Monday, March 31, 2014

Shopping my Stash..

Hello Angels
Got too many makeup? Yes! Guilty? Nope. But definitely guilty of not rotating among products because i may have ignored some truly well deserved products. So this weekend instead of hitting the stores, i shopped my stash...and guess what, i actually found 2 new loves...

Lancome La Base Pro Primer - I am always a 'lil lost as to what a primer actually does. And does one need to use them on a daily basis or just for special occasions. I have been using this product for almost 2 week now and absolutely smitten by it. If you follow me Instagram (@fathoosh), you will spot this one product on all my FOTD posts. 

The product feels like applying velvet on your face. No joke, take my word for it. I have used primers before but never experienced this texture. Take a pea size and work it onto your face evenly. You cannot see any visible changes at this point. But the finished look is more natural, smooth and radiant. Take a closer look at your skin, you can tell it as covered the pores and your foundation looks awesome. 

I myself noticed the difference after receiving several compliments. A product i will definitely repurchase. Walk over to Lancome counter and test it. US$42.

Next up is a sleek blush - Pomegranate. I recollect loving 'em at the time of purchase, but somehow they were left behind. Nevertheless, i have rediscovered my love for them.  Such a gorgeous Burgundy raspberry pinky shade.

Firstly, let's appreciate the high pigmentation and quantity of these blushes offered by Sleek at $7!!! The packaging is reaallly good with a decent sized mirror. what more?

So when did u shop your stash last? Go ahead, dig a little....


Friday, March 28, 2014

Bourjois SO Laque Glossy & 1 Seconde | Review

Hello Angels
This week i tried out the Bourjois SO Laque Glossy and 1 seconde nail varnishes. To different types of nail paint offering from the brand, former being the latest. 

SO Laque Glossy - The color i got needless to say is very summery. A beautiful vibrant sky blue. 
Consistency & Texture - The consistency of these polishes are slightly thick and not too runny. True to name they leave a glossy finish, so keep that top coat at rest. For the darker shades just 1 coat does the job.
Removal - Perhaps it is to do with this particular color, it left blue stains on my nails and i had to work a little more hard than usual to wipe them clean.
Resistance - Stays put for 1 week without chipping.

I love the finish of these polishes. Gives a salon manicure look. Available in gorgeous shades especially the pastels are to die for. They have got the pastel shades perfectly right compared to other high end brands. 

1 Seconde Gel  - The product promises salon finish nails in 1 second. I got myself the lilac shade.
Applicator - wide and fine bristles. I love how it takes shape of my nails and allows easy application. 
Consistency and Texture - A Gel consistency with smooth texture. You definitely need 2 coats of the product for the perfect finish. I use a top coat too. 
Resistance -  The finish stays for 4/5 days. Though i did experience chipping by the 4th day. 

Not a huge fan of the packaging. Available in dark to light shades. Again the range of colors are fantastic. 

I prefer the SO Laque Glossy ones slightly more. What do you think?
Given a try?


Monday, March 24, 2014

Something Different | Chanel iphone case

Hello Angels
Dedicating a blog post for an iphone case! Yes, am kinda going overboard with my new Chanel perfume inspired iphone cover...coz i LOVE it! 

I've been eyeing one of these for some time now but the sellers never stocked for 4/4s. As destiny may have it (yes! am a 'lil overwhelmed), i finally came across a local girl selling them, placed an order and the very next day it was delivered to me. I got mine in black but it is available in white too (transparent). 

Its not for daily use perhaps. But a fab accessory to own and carry for parties, special occasions etc. It comes with a detachable, long chain

I did manage to find a seller who ships them internationally too for all my Non UAE resident readers ( Available for Samsung mobile phones too. Let me know if you buy one.. It costed me US$24. 

What are your thoughts, like or not like?? 


Monday, March 17, 2014

What's in my Mini Bag?

Hello Angels
There was a time i used to walk around with my massive Michael Kors Tote or LongChamp bag EVERYWHERE! Literally....

It did take me a while to realize this not only caused all the shoulder pain i was suffering from but practically and logically speaking i don't have to carry that big a bag always. So i quickly began my search for a mini shoulder bag. Stylish yet practical was what i was looking for and Tory Burch Robinson mini was just the one for me. It comes in delicious looking colors but black had to be choice since it blends in with all attires.

Moving onto what i carry in it. Very very limited stuffs because this indeed is a small and evening kinda bag. My MK wallet, a gift from my love on my b'day takes more than half the space. But i still like to use it, since it houses all my cards (loads) and currency neat and safe. Also it is such a gorgeous looking wallet. I love the vibrant green color! 

