Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Jo Malone Blue Berries and Blossoms

Hello Angels
My new love this Summer...

I hit Jo Malone counter to get myself their Tuberose Intense. But after being introduced to their latest Blue Berries and Blossoms range, i was battling to decide between Sakura Cherry and Osmanthus Blossom. Sakura won, but am definitely going back for latter too. The collection is limited edition, so i really don't want to take a chance. 

Needless to say Jo Malone does a fab job every time. They get it right always. Classy, beautiful packaging, everything just adds up and you are left wanting more. 

Sakura is fresh, lightly citrussy with notes of cherry and rose. Staying power is not incredible. But then again i experience that with most JM scents. Packing is different from their regular collection. Labels are colorful with beautiful matching ribbon bow on top.

Gift it to someone and you earn a perfect 100.

Price 100ml AED620/USD125

Have you tried their new collection yet?


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