Wednesday, January 30, 2013

♥16 Facts about Me♥

Hello Angels
The subject post seems to be trending among several bloggers this month. So why should i be an odd one?
I enjoying reading facts about others. It helps you relate more to them.
Hence, here is a Cup of ME!

♥ I am a Family loving person. And to top it up, am very protective about them
♥ I love to read. There was a time when i had the luxury to complete a book in one sitting. However, deficiency of time, has taken away that pleasure from me
♥ I am short tempered (Something i hate about myself) and it takes me a long time to get over it
♥ I love driving. After a hectic day at work, the only stress relief i require is a peaceful drive back home with loud music (I know 'Loud' isn't quite peaceful!!!)
♥ I am an honest person and not very judgmental. 
♥ I am madly in love with my husband and fall for him over and over again every day (touch wood)
♥ I love small, cozy home. I do not prefer mansion sized houses.
♥ I love interior designing though by profession am into Finance
♥ I am a shopaholic. There is no stopping me (Yes, i realize this is a bad habit!)
♥ I love eating out (especially an early morning breakfast at a nice restaurant)
♥ My new found love is Blogging. I simply find immense happiness from it.
♥ I keep rearranging items from my surroundings! Be it my home, room or work desk (my family finds this annoying though)
♥ I do not entertain bitching
♥ I am a God fearing person 
♥ I love traveling
♥ I love to bake

Tell me some facts about yourself. If you have blogged on it, leave a link in the comment box
♥ xoxo 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ethnic India!

Hello Angels
Few random pics to give you guys a feel of ethnic India. 
This week i engaged myself in some ethnic wear shopping. The materials were without doubt very beautiful and colorful. One of the most common traditional clothing in India, worn by women of all ages is known as Salwar. It's a 3 piece dress, with a top, bottom and a shawl.

1/2 Pics from my aunt's house
3 Painting by my Uncle

I adore antique furniture and home accessories. The rustic look pleases my eyes!

Do you own any ethnic wear from India? 

P.S. My blog post from India are going to be very short since i lack time. Hope you guys don't mind.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Honey, am in India!♥

Hello Angels
 Sipping a cup of tea with some plum cake, i decided to type away my first blog from India.
At 36 degree, am getting toasted here. Evenings are much better, for taking a stroll out. However, the heat isn't stopping me from enjoying my time with friends and family 

Cherry on top is the awesome, mouth watering food here!
Homemade extra spicy shrimp and mussel dishes..yumm (unfortunately i don't have a pic to share)

Below is an Indian sweet known as Peda. Main ingredient is milk. I just love them. Am not a fan of very sweeeett sweet, but this one is just right. Don't they look adorable? You can simply pop one into your mouth and it will melt away 

This was a snack my husband got me when i was in a extreme hunger state one day. The cutlet and chicken puff was soo yumm...i wish i could take some back home!

On the downside, i made a big mistake of carrying all my make up items with me. At this degree, they are near to boiling point. My Mac lipstick has almost turned into a Mac lipgloss!! A lesson to learn.

What are you guys upto? Do you have a favorite Indian sweet?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Honey, am flying!!♥

Hello angels
Am in the flight as i blog away right now....i  the feel of live broadcast!!
I soooo enjoy travelling and treasure every moment of it. The best part for me is shopping at Duty free and finding all those latest products, yet to be launched in retail stores. Then stopping over at a coffee shop for a donut and hot chocolate

Plus travelling with Emirates Airways is always a joyful experience. Thumbs Up!
After all the hassle at the hat rack, we finally settled down in our seats. 

My husband loves the fish moilee served by Emirates but unfortunatley most often when he travels, the dish is never on menu. But we got lucky this time and i got to taste the much praised about fish moliee. My man was a happy 'lil bunny and i enjoyed watching him enjoy his meal..(a lot of n'joy)

I, on the other hand followed my routine magazine read. Later watched Ice Age (Continental Drift) and Friends. Never get enough of both........

Plus i found these much 'ahed' for mini Nutella jars. They are as small as Lip Balms. I had tried my luck with Spinneys and Carrefour but reurned disappointed. But the Dubai duty free, had a lavish stock and i made most of it...

Do you enjoy travelling? What do you enjoy the most?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

♥Vanity Case♥

Hello angels
I always always wanted to own a vanity case, but somehow could not justify the purchase. But since last year I have been traveling a lot and i think its time! (drama queen i am...)

Why a train case over a makeup bag? 
 More organized
 tubes and brushes are safe from being squashed
 no digging deep into your pouches to grab an item
No fear of breaking bottled items ( i once broke my nail varnish)

Now all my make up items feels safe!

Slightly deviating from the subject....
I told the shop lady that the case was a  gift! So they wrapped it up for me! Now this is something i am always up to. Certain stores you know for sure stock beautiful gift papers and boxes, so if i happen to purchase from one such store, I make the most of it (Bloomingdale's for eg! Their boxes are awesome and i use them to store my handbags and scarfs) Why not gift yourself right....
I may sound like a weirdo, but i have a weakness towards cute, pretty 'lil things....

2 more days to go...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

♥ Am Traveling!! ♥

Hello Angels
The title itself  is quite self explanatory
So am traveling, this Friday to India for 15 whole days! Woohoo...
Very excited to meet my friends and family! Also we may plan a trip to Goa, fingers crossed!
However, I sincerely hope that I do not face any technical issue that would hinder my blogging routine. That would be too much to ask from me!

Since am traveling mid month, on the work front there is plenty for me to wrap up. Which means late nights at work. That's the price I pay for holidaying or maybe for not having a back up at work.
Plus i need to shop quite a bit...holly molly what am I gonna do?? With just 4 days left...clock is ticking!!
Relax...things will fall in its place! Right??!!

