Monday, May 13, 2013

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Hair Care Line | Review

Hello Angels
When Lee Stafford launched the Argan Oil hair care line i was beyond glad. I have been on a look out for Argan Oil enriched hair care products for sometime now. The much raved about Moroccan Oil is not that easily available here in Dubai plus its very expensive and hence i had to explore my other options.

♥ Lee Stafford Nourishing Conditioner
♥ Lee Stafford Deep Nourishing Treatment

I clearly was trying my luck with these but indeed they proved to be wonderful. Before i even begin to comment on the actual product, let me state a few known facts and benefits about Argan Oil. The Oil is extracted from the nuts of Argan Tree, native to Morocco. 
The oil stands out for its moisturizing ability. It proves to be highly beneficial to hairs with frizz and dryness. Our hair gets subjected to flat irons, rollers and blow dryers on a almost regular basis, hence moisturizing is a must in your hair care routine. Its rich in several vitamins (E, F) and nutrients which can make your hair stronger and healthier. Its best when used in 100% natural form 

Coming back to the subject product,  Argan Oil is one of the major components in Lee Staafords new hair care line. I have been using the two above mentioned products for over a month now and i have clearly experienced a material change in the quality of my hair. My frizzy ends have literally disappeared  When compared to my earlier hair care products, like Redken, though they left my hair smooth and frizz free, the effect lasted only for a day. After which, i evidently saw the frizz coming back.

To add further, my hair looks shiny and feels a lot smoother. The product doesn't weigh or grease your hair. It leaves your hair fresh and lively. Plus whenever, i have used the two products in combo, i have experienced minimum flyaways. Using an hair spray to keep them at bay was my only option before. Your hair feels fresh, smooth, light and shiny between washes. The impact stays for more than 2 days or more!!! The scent however, is slightly on the stronger end. Hence, do take a sniff before you buy them, i do not want any of you ending up with a heady after a wash!

The product, yes is pricey. But i don't really mind paying the sum for the benefit i receive. And i totally recommend it to all... 
Have you tried out the new line by Lee Stafford? Or any other Argan Oil based product? Tell me what you think? Are they worth the price you pay?

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  1. I use the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range, and I think it is brilliant! Think I may give this range a try (when its on offer!)

    1. I loved my first buys so surely will try out more from his new range...

  2. Sounds great I need to treat my hair with these products! Lovely review (: x

  3. I haven't tried it yet but will now!
    I've written about the Liebster Award and mentioned your blog in it!
    Rosie x

  4. Try Moor Beauty (you can find on instagram), it's all about Moroccan Natural Beauty Products, and very affordable. I'm using their products and i love them!!! totally recommend them!!!
    Thanks for entering the giveaway, good luck :)

  5. Hey gorgeous !
    i tagged you to do the ♥ Colours of the Rainbow ♥ tag !


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