or makes pores and other bumps on skin a 'lil too obvious. But this powder is soo fine that it neatly blends and becomes your skin-like. 

I do realize this is of no relevance and does not contribute to the quality of the product either, but it smells seriously!! Bad news, they are launched as Limited Editions. So if you like the sound of it, give it a try NOW...

Cost $65

Let me know if you have already given this beaut a try. Which is your favorite Bronzer? Do you use a Bronzer at all?


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

London Shopping | Non Beauty

Hello Angels
Second part to my London shopping spree. Heads up/Spoiler- i did not go all crazy shopping for exclusive/fancy stuffs. Reason being Dubai is much cheaper when it comes to shopping vs London for clothing, Designer stuffs etc

But if you have a weakness for small cute accessories and other regular items then you may enjoy this post after all. Harrods and Selfridges housed some uber cute leather and other accessories. On the other hand, Primark helped me with some cheap and best products. So here is a sneak peek 

P.S -I may have bagged some basic tees and tops from Topshop which were on Sale! (Not pictured below. Like I said they are very basic!) 

Mini satchel and shoes from Primark
Kate Spade Coffee Tumbler from Selfridges
Key chains | Magnets | Harrods Showpiece 
Chocolates | Purse | USB | Harry Potter chocolate wand

Am really into these tiny cute stuffs. I bring magnets from countries i travel to and they go straight on my Refrigerator (I've quite a bit collection going on already! Its like an asset). The shoes from Primark costs me only $11. Excellent buy and look how pretty they are!!

The Coffee Tumbler is yet another favorite. The strips and Pink totally won me over. Costs $31. 

Leave me a comment below if you like my 'lil shopping spree and which one is your fav?


Monday, June 23, 2014

London Shopping | Beauty Buys

Hello Angels
So am back from London. Had a blast - site seeing, shopping, eating and catching up with friends. Luckily the weather was not only cooperative but was at its best. Now it was next to impossible for someone like me to walk away from those Oh Soo appealing beauty stores (Harrods, Liberty, Selfridges, Boots, Space NK, Superdrug to name a few). So here are a few items i shopped. Non beauty items will be blogged about separately. So let's get cracking...

Sanctuary Deep Cleansing Facial - 5 Min Thermal Detox Mask
Now Amelia from Amelia Liana was all over this product in one of her latest videos. So as i walked by the aisles of Boots it was hard for me to resist this familiar looking grey tube. 'Thermal Detox Mask' sounds very promising, doesn't it? The product is especially recommended for ladies with oily skin. The soothe warming effect of charcoal and clay helps open congested pores and purifies skin. Now the product actually feels warm or even hot on your skin depending on how used to you are to Thermal Masks. But nothing too disturbing i promise. Moving on, it also contains plant extracts and other essential oils. Your skin feels fresh, smooth and cleansed from within after application. 

My skin type is dry to combination, but my T zone is oily (esp my nose!). Though it may not surface all black heads, after application you can squeeze out even those tricky ones in a matter of seconds. 
Retailed at $16, it gives you good value for money. Now for all Dubai residents, unfortunately this product is not available at Boots. So online stores or ebay is our best option.

Korres Basil Lemon Body Milk - 
I bagged this guy at Liberty. Now before i begin, all you Londoners, how beautiful is this shopping mall? It was such a happy and a joyful experience shopping here. This product was not on my list, but more of an impulse buy. Korres products are really expensive in Dubai compared to London.

I really suck at moisturizing my body. Somehow i don't take the time and effort to do so. Trying out new products gives me that extra push! (you know just like new Gym gears!! Lol....). The product comes in a wide range of scents. I loved this one the most. Lemon with a hint of Basil. Does a good job and a 200ml for $16, is a good buy. The product is silicon and alcohol free.

