Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Very Own Chanel Cupcakes

Hellloo Lovelies..
I might be saying this quite often now, but am super duper excited for this blog post. a) because this is my 100th blog post b) I feel extremely happy about my baking skills now.

Don't we all LOVE cupcakes?? I do. Especially those gorgeous decorated ones. They are a bundle of joy to me. Always brings a smile without fail. I aww at the creativity and skill used to design them, which eventually led me into thinking why not acquire the skill myself??!!

So here goes...All i had to learn was to make a fondant decor. Google and You tube came in handy as always and helped me with the basics. Baking a cupcake is easy, and making a decor for it is even simpler once you get a hang of it. Since am a makeup plus handbag junky, i took my inspiration from my weakness! Sounds weird!! :) 

Someday i may own a Chanel Bag. Til then i can just create my own mini edible ones. What say?? 
I baked 3 Chanel Themed cupcakes
♥ A Classic Chanel Bag
♥ A Chanel Box
♥ A Lipstick

Its a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing. For the decor i used white fondant. My store was out of black fondant unfortunately. But i manged to get hold of some coloring and painted them black!!
They turned out pretty good looking for a first timer. Woop Woop!! I was left with 2 extra cupcakes which i topped with Blue icing.

 Finally packed them away in beautiful Blue boxes. Set to be delivered to 3 of my Make up/ Chanel crazy friends!  How did you like my firsthand at fondant decor? Would you like to see more designs?
Have a great weekend angels

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Arabian Night

Hello Angels
So last week there was yet another family get together. It was super awesome and we had loads of fun. The best part was the dress up! Party theme was Arabian Nights. So basically both men and women had to dress up in Traditional Arabian attires. The ladies wore Jalabiya (long flowy maxy kinda dress) and men in Kandura (Almost the same description).

My hunt for Jalabiya went on for almost 2 days until i found the ONE. Shopping for my husband proved equally difficult. We had traditional dances, lots of games, lighting Chinese lanterns and of course a full fledged Arabic Cuisine. All in all a fun happy night 

I wish to give you guys a tiny snapshot of the attire and culture. Hope you like it! Have you been to any of the middle eastern countries??? How do you like my dress?

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ultimate 3 hits for the month! | Review

Hello Angels
Never have I been so desperate to write a post! I am in love  with not one or two but 3 products!! On a  normal basis, I would take at least 2 weeks to review a product. Well, with these loves am making an here goes

Maybelline Eye Liner in Vert Couture
OMG! This is perhaps the mooooost prettiest color I have ever seen among eye liners. A beautiful peacock green. I do realize the color is a little overboard for an everyday use. But when the day calls for a fun, fancy and vibrant look, you can always reach for it. Infact I used it for last night's party. The theme was Arabian nights & i went for a smoky eye coupled with liquid gel liner to my lash line and this pretty green on my water line.  Another alternative style you may go for, is by blending it on to your lash line with black eye shadow. This looks equally pretty and a 'lil less dramatic! 

Maybelline Color Sensational  Lipstick in Iced Caramel 625
My hunt for the perfect nude ended when I bagged this love. This color was my dream definition of a nude lipstick. It stays put for a decent no of hours. Excellent formula  Very Moisturizing (it slides on to your lips effortlessly!) and gives a lovely finish. This is my first purchase from Maybelline's color sensational line. But am sure to go back and try their other shades. The collection holds a wide range to choose from. 

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Preview 070
Another Hit. Its a lip gloss/lipstick. Such a beautiful color. Extremely moisturizing and gives you a good wear The line sells over 20 shades, however here in Dubai we have around 12 shades or so only. Yet no complaints, i love pretty much all shades and hoping to bag a few more soon. Adore the packaging. Very sleek and compact.

How do you like my buys? What are your thoughts on Maybelline Color Sensational and Revlon Color stay lipsticks? Have a great weekend lovelies...

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

♥ My Washroom Tour ♥

Hello Angels
Don't we all love tours? I absolutely favorite them..
In a day i reach for many products. These fancy bottles, tins and bars form an essential part of my day to day life. So i decided to give you guys a quick tour of products in my washroom. Some are used daily, some weekly! But yes, they are all a part of my routine at some point.

I keep most of my products on a wall mount shelf  from IKEA. Let's begin, from left, my hair care by Lee Stafford , Body scrub from Soap & Glory, body wash by treacle moon (the scent lingers on you for long), Batiste hair spray, bath bombs from LUSH and a few other body scrub bars all placed in a glass bowl again from IKEA. 

