Monday, March 18, 2013

♥ Mini Haul ♥

Hello Angels
As you can tell, i bagged a few goodies over the past week and here is a quick sneak peek!
I purchased this soo very adorable elephant ear rings from Porfolic. I adore 'em!!
Plus the collar statement necklace. Am very much into statement necklaces this year, as i find them perfect to accessorize any 'not so interesting' outfit or even to add that extra charm to your attire. I love the color combination on this one

Then comes, perhaps one of my best buys . Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. I do know there are plenty of You tube videos on makeup tutorials. But am book crazy! There is nothing like flipping through those bright, colorful pages over a cup of coffee...
This book walks you down a step by step process of Face, Eye and Lip makeup. Also Bobbi Brown advises on essential food requirements for a healthy, glowing and younger looking skin. From selecting your makeup tools to application, this manual can be your go to guide. To me it also adds to my book collection!

If i was to hold a 2nd giveaway..i would love to gift this book, to one of you...what do you say?
Are you a bookworm? I would prefer reading a book over watching a movie any day...
♥ xoxo 


  1. omg the elephant earrings are adorable... i love them!
    Also, I was inspired by your food art recently, at least to draw a face on an egg:
    Rosie x

    1. Thank you...
      I checked out your blog! Omg there are cute.. You have them real good expressions.. Cheers to us!!

  2. Lovely blog! New follower!

  3. great haul, your blog is so pretty! i've been wanting the bobbi brown book for a while, i'll need to get round to buying it :)

    1. Thank u all.....
      I think the book is worth the buy....

  4. I just nominated you for the liebster award, have a little look!
    Amy xx

  5. this book sounds like such an amazing purchase.... I definitely need it too - for practical and esthetic (would look amazing on my shelf;-) reasons!


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