Nars Lip Pencil/Crayon in Cruella
Now this was very much on top of my list! These Lip pencils have completely swept me off the ground. Fantastic formulation, no dryness, looooong lasting and available in beautiful shades. I highly recommend you ladies to buy one and you will get hooked! Cost $31. Click here for detailed review

Origins Gin zing  Energy Boosting Moisturizer
A winner from Origins. All products under the Gin Zing formulation contain coffee beans. The presence of the same promises to energize and hydrate skin. It is too soon for me to make a comment since I've been using it only for a week now. But so far loving the light creamy texture. Hydrates my skin well and no signs of dry patches. I will post a detailed review soon. Costs $26

Have you used any of these products before? Let me know....


Monday, June 16, 2014

Holiday Picks | Make Up

Hello Angels
As you may know from my previous posts, Instagram and Twitter feeds am in London right now. That time of the year when i get to take a short break from work life and other commitments. Being a hard core advocate of 'Travel Light' policy, I thought it would only be appropriate to talk about my Travel Beauty picks...Click for a detailed review.

Foundation - Choice was obvious here, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 
Blush - Ysl Baby Doll Kiss&Blush in No.8. When on holidays, one hardly gets time to retouch or never really bother. But ofcourse who wants to look all pale and flushed?? So my pick was this beaut. Tried and Tested, this cream to powdery blush stays put for 5 hr +
Nars Lip Pencil in Yu - Its been my favorite, ever since i received them (Click Here). The color is quite bright. But i tend to dab them in required intensity only. I apply a layer of Vaseline underneath to moisturize my lips. The weather out here is quite dry
Bronzer - The cold, chill wind and dryness, leaves your skin quite pale and white! Chanel Les Beiges in No.2  is a new purchase. So far loving it. The product contains a light and a dark brown with a lighter highlighter shade. Combination of the 3, works very well for contouring. The packaging and embossing is a beauty.
Eye - I like to keep my makeup very light during holidays and hence skip on eye liners most days. To compensate plus to add a bit of definition, i use the Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette. Nothing too overboard yet does the job. Life saver

Last but not the least, there was a cheeky purchase at the Duty Free store. Duty Free shops are ideal for limited edition palettes. Like this one for example. I don't think one can find them in a local store. Value for Money. It houses a Concealer, compact, blush, 5 eye shadows, Mascara, Eyeliner Pencil, 2 Lip sticks and a gloss!!! Now how can i turn my back on something soooooo absolutely perfect??

I will post a detailed review on my return. Let me know if your interested? 

I may have taken few other bits too but these are the only items actually used! Let me know your thought? Any recommendations for shopping beauty products at London?


Friday, June 13, 2014

NARS in Middleeast | Review

Hello Angels
This header would make all those living in the middle east extremely happy. The rest of you, were long blessed with Nars at local stores unlike us, who had to ship them all the way to this part of the world. 

Starting October, Nars will be available at Sephora Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. Woop Woop....
I've used their Narsissist Cheek Palette and 2 Lipsticks (and i sooooo love them). Nars products are not only known for their amazing quality, the Brand as managed to create a unique identity of its own in the beauty world.

So let's get cracking on some of their most popular products...

Nars Satin Lip Pencil/Crayon - Yu (Bright Pink)

Nars Lip Pencils are one of their Must Have products. These are (take my word) Ah-Mazing!.  The packaging is super cute. I love the Crayon Pencil feel. Texture wise buttery smooth satin finish with fantastic pigmentation. Glides easily over your lip and blends in smoothly. Dryness you ask? Nope i say.

The color lasted me long ( i.e. battled a heavy Lunch at cheesecake factory, coffee and a sinful piece of cake). By end of day, it did fade away but left a lovely hint of color behind. Am definitely bagging MORE of these for sure, perhaps when am at London next week. I don't think i can wait until October!!

Cost - US$25

Lip Gloss - Priscilla

This shade is the perfect lip gloss for Yu Lip Pencil.
Non sticky - This is the most important, qualifying criteria when it comes to lip glosses. These glosses are slightly (very slightly) sticky. Nothing disturbing. The pigmentation is excellent, no fragrance and can i say i LOVE how lush these glosses look in their packaging. The coverage differs from sheer to creamy mostly based on colors. Enriched with Vitamin E.