This time am determined not to fall sick during my story stay ( not that it's in my hands but I will try my best to prevent illness. My immunity is yet to catch up)

That's about it for now...will keep you guys posted

Any of you traveling in January?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Family get Together 2013!♥

Hello Angels
The time has come when I can finally talk about it and get it out of my stomach. I swear the whole thing was swirling inside my belly! What am I saying?

I am talking about my family get together party, which I was in charge of organizing this month. And the reason why I couldn't share my plans with you guys was because, few cousins of mine follow my blog, so anything I talk about will simply spoil the surprise for them. 
For about a month now I was busy - booking a venue, deciding on caterers, choosing games, purchasing gifts etc etc....with my time consuming work schedule the said was very difficult to squeeze in, but I had to do it

Celebrating life
I have a decent no of relatives here and we make it a point to arrange gatherings every 2 months or so, involving loads of games, chit chats and gossip! The one organizer have to pull it all together without disclosing any details about the day to the rest. The party was yesterday and it was a super success! Am sooo glad.

I arranged for a pool side party and kept the theme very simple. Here are a few pics.

I seek perfection in everything I do. By nature I lean more towards creativity and hence gave importance to every detail. Since it was a family gathering, i made sure the message of togetherness and love is highlighted. At the end of the day it was the joy of having near and dear ones, that we need to celebrate

The food and cake was finger licking good. I simply loved the tiramisu coffee cake. Though the bakery slightly screwed up the writing, all was forgiven when I tasted them. 

I look the feel and look of chalk on black board. So i gave my best shot to replicate the same for my table center pieces, using black board paper and white marker!! Moreover this gave a very homely yet classic vibe.

Gifts & Goody Bags

The Venue

All my efforts paid off! I was appreciated and praised for all my hard was such a relief and joy when it all ended happily

So how did you guys like the look and feel of the party?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blog, Bloggers and Blogging!♥

Hello angels
Somehow I felt the need to post a blog on this topic here goes! 
For those thinking of stepping into the world of blogging, i hope this post help in a small way. To have my very own blog, was among my most desired wishes. What held me back for ages were troublesome questions like - will I make a fool out of myself? will I be committed? on and on 

In the end I decided to take a or die!!!
I am soo happy to have taken the big step. If not, I would have missed on such immense joy just because I wasn't brave enough to give it a try

Simple Rules

Be yourself - Ground rule to a successful blog. Be true to yourself and your followers. Don't try to imitate. Find your true passion and run your blog based on it. No matter how different your theme is, people will appreciate your nature and lifestyle. We are unique and so should our blogs be!

Patience - you may not receive the desired recognition initially. Remember cyber world is an Ocean. And to be noted here even in a small way, takes time. Continue to blog and be passionate about it. For me the very thought of blogging brings so much self satisfaction. I enjoy every bit of it....from writing to photography to editing etc etc. I don't take it to my heart if I don't receive comments or appreciation. Of course if I do receive them that makes my day...

Selective  be selective on your topics. Don't blog about everything and anything. It's ok, if in a week you don't blog. You can always make up for the time lag with a single good post.

Mingle  follow other blogs you admire. There are billions out there and am sure you will find inspiration.

Manage  manage your blog well. Give it a 'you' template design. Its always safer to put the comment tab under approval mode to avoid any unnecessary negative vibe. Of course once your blog gains large no of followers this may need to be deactivated. Advertise your blog with other bloggers. This is an effective way to gain attention. 

It's not a task  blogging is not a job. Don't take it too hard. Don't push or stress yourself. Blog as it comes to you.

Enjoy  blog for yourself. Enjoy every moment. Be happy and content with your contribution. 

I get immense support from my family. Most of them follow me and appreciate me well. My mom, often enquire about my latest posts and gives me inspiration. My lovely sister has been my backbone. And you guys made all my efforts worth it

What say? xoxo

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fallen for...♥

Hello Angels
I haven't done monthly favorites for sometime now, reason being though there were many likes, non felt like a discovery! But in December i hit jackpot!! I am madly & deeply in  with the below 3 items.

Longchamp - 'A travel mate', this was my ultimate reasoning behind purchasing this bag. But when i started using it..ooh my my...I fell in . The bag is light, easy to handle, houses all my stuffs and cherry on top, it's a classic beauty. It simply goes well with every dress i feel. (of course not to a party
If I were to gift any of my girlfriend, they are sure to get this baby, because I cannot recommend them enough. 

Burberry London Gift Set - as the name indicates the set was meant to be a gift to someone ( I feel soooo mean now). When we got back home, i went all gaga on the perfume and lotion...later as though he read my evil thoughts, my mister said ' why don't you use it? We will shop for another gift tomorrow' yepeee.....jump jump jump!!
I don't think words can justify how great the fragrance is. It's simply gorgeous and lasts very long. The body lotion is such a treat..I keep sniffing my own hands after using them (Insane me!). I have kept the lotion and shower gel for special occasions only!! Shhh....

Loccitane Shea Butter - Purchase was random when i stepped into the Loccitane store. But the product amazed me! Its very moisturizing and gives a natural glow to your skin. A 'lil expensive for a body butter, but it will last you long! 

What do you think about my December favorites? Have you ever fallen for somebody else's gift?? 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!!

Hello Angels...
A very very Happy New Year to all...
Thanks a bunch for all your support and love! This year when i decided to start blogging, i never imagined to get such a good response. 
Cherry on top, today my follower count hit half century..woohoo!!

Hope you all have a happy and prosperous year ahead.