Friday, November 29, 2013

MakeUpForever Full Cover Concealer | Review

Hello Angels
Even on a non makeup day, I refuse to step out without covering those heavy bags of mine (cheating a 'lil is granted!!). And if it has been one of those weeks were am deprived of sleep, then things get all the more critical. I have tried my luck with various concealers and correctors, including the Bobbi Brown 3 step - Eye cream, corrector and concealer trio. None gave satisfactory results. My heavy bags shows right through all those layers! 

Desperate attempt to find a workable concealer lead me to the MakeUpForever Full Cover Concealer.

Let me begin with saying this product is Amazeballs!! Literally...Best of best concealers. It covers up dark/red bags like magic. The product as a very unpleasant thick texture to it, but given the fact it does an excellent job i gave in. The best way of application is to transfer a tiny blob on to the back of your hand, blend and then dap over your dark circles. Warmth of your finger will help blend and set the product. Wolaa your good to go. The same works over any blemishes or discoloration.

You need very little of the product to cover up those bags and spots. As a final touch i prefer using a little powder after application. It is water/sweat proof.

This product is by far the best i have used and actually Does the JOB!! Cost US$46. My shade No 10.

Another favorite among beauty bloggers is the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer. But i haven't tried them out yet though. Let me know which is your favorite concealer. Have you used the MakeupForver Full Cover??

Have a rocking weekend and take care


Monday, November 25, 2013

Marc Jacob Beauty | Review

Hello Angels
*Calling All Marc Jacob Fans*
A lot of anticipation and excitement buzzed around the launch of Marc Jacob beauty collection.The beauty world could hardly wait. The collection launched in Dubai last week, Finally!!

So this weekend, I paid a quick visit to Sephora. Lusting over the products beautifully displayed at the MJ Counter. My first purchase had to be their nail varnish. They have some very unique color selection and o my my the packaging! 10/10 for packaging. 

I was torn between two colors, Petra and Le Charm. Bagged Petra but soon to go back for the latter. Petra is a very beautiful metallic, violet toned grey. If that makes sense!! I had them on for 1 week and faced no chipping issue.  For US$27 these are definitely on the expensive side. 

To talk a 'lil about their other products. They have a vast selection of shades in foundation and concealers. I always appreciate when brands offer a good range of selection in shades. The blushes came in 5 shades only. But the texture was amazing. Uber soft and silky. Check out 'Reckless'.   

So how did you like my MJ purchase? Have you got your hands on them yet? Let me know....


Friday, November 22, 2013

Juicy Couture Spree

Hello Angels
My weekend kick started with rain, thunder, lightning and Juicy Couture sale!! All in all the prefect beginning. Living in a desert you may realize how happy it made me when it started pouring in Dubai yesterday. Followed by a quick trip to Juicy Couture to check out their sale. I love their accessories way more than their clothing collection.

Accessories were reduced by almost 75%!! ahh! imagine my excitement. I looked very much like a toddler left loose. Picked 3 bracelets. 2 of them very similar to each other. One with stone and the other without. Even the tiniest of detail on the bracelet is very pretty. Gold colored arm candies are my favorite. They look so luxurious and rich.

How do you like my 'lil shopping spree buys? Do you own any Juicy Couture? I can't resist the urge to visit the store once again. Hopeless me!!

Have a great weekend lovelies. And to all living in UAE, enjoy the awesome safe


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HS95 | Review

Hello Angels
Looking good makes us feel good and confident. Universal truth. And having a polished good looking hair forms a huge part of it for me. I style my hair almost daily. Beside from using hair serums and heat protection spray, it is also equally important to use a good styling gadget. I have been using Panasonic's EH-HW11 for almost 3 years now and last week they launched their new Nanoe Technology based products which included hair straighteners too. 

I do know technical nitty gritty will bore you. But to understand the efficiency of this product, let me give you a quick brief up. Ordinary hair straightener leaves your hair cuticles open. And this is mostly the reason why your hair turns all frizzy and rough after styling. But the Nanoe technology ensures the moisture from your hair is kept intact. And this is one of the many benefits the product promises to offer.

My previous straightener had ceramic plates and this one uses photoceramic plates. Benefit? Photoceramic plates helps retain natural moisture of hair. This also helps in maintaining your hair color. I was able to effortlessly straighten my hair and they not only looked more polished and glossy but felt smooth too. The difference was evident and i loved the results. The product is sleek, light wight and travel friendly. 

It offers 5 temperature settings with maximum as 200 degree Celsius. The power supply automatically shuts off in 60 minutes if kept unused. Very useful feature for people like me who forget to turn the gadget off. The product promises to retain moisture 1000 times more than ordinary straighteners. And how can i not mention, it comes in pink and looks very pretty with an LED display. Cost US$130.

I could see visible results after using this straightener and highly recommend it to each of you. Walk upto a near by Panasonic store and see if they offer a trial. This will help you decide.

Which straightener do you use currently? Would you choose to give this product a go? 


                                                                                                                                                    *PR Sample

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Snoopy Mug

Hello Angels
Is it weird to have a dedicated post for a coffee mug??!! I think YES! But never the less i am going ahead....
This weekend while my husband was at the cinema counter booking tickets for Thor, i slipped away and paid a quick visit to the Virgin Store. Isn't Virgin simply fantastic...

With Christmas just around the corner, they have stocked plenty of chrimasy mugs. oooo i soo loved each one of them. My obsession with mugs is well known among my dear ones. So it came as no surprise to my husband when he spotted me holding onto this baby innocently!! teehee...i get away with it all the time.

Having the perfect mug to sip my coffee boosts my day a lot more and simply makes me happy. Am guilty of changing my coffee mugs too frequently though. Next waiting for Starbucks to launch their Christmas collection....