Available in over 20 shades. Next on my wish list is Turkish Delight and Orgasm. Cost US$26

Duo Eye Shadow Palette - Kauai

Moving on to Duo eye shadow releases by Nars. This one called Kauai, comes with 2 lovely shades  - Gold and Purple. The 2 colors can be used in combination or individually. Creamy, non greasy, fantastic pigmentation and build-able.

When used wet, these can be used as eye liners!! Now that totally sold me out. Wet your brush and dab into the product. I personally use the purple one more as an eyeliner.

Multi purpose products are complete value for money. Cost US$35

So how Nars crazy are you? Got any recommendations for me?


                                                                                                                                               *PR Sample            

Monday, June 9, 2014

Where Breakfast Hearts

Hello Angels
Today i felt the need to share my favorite weekend routine with you guys. One thing (most often the only thing) that gets me excited for the weekend, is the thought of having a yummy breakfast/brunch at a lovely restaurant. Myself and my husband look forward to this little weekend ritual of ours.

Yes, we've had our share of hits and misses in the process but we still enjoy our time. Here are my few my favorites lately.  

Mo's - Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Located at the famous Citywalk, last week i paid my first visit to Mo's. The Restaurant is huge and well designed. The staffs were super pleasant and friendly. I ordered a 'Fully Loaded Omelette' and a Banana Shake with Macadamia nuts. My love went for California Omelette. Whilst we waited for our order to arrive, we were kindly treated to their freshly in house baked Banana cake with whipped Cinnamon butter. The warm cake and the dip, made a heavenly combination.

The order was served within 10 - 15min. The Omelette was Delicious. Bacon, sausage and Cheddar Cheese was neatly wrapped in a classic Omelette (True to name fully loaded!). California Omelette was again a classic with Avocado and Cheddar cheese.  The portions were really good and we walked out with a stuffed but happy tummy!

The Farm -  Al Barari
The restaurant is located a little far away from the city at Al Barari. The drive from the main entrance to the actual location of the restaurant is an experience in itself, surrounded by dense trees on both sides. The restaurant creates a very relaxed and being in a modern 'Farm' feel. Highly appropriate for family breakfasts. 

Each customer is given an ipad for Menu selection. I went for Cottage Cheese Frittata and my Husband went for Hash Brown Pouched Eggs. The items are comparatively expensive. The food was delicious, and i really really enjoyed my Frittata. The portions were not soo generous though. 

The restaurant not only serves good food but a beautiful experience all together. Make sure to make a reservation to avoid waiting. 

Tom & Serg
The one reason that pushed me to try out this place apart from my habitual inclination to try out new joints was some really good reviews about their Latte's. So obviously i paid a visit and tried out their Latte and Baghdad Scramble (Spicy Lamb Sausage with Cauliflower and Paratha). I enjoyed both my orders thoroughly.

Later i went for a serving of dessert too. This item was a disappointment. Unfortunately i don't recollect the name! Sorry....

Social House 
Me and my girls had our meet up over breakfast 2 months back at Social House. A good selection of breakfast items and i was impressed by the quantity (i somehow managed to finish mine!).  

Loved the food, drinks and ambiance. The price was reasonable too. The picture says it all. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my love for food and anything sweet! So let me know if you enjoy these kinda posts and i could perhaps do a few more around Tearooms, Dinner joints etc.....


Friday, June 6, 2014

Bourjois. X Formula & Other | Weekly Update

Hello Angels
Calling all nail polish lovers. Here are 2 awesome products that i would highly recommend. Tried and Tested. Let's get cracking into the details....;)

Bourjois Instant Dry Liquid
I love my polishes. The only part i hate (really hate!) is when i have to wait for them to dry. The 5-10min wait feels like forever. This usually involves me waving my hands in the air (a tribal dance act!) or me desperately blowing air onto them.