On to the second level of the shelf! From right, my hot body scrub from Soap & Glory (these actually feel HOT against your body, its a nice soothing feeling though!), eye make up remover by Nivea, face make up remover by Bioderma, Dermalogical face scrub powder, LUSH shampoo, natural essence oil for skin and hand wash by BBW

Moving on to my counter basin. The holder is a plant pot from IKEA (Yes, you can tell i am an Ikea fan). From left again, Neutrogena daily scrub (I love this scrub! verry effective, keeps all those white & black heads at bay!), Redken hair Volume booster, L'oreal cleansing milk, Batiste again, hand wash by BBW and daily face wash by Clean & Clear!!

That wraps up all the products i keep in my washroom. Hope you guys enjoyed the tour. Do you spot any familiar products??

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review | REN Vita-Mineral Day Cream

Hello Angels
Time to review yet another product - REN Vita  Mineral Day Cream
I walked into the store to get myself the REN Radiance Renewal mask. Unfortunately it was out of stock. Which led me into scanning the shelves for other REN products to try. I ended up buying their day cream. Given the quality and wonderful feedback on most REN products including my favorite mask , i saw absolute no risk in bagging this one.

My skin type is normal. I experience blemishes and dryness on a small scale. So you can tell, i wasn't actually asking much from a moisturizer except to keep my skin well balanced and healthy. I have been using this product for over 2 months now. And these are my thoughts about it

Pros - The cream has a good manageable texture. It evens out your skin tone, which was required for me in certain areas of my face. It makes your skin appear bright and clean. Plus i also like the pump dispenser which allows me to get the right quantity out

Cons - A disclaimer before i proceed, the cons clearly overrides the pros when it comes to this product. 
Dryness  - I like the fact that the cream doesn't make my face oily but neither does my skin feel moisturized. Though the texture is creamy, within a few seconds after application, my skin feels dry and rough! 
Really dry!
Dry patches - I rarely get dry patches. And man how much i hate 'em! Even a very basic moisturizer should help in fighting rough patches. Depending on the quality of the product the time taken to achieve the same may vary. This product however, has been of no help to me in getting rid of my dry patches. In fact i now doubt i got them in the first place from using it. 
Strong Scent - I prefer face creams with a light scent. This product carries a very strong scent for a day cream. If i am to apply it first thing in the morning, i am sure to end up with a headache. This however, may differ from person to person.

Overall, i will surely not re purchase this product. Quite a disappointing product considering the price and all the other wonderful REN skin cares. I intend to finish it though by using it as a hand cream. 

Have you tired this product? Do you agree with me? Advice me a good daily moisturizer

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Hair Care Line | Review

Hello Angels
When Lee Stafford launched the Argan Oil hair care line i was beyond glad. I have been on a look out for Argan Oil enriched hair care products for sometime now. The much raved about Moroccan Oil is not that easily available here in Dubai plus its very expensive and hence i had to explore my other options.

♥ Lee Stafford Nourishing Conditioner
♥ Lee Stafford Deep Nourishing Treatment

I clearly was trying my luck with these but indeed they proved to be wonderful. Before i even begin to comment on the actual product, let me state a few known facts and benefits about Argan Oil. The Oil is extracted from the nuts of Argan Tree, native to Morocco. 
The oil stands out for its moisturizing ability. It proves to be highly beneficial to hairs with frizz and dryness. Our hair gets subjected to flat irons, rollers and blow dryers on a almost regular basis, hence moisturizing is a must in your hair care routine. Its rich in several vitamins (E, F) and nutrients which can make your hair stronger and healthier. Its best when used in 100% natural form 

Coming back to the subject product,  Argan Oil is one of the major components in Lee Staafords new hair care line. I have been using the two above mentioned products for over a month now and i have clearly experienced a material change in the quality of my hair. My frizzy ends have literally disappeared  When compared to my earlier hair care products, like Redken, though they left my hair smooth and frizz free, the effect lasted only for a day. After which, i evidently saw the frizz coming back.

To add further, my hair looks shiny and feels a lot smoother. The product doesn't weigh or grease your hair. It leaves your hair fresh and lively. Plus whenever, i have used the two products in combo, i have experienced minimum flyaways. Using an hair spray to keep them at bay was my only option before. Your hair feels fresh, smooth, light and shiny between washes. The impact stays for more than 2 days or more!!! The scent however, is slightly on the stronger end. Hence, do take a sniff before you buy them, i do not want any of you ending up with a heady after a wash!

