Friday, January 31, 2014

Dior Nails | Top 3 favorites

Hello Angels
Lately, i am drawn towards nail polishes a 'lil too much!! My weakness for blushes was identified and written off long back (by myself and my loved ones), but looks like somebody may have to share the spotlight!!!
Among high end nail polishes, Dior is my favorite. They have a beautiful collection and i seem to want 'em all!
No surprise there....

I adore Dior for
a) applicator. Wide and fine bristles. Am not an expert when it comes to self application of nail paint but with Dior i pull off a decent finish.
b) Consistency. The consistency is just right. Not too thick nor too liquidy!
c) Packaging. Love Love Love (enough said!!)

Here are 3 colors am loving at the moment....

Dior Vernis Masai Red- Every girl needs a Red polish! There is a red for every occasion. This one is more of an evening/formal kinda red. Such a gorgeous color!
Dior Darling 653 - Reminds me of summer. Causal yet very feminine color.
Dior Vernis Purple Mix - Another stunner by Dior. I think the color speaks for itself

Lighter shades of Dior leave behind streaks in the first coat which later gets covered completely in the second. With very light colors i do tend to go for a third coat. A top coat gives the perfect finish and your set to rock!

Which one is your favorite girls? Do you prefer lighter shades over dark? Which other color from Dior do you think i should add to my collection?

Have a great weekend


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Top 5 Lush Skincare Products | Review

Hello Angels
We all follow a basic skincare routine or atleast wish to have one. Must have Skincare staples are cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer. There are enumerous brands offering these today. One among my personal favourite is Lush. You can never go wrong with Lush products. They just get things spot on most of the times.

So here is my top 5 Lush skincare  products,  am absolutely loving at the moment....

Angels on Bare Skin - Fresh facial cleanser
This facial cleanser is fantastic. I use it 3 to 4 times a week. Take a pea size, lather using water to a paste or milk texture. The cleanser helps reduce redness (i got mine around the nose) and evens out skin tone bringing a healthy glow to skin. It leaves my skin uber soft (i prefer saying baby-like skin)

Turkish Delight | Shower Smoothie
A quite famous and well known Lush product. Key ingredients being cocoa butter and almond oil, the semi liquid shower smoothie is a dream come true for me. My legs suffer from dryness the most. Turkish delight acts as a excellent moisturizer and leaves my skin silky smooth. I need not bother myself with a body cream after each shower. Surely i will continue using body creams but now i can afford to skip 'em occasionally!! (lazyhead)

Imperiaus | Facial moisturizer
Imperiaus does a more than just an OK job as a moisturizer. Not too think nor watery consistency. Honestly i use it more on my arms than face. The skin on my arms get really dry, perhaps from the air conditioning at work, where i tend to spend the most time. They look really dry and dead! I keep a small container of Imperiaus on my desk and apply as and when required. Does a decent job of 3 to 4 hours. Hands down...

Prince Charming | Shower Gel
I have tried Rosy Jam and Snow fairy by Lush. But this one is definitely the best of all. The consistency is different too, sightly more thick. The overwhelming combination of marshmallows, vanilla and pomegranate juice is sure to impress you staying true to its name!!!

9 to 5 | Cleansing lotion
My one common piece of beauty advice to all would be to use cleansing lotions over facial wipes! I cleanse my face in the morning, before hitting bed and whenever my skin feels a 'lil bit 'yuck'. This guy as become my absolute fav go to cleanser. Apply on face generously and then remove using a cotton pad. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and free from impurities. When am sure to have a long day, i slip one into my handbag. Available in small handbag friendly sizes too. 

As we near Valentines Day, i will also be reviewing some of Lush's VD special hampers. Hope you lovelies enjoyed the read. Which is your by far favorite Lush product? 


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

YSL Radiance Blush | Review

Hello Angels
Moving on with my 'Sick day haul' (review on YSL Rouge Volupte  Lipstick), here is my second YSL buy - YSL Blush Radiance in 10. Haven't own one before so this was me experimenting and venturing out.

What attracted me instantly was the beautiful packaging. Plus the palette itself came in a decent size. On to more important facts. I would describe No.10 as a muted pink. The shade is however presented in 2 sets, with and without shimmer. Giving you 3 options. Either mix or go for the individual shades. 

The color is such that it requires build up while application. But i absoultely love the look of it on my cheeks. The texture is uber smooth and velvety.  A go-to blush on a light make up day or with an intense red lip. 

Quantity is 0.14oz, in line with other high end brands like Chanel but of course way less compared to brands like Mac/Sleek offering 0.21/0.27oz resp. Cost US$57.

Definitely a gorgeous color to own but i am pretty sure to find something very similar or even better with other high or low brands. That being said, i am sure to get good use out of it because i tend to go for subtle makeup very often. 

Do you own a YSL Blush? What's your take? I am thinking of bagging Dior's Rosy glow next..


Thursday, January 16, 2014

YSL Rouge Volupte No 9 | Review

Hello Angels
This week i was mostly sick. Down with fever and a running nose! As a 'pick me up' treat, i took myself for a 'lil shopping spree to Sephora. Shopping at Sephora can be a pain when attacked left, right and center by sales staff and one is not let to try & test products at our own pace.