I've tried quick dry liquids from other brands but all failed to impress. Bourjois Instant Dry actually does what it claims to be! FAB! It leaves my nails all dry within seconds, Literally. Comes in a convenient cute bottle. A must buy!

US$10/AED 35
Available at Boots                                                                                             
X Formula Cleanser     
Next up is a product that will help you get those polishes off in a giffy! I've owned these for quite sometime now but never gave them a try until last evening. O My Gosh! i was impressed. Nail polish removers gets the job done but they may miss on a few spots towards the corners.

X Formula Nail cleanser can be used as a normal remover or since it is slightly more expensive compared to a regular cleanser, i use them to get rid of colors in those tricky corners. Apply the product where necessary and swipe it clean. Done. Not a spot left behind. 

I find them extremely handy, especially when removing dark colored lacquers. US$10/AED35. Available at Sephora. 

Arm Candy's
A non beauty favorite.
I love chic accessories. Statement ones. The 2 shown in pic were the most loved last month. I've been receiving loads of compliments on them as well.

The Orange one is from Guess. They do the same in Black and a gorgeous light green too. The other one is a local buy. The 2 makes a lovely combination.

Hope you guys like found this post useful. Have a lovely and safe weekend.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Marc Jacobs Lolita | Review

Hello Angels
Last Year Marc Jacob launched his beauty line. And one product, that instantly created a LOT of Buzzz was their Lolita Palette. Personally am not a huge eye shadow person. I love my Urban Decay Naked Palette 2, and that fulfills all my needs.

I was recently invited to a Sephora event and this babe was given to us in our goody bag. How generous! What struck me instantly was the sleek, GORGEOUS packaging. I mean look at that. Luxury in all form and matter. Now looking beyond the splendid packaging, the actual product.

The shades are basic but i love each one of them (except for the 3rd one from right). The shades are well pigmented and smooth velvety in texture. fact, i prefer the texture slightly over UD Naked. Blends in effortlessly and stays put. The Glitters are not too glittery. So wearable on a day to day basis. 

I've been using the dark brown shade a LOT lately. I apply the light beige (2nd from left) all over my lid, then top it with the bronzy shimmer (1st from right). Apply the dark brown to outer corner for a smoky look. And finish it off by applying the gold shimmer (2nd from right) to inner corner of my eyes.

3 matte shade and 4 glitters. I can see myself using this palette exhaustively. One good quality palette that houses all basic, but most commonly loved shades. If your thinking of investing in a palette and like to keep it simple, i would recommend Lolita. But if you own several already, i won't advise splurging. 

Own a Lolita? Which is your favorite palette otherwise? 

Cost $59.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Peony & Blush Suede | Jo Malone

Hello Angels
Am a massive sucker for perfumes. Good quality perfumes. But this wasn't always the case for me. During my teens, i was the kind who regarded spending over $30 on perfumes a total waste of money. I rather spend them on clothes!

As you may have guessed, that's history. Wearing a beautiful perfume is as important as using the right lipstick/blush for me now. A disclaimer, this is my first attempt to review a perfume.  My love or more of an addiction to Jo Malone's Peony & Blush Suede compels me.

Introduce to Jo Malone brand? No? Thank You. Moving on to the subject scent then. Peony & Blush suede has got every note right. Not too sweet nor too floral. I don't like too overpowering fragrances. This one is subtle yet lasts loooonng. Perfect for Summer. The fragrance simply makes me happy and lifts my spirits (if you know what i mean...). 

A combination of Peony, Jasmine, red apple, Rose and Suede. I absolutely love this Cologne and it is soon becoming my signature scent. 

Yes, these are quite expensive but i justify the same by its lasting power and Ah-Mazing scent. Plus this bottle will last me over 2 months. Which is you favorite Jo Malone Perfume. Next on my list is Blossom. 

I'll be visiting UK this month and if these sell cheaper in London, am definitely stocking! Do try them out next time you stop at a Jo Malone counter or Boutique,

100ml - $158/AED 580
30ml   - $67/AED248