The product, yes is pricey. But i don't really mind paying the sum for the benefit i receive. And i totally recommend it to all... 
Have you tried out the new line by Lee Stafford? Or any other Argan Oil based product? Tell me what you think? Are they worth the price you pay?

♥ xoxo 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bloggers Dilemma..

Helloo Angels
If your a blogger, you may relate to this blog post but if your from the other end, then this post gives you a sneak peek into the bloggers world!
Does your blog cost you? No, not in monetary terms but otherwise? Do you worry about your blog stats? Or when you do not receive the expected response from your followers? Or do you face writers block? Do you get that not so happy feeling about your blog?

Well, bloggers face many issues! Most of us at least. We do not wake up each day with a new, bright idea or topic neither are we safe keepers to abundant creativity. Hence most blog posts are a result of hardwork, a lot of thinking and brainstorming! Of course some days, we get inspired by random things but that happens less often.

There are days when i have nothing to blog about. I literally go Blank. But i tell myself that's OK. Blogging should not be a task. Its something i pursued out of passion. The solution is to give your blog the best you can. Do not rush into random blog posts because that will ultimately bring down the standard of your blog.

Ask yourself or place yourself as a follower. Would you be interested in reading the content? Does it excite you? Or as a blogger do you get complete satisfaction from your work? 

Answers to these questions will help us decide what to write and what not to!

I always make note of items or experiences that i would like to share with my followers. Then when i have sufficient content, i publish them. Good content is the key to keep your followers interested. Write about things that interest you genuinely. Readers can sense enthusiasm and passion.    

Hope this helped you guys in some way! Have a lovely weekend angels...

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Favorite M.A.C Lipsticks

Helloooo Angels
Lipsticks are very very important to me. I can step out without a foundation or blush but lipstick is a must! Reason being I have a very pale lip.
As far as my collection goes am still a long way from finding comfort with several shades. This post is about my all time favorites. My 3 top go-to lipsticks are Taupe, Fast Play and Speak Louder all by M.A.C

Taupe  was my first Mac lipstick. And I love it to the core. To describe the color it is a reddish taupy brown. The creamsheen finish works brilliantly and it lasts for decent no of hours.
Speak louder  With this one, I ventured into bright colors for the first time. Its a bright pink with blue tone to it. I absolutely adore it and it's my go to lipstick on night outs. However, i wish M.A.C had them in creamsheen formula
Fast play  is a recent buy. In the swatch below it may look very similar to Taupe but i assure you that they are different. This one falls under the Amplified Creme finish by M.A.C and true to its name the color as a very lasting effect. It slides on to your lips effortlessly. I love the effect it leaves behind even when it begins to wear off and hence hardly a retouch required!

The swatches above are taken from M.A.C site, as it is too late in the evening to click a photo.
What are your favorite M.A.C lipsticks? Does it include any of the above?
Have a great week guys

♥ xoxo 

Monday, May 6, 2013


Hello Angels
When i woke up this morning, i honestly thought it was the weekend and slept for another 15 minutes before the realization struck me hard!! But i ended up taking a day off anyways :) Justified by the fact that i need to spend more time with my sister before she takes off to Canada next week

Moving on..everyday of last week either began or ended with an eat out. There is nothing like going to nice 'lil restaurant, sipping a cup of coffee and munching on a delicious snack. To top it up, chit chat with family. 
I usually opt for well designed cozy restaurants. Plus if there is a outdoor seating, nothing like it The heat in Dubai gets unbearable at times so everyone exploits a good weather day! I prefer fancy big restaurants for special big occasions only..

I take the pleasure of making myself a nice yummy fruit shake everyday. Strawberry and raspberry is my favorite  Plus i also like the Mango, Banana and strawberry combination. Please suggest me a few good ones. 
What kind of restaurants do you prefer? How often do you eat out?
♥ xoxo 

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Friday, May 3, 2013

New Jewelery finds...

Hello Angels
Hope all are geared up for a fun weekend. I am!
When it comes to jewelery, I only own a few selected favorites cause I tend to get a 'lil choosy. Plus its a  big no to too much BLING! However, over the past week i did manage to find a few really good pieces.

 ♥ 2 arm candy's. Which i absolutely love and wear almost every day now. The designs are very adorable 
♥ 2 lovely finger rings. Very simple. Very me. 
♥ Lastly, 3 simple pendant chains. Antique clock pendant, Druzy design copy and an 'S' letter, after my love's name. (Yes, this may sound cheeezy, but tatz me!!)

How did you like them? What kind of jewelery do you enjoy? Simple or Heavy?

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