Tuesday, May 21, 2013

♥ My Washroom Tour ♥

Hello Angels
Don't we all love tours? I absolutely favorite them..
In a day i reach for many products. These fancy bottles, tins and bars form an essential part of my day to day life. So i decided to give you guys a quick tour of products in my washroom. Some are used daily, some weekly! But yes, they are all a part of my routine at some point.

I keep most of my products on a wall mount shelf  from IKEA. Let's begin, from left, my hair care by Lee Stafford , Body scrub from Soap & Glory, body wash by treacle moon (the scent lingers on you for long), Batiste hair spray, bath bombs from LUSH and a few other body scrub bars all placed in a glass bowl again from IKEA. 

On to the second level of the shelf! From right, my hot body scrub from Soap & Glory (these actually feel HOT against your body, its a nice soothing feeling though!), eye make up remover by Nivea, face make up remover by Bioderma, Dermalogical face scrub powder, LUSH shampoo, natural essence oil for skin and hand wash by BBW

Moving on to my counter basin. The holder is a plant pot from IKEA (Yes, you can tell i am an Ikea fan). From left again, Neutrogena daily scrub (I love this scrub! verry effective, keeps all those white & black heads at bay!), Redken hair Volume booster, L'oreal cleansing milk, Batiste again, hand wash by BBW and daily face wash by Clean & Clear!!

That wraps up all the products i keep in my washroom. Hope you guys enjoyed the tour. Do you spot any familiar products??

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♥ xoxo 


  1. You are so organized! I'm jealous! :)

    P.S. That lemonade shower gel looks good!


    1. thank u...
      yes i keep my stuffs mostly well organized!!

  2. Great post - I love your planter! :D

    I took loads of pics of stuff for tour posts then never got round to writing them up (I bet most of it's since been used in empties posts lol).

    Just stumbled upon your lovely blog and am now following.

    Louise x

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