Luckily for me, i was left unattended this time around. (Perhaps it was my feverish 'Blah' look that drove 'em away!!)  I got 2 lipsticks and 1 blush. I will be reviewing all in separate posts. Here is what i got first...

YSL Rouge Volupte - Silky Radiant Lipstick in No 9 (Rose Caresse) 

Needless to say YSLs Rouge Volupte is extremely famous in the beauty industry and among make up lovers. I somehow never got down to buying them. So this would be my first of many. I say so quite confidently because it is amazeballs! Completely get the rave now. The texture is fantastic and highly moisturizing. The perfect well pigmented yet 'buttery feel' lipstick. Glides onto your lips like a dream. 

Since the lipstick is uber silky and smooth i had my doubts on its lasting power. Fortunately i stand corrected and impressed to say the least. Long lasting is yet another major win win feature with this product. The glossy finish 

Now can i get down to packaging? Look at this beauty. Encased in stunning beautiful gold. The perfect accessory to your vanity table or make up bag. The casing makes the product slightly heavier compared to other lipsticks in the market. I personally like it because the same gives me better grip during application.

My Sephora store had them in 18 shades. But i guess stock differs from region to region. Cost $34. Pricey, yes! But i guarantee this will beat your Mac or any other drugstore favorite. There is no way you can go wrong with this baby...

Do you own one? Or late to party like me? Tell me about one holy grail lippie of yours...

Have a glamorous weekend lovelies


Monday, January 13, 2014

Plum Par by Koko Nails | Review

Hello Angels
This post is perhaps not the ideal one for winter season but i thought of sharing my love for a nail color anyway. I've had it for sometime now but never got down to applying it. 

This weekend i gave it a try and my my i loved it soo much! More Spring/Summer appropriate. It is called Plum Par. A soft blue color, with a pinch of lilac. It falls under their high shine long lasting collection. Super easy to apply!! And no chipping, what so ever. You can skip on top coat too. 

Do you own any Koko nail polishe? What's your favorite winter polish?


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Night Skincare Routine

Hello Angels
A post, pending for long in my list of deliverables. For most part of last year i was constantly switching between products. But now it is finally safe to say i have settled. And indeed very happy with my routine. So here is a step by step run through my night routine. A few of the products mentioned below are already reviewed in detail on my blog and hence click on 'em to read the respective posts. 

Step 1 - I begin with removing my make up with much loved Bioderma. Two pads of cotton and i should be good to move to step 2

Step 2 - Philosophy is a well known brand for skin care and body wash. I use their Purity Foaming Face and Eye cleansing gel. Though introduced very recently into my routine, i am absolutely loooving it. When it comes to face washes am a 'lil particular! Because though many available in the market may cleanse your skin well, they leave a dry feeling skin behind.  This product on the other hand, not only does a good job cleansing but also moisturizes my face. No dry, harsh, rubber-skin kinda feeling!!!! (rubber skin!! i just made that word up...too keen to express my feelings)

Step 3 - Moving on, after the face wash, next up comes Clarins Toner. After all that cleansing you skin needs to loosen up and breath. I use a cotton pad to swipe my T zone, where in it tend to get a little oily. Especially around the nose. Make sure you choose a toner that suits your skin type. One with Alcohol is never good!

Step 4 - here things get a little complicated. I use any of the below mentioned 3 products after toning. 
Caudalie or Philosophy's Purity mineral oil or Kiehl's Ultra facial cream. Massaging your face is extremely important. It triggers blood circulation and brings a natural glow to your face by morning. I massage my face perhaps 3 times a week using either Caudalia or Philosophy. Both does almost the same job but i love Caudalia more.

On other days, i use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. The perfect cream for my needs. It moisturizes my face beautifully. Leaves them balanced and moisturized. No oily or greasy feeling.

Step 5 - Have a good nights sleep. Perhaps the most important of all, is to sleep for a good 7 hours at least!

Ground Rule - Never hit bed without removing your make up off. 

So how simple or complicated it your night skincare routine? What are your favorite picks?



Friday, January 3, 2014

Last few Days of 2013!!

Hello Angels
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Hope each one of you had a fantastic kick start to 2014! 

I had a fabulous week and thought of sharing a few moments with you guys. Firstly almost everyday of this week i was out and about. This also meant i ended up eating out a lot. No complaints though. 

My mum and i went for a lovely afternoon tea catch up. I simply love the concept of afternoon tea. It provides immense relaxation and just about the right amount to eat. Sip tea and chit chat! Perfect! Hot drinks were served with standard 3 layered tray of goodies including traditional scones, delicious pastries and sandwiches. 

This week i also made time to experience the world famous fast food chain, newly opened in Dubai - Shake Shack. I personally liked their shakes and drinks more than their burgers. What's your personal favorite at Shake Shack?

I wore a blue glitter packed dress on New Year's eve. Detailed pics coming soon ;)

I kept my makeup really simple all through this week, letting my skin take a vacation too. Very much needed! Here is a quick snapshot...

Take care loves. Do let me know how your new year celebration went by.