So do you like my find? Got a weak spot for cute girly mugs like me?? 
Have a lovely weekend angels...


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nail it!!

Hello Angels
This month i went a 'lil nail art crazy! Massively enjoyed painting and designing them. The one below is Movember inspired. The mustache was painted using a dotting tool and a toothpick!! These are fake nails by the way. I never grow my nails this long. Will end up hurting myself and others!!!

I wore the second, 3D Teddy bear one for my friend's baby shower. Love these cute nail stickers. Such occasions give me the perfect excuse to wear them. Some of you may find it too kiddish but i am a sucker when it comes cute things. Can't help it ladies....

Hope you guys liked my nail art. Nothing too major. But i had to share. Do you guys like nail art? or prefer the classic style? Can't wait for the weekend...


Monday, November 11, 2013

The Pixie Palette | Review

Hello Angels
My love for blushes and lipsticks overrides all other beauty products. Never was i a fan of eye shadows. I own a few staple colors (black & brown). But recently i got a little more experimental with my eye makeup, by using wee more color. I loved the change and wondered what kept me from them for soo long??!

As i began to enjoy colors other than black and brown, i needed more options. And the Pixie Palette came across to me as a fantastic option. A purchase from Feel Unique website. It is called the Pixie Eye Alchemy Assortment. Most colors in this palette are shimmery. 

As you may have noticed the palette covers a lo of shades. From Dark to light. Which made it even more attractive. I tend to gravitate more towards darker shades because they highlight my eyes. This palette offers a wide range with 36 shades. I can even afford to wear them to work. These are well pigmented, blends easily with my real techniques brush and stays put.   

Creating a palette takes time, if you opt for purchasing individual shades. So for those less patient and looking for variety this palette is a keeper. What are your thoughts on this palette? Would you like to own one?

Have a lovely week 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Caudalie Divine Oil | Review

Hello Angels
My loves, looking for a miracle oil? Then this is it. Look no further! Caudalie's Divine Oil just made it to my holy grail/staple product list. My daily routine never included the use of any oil before. Skincare oils makes my skin too oily and greasy. Hair oils weighs down my fine hair.

I purchased the Divine oil purely driven by hype. But the product is indeed miraculous. I have normal to dry skin. This oil can be used on Body, Face and Hair!!! Tadaa... 3 in 1. It is nothing like the oils i have used before. Extremely light and no stickiness what so ever. 

When you use several skincare products, it becomes difficult at time to judge the impact of one product. But results from using this oil was more than obvious and it made me sooo very happy. I apply it after shower on body, face and hair. I suffer dryness on my elbow joint, finger tips and cheeks. After over a week's use, my elbow joint no more appears white from dryness. They look well moisturized and neat. The same for my hands and cheeks. 

Most nights i massage a small amount on my face before hitting bed. A 5 minute massage ensures good blood circulation and my face looks fresh and healthy the next day.

Moving on to Hair. Oils and my hair don't go well together. It weighs them down and attracts dust. But i took a leap of trust with the Divine oil. After application, my hair looked healthy, shiny and smooth without weighing them down! Love.....

For once am actually introduced to a product that stands up to all claims. The spray bottle makes it extremely user friendly. Gets the right amount out. The bottle in itself looks gorgeous. It as a very natural, light scent to it. Which i love.

Considering the fact it can be used for body, face and hair, plus does an extremely good job, it is absolutely worth US$41. Have you used the Caudalie Divine oil? I highly recommend it. Which is your favorite oil for face and hair?


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Creme | Review

Hello Angels
Disclaimer - this post may cost you US$52
Foundation...ah! There are soo many of them out there. Each promising either coverage, glow, hydration, so on and so forth. This makes purchasing one indeed a task. At least for me. As you know my everyday, go to, feel light foundation is the Bourjois Happy Light. But one cannot survive without a full coverage foundation at disposal. So next up on my list for try out was Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Foundation. 

Much loved and embraced by many beauty bloggers. So let me get on with the nitty gritty. The foundation is an absolute winner. It works wonderfully for me. Offers high coverage but feels very light and smooth on skin. Easy to blend and stays put all day without having to retouch or powder. Love the formulation because it effortlessly covers up blemishes and redness without clogging.

Full coverage foundations mostly give a very matte finish. But the Silk Creme formulation provides a smooth and airbrushed look, giving your face a fresh, healthy lift. I use the shade 'Cashew Beige'. The color looked quite dark for me but on blending, it instantly turned 2 shades lighter. Hence i would recommend you guys to use the foundation on before making a purchase. 

It is an absolute delight watching this foundation do its magic. Plus you need a very little amount for full cover. The tube will last me long for the price i paid. So no worries on that front.

If you guys are on a look out for a new foundation, i would highly recommend this one by Laura Mercier. Let me know your thoughts if you have used it. Else tell me which is your favorite base foundation? 



Saturday, November 2, 2013

Frosted Purple by Gosh

Hello Angels
Nail paints! Joy in tiny cute bottles. Just take a look at this beauty by Gosh cosmetics. There was no way i was walking out of Boots without purchasing it. Such a beautiful grey/silver toned glitter called 03 Frosted Purple. This glitter polish is matte in texture and hence doesn't shine TOO much. Which for somebody like me is a win win. Because i don't like going overboard with glitter.

Looks FAB + stays put for long + doesn't chip + Cost $8 = A must buy!

How do you like it ladies? Check out the Frosted Sand Look collection by Gosh for more such beautiful glitter matte polishes. Also let me know if there is any polish you think i must check out from any other brand or Gosh! Hope your guys are rocking the weekend!