With the little space that is left, i squeeze in a

Lipstick and Lipgloss - Giorgio Armani's Maestro liquid lipstick 502 is my fav color at the moment (Full review) . And for a nudish lip gloss i use Revlon's Colorburst in 044.
Portable Charger - This perhaps is the MOST important item of all. I cannot step out without my iphone portable charger. Heavy use of 3G drains my battery quick. Its a life saver. This particular one is from Energizer. Compact and sleek.
Perfume - we all need one. I carry the CK Euphoria. 
A mini comb

That's it. I really don't need anything more than this. If am heading to a  party, i may not take the wallet but just my cards and use the extra space to keep a blusher and wipes. The bag as a mini zipper inside where i can place my card or cash safely.

So what do you think? Too little or too many stuffs? What do you carry in your mini bag? Can i find a portable charger?


Friday, March 14, 2014

Lancome Ballerine Rose Highlighter | Review

Hello Angels
Lancome's Ballerine 2014 spring collection was one among my most awaited Spring launches. I think i even tweeted about this a couple of times! So finally i got to give them a try and here is my take on my most favorite of all......

Rose Ballerine | Blush Highlighter

Another pink? Why does a girl need soo many pinks, right? Well, honestly i own a lot of pinks from Mac and Chanel but this shade of pink is new to my collection. So NO repeat there! The blush has a gorgeous unique non powdery, finely milled texture, allowing effortless blending. The color i would describe as a soft peachy pink shade with shimmer. Very flattering on cheeks. 

It would look stunning on fair skin tones. For my slightly yellow toned skin, i do require a couple of extra swipes but it still gives an amazing natural rosy highlight. You can also use it as a highlighter with any other matte pink blush! For a light colored blush of its kind, it is way well pigmented.

(The mirrored lid makes it extremely difficult to photograph)

Moving onto packaging. I have 2 words for you - Lush. Love. The cute little pink bow does justice to the Ballerine theme. The rose embossing is gorgeous, almost makes you think twice before swiping your brush. Comes with a generously sized mirror too. 

It contains a whooping 8g of the product. That's a decent lot for $52.

I definitely see myself using this blush a lot in future. Plus i think i just discovered my go to blush for no makeup look over the weekends! 

What do you think? Used a Lancome product before?  

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Givenchy Le Vernis Nail Paint

Hello Angels
Yes, you can tell by now am going through a HUGE nail obsession phase. Literally can't help it! I just need them all..

Certainly my loves are for pinks and violets/purples. They are just so wearable with almost all attires. My latest pick is Givenchy's Croisiere Purple in No.12. A gorgeous purple. I would let the pictures do the talking

I sing praises for Dior polishes and Givenchy seems to have successfully gained a spot very close to my favorite Dior. 
  • The applicator is exactly the same as Dior, wide and fine bristles. I can pull off an almost perfect mani.
  • Consistency - Not too runny nor thick. 2 coats, finished with a top coat and your good to go
  • Packaging is LUSH

This color is one among their limited edition launches. However, i couldn't find any other striking colors from Givenchy, which is indeed disheartening.  Cost US$20. 

Suggest me a good nude color please. I can never decide and always give up. How do you like this new add on to my collection?


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sephora Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Hello Angels
I recently attended Sephora's Spring/Summer 2014 collection launch. Here is my take on a few products i put to test... 

Upside Down Mascara - One of a kind to be launched! This mascara basically as a dual brush. Yes, you heard me right. The dual brush ensures the lashes are coated from root to tip - top to bottom. Place your lashes between the dual brushes and pull gently to coat. Pretty innovative i must say. Cosmetics are undergoing a revolutionary change!! So let's get down to the nitty gritty's. 

Unfortunately, the dual brush invention as failed to impress me. a) application can get a 'lil tricky and you may end up smudging mascara all over your lid. b) the idea of pulling my lashes, does bother me. Lashes are sensitive and when you pull them even with minimal pressure, there is every possibility you may break a few c) unlike the classic mascaras, this one as a separate cap. So where do i place the wand after application? Keeping it exposed is not a bright idea and to place it back in the box is impractical! So what were they thinking?

The mascara in itself is actually good. So i MAY use it up after all using disposable applicators! What other choice do i have?

CC Cream (Correction & Radiance creme)
Moving on to their new CC cream. The product does an OK job correcting your skin tone but does a fantastic job at bringing a radiant look. I love using it beneath my foundation for a natural dewy glow. Consistency is slightly watery making them easy to blend. Available in 6 shades with SPF 30 it is a win win. If your looking for a not so expensive CC cream, this can be the one.

Rouge Infusion
Lipsticks in a test tube i say! I fell in love with this color Fig 14. Quiet bold for me. But i love it. The texture is similar to a lip gloss than a creamy lipstick. Moderately pigmented. Though lip gloss in texture it dries immediately after application giving a matte look. What impressed me the most is the lasting power, easily stays put for 5 to 6 hours. Available in 10 shades. The packaging is cute. Similar test tube style is done by Inglot too.

So that's my take... Let me know what you think. Are you a Sephora make up fan??