Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter - Food Art #5

Hello Angels
A Happy Easter to all!  What a perfect timing to do another food art blogpost!!
I was excited to pull out an easter themed food art. At the same time found myself 'lil lost. Lost because there was several to choose from...coloring eggs to making bunnies or to do something different!
 I am not sure if i succeeded in it but i loved the final result anyhow..You guys are to judge!

A very simply art. I used chocolate sauce to draw the bunny on to a cake server. My instrument to draw was a cotton bud! was extremely easy to draw and took me only 5 minutes.

Hope you guys liked it?
How do you celebrate Easter? share with me your creations if any...i would love to see them..

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♥ xoxo 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Celebrating 100 followers - Giveaway!

Hello Angels
This blog post is all about you and a BIG Thank You from me!
I hit 100 followers last week and that definitely calls for celebration. So lets celebrate...
Am giving away a stylish yet classy Clutch Bag from Stradivarius. It can be used both as a Clutch & a Bag (Bonus!) What caught my eye is the beautiful color combination and simple elegance it held..
Second in line, is a cute note pad. The funny yet true quote on it attracted me, which applies to me and am sure many of you! Plus a note pad is an essential in every girls handbag.

Enroll yourself for the Giveaway. Its International, so all are welcome to join. You may have noticed i joined twitter! A newbie! I find handling several social networks a task with my hectic work schedule. But finally i decided to give it a join me and get to know more about what happens in my day

Simple Rules
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Again a Big Thank You to All...
All the Best Angels....
♥ xoxo 

Monday, March 25, 2013

'lil Miss went shopping again!!

Hello Angels
Couple of things i picked over the past week! And i see myself living in them 

I absolutely  this light chocolaty colored laced top from Promod. They had it in white and orange, but this color stood out! I love the detailing on the top. Simple and classy. You can dress it up with a navy or white trouser or keep it casual with a jean
This is my first every real jumper with a Hoody. Yes, you heard me right. I always always wanted one. But i never really really liked one. This one successfully ticked off all the boxes off my list.
Finally, my fav! This jumper gets a 10/10. That says it all. 


What have you guys been upto?? No joke, i took 2 hours to upload this post cause i was watching a movie side by! Naughty me...
♥ xoxo 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My week and 1♥♥ followers!!

Hello Angels
Hope you guys are having a fun packed, xciting weekend..i surely am!
Thursday - checked Oz - The great and Powerful from my 'To Watch List'. The movie was good, i fell in love with the china girl and the monkey. How adorable are they??!!
Friday - Day began with a lovely breakfast at one of my fav restaurant - MORE Cafe. Followed by a shopping splurge at Tory Burch. I finally purchased the much eyed Caroline-Mestico flats. I loved the color and my my its soo comfortable! Separate review blog post coming up
I managed to put up a short drama queen show at Bershka Trial room, with my new fav tee. Its says 'I want a ticket to Paradise' 
Saturday - that's today! for now i am sipping my morning coffee. Tonight me and my husband are joining the Earth Hour walk. Its for a great cause plus am hoping to have lots of fun walking on the streets with no lights only Candles!! 

Last but not the least, i hit 100 followers yesterday and i was so so so happy! I hopped around like a bunny, which surely did get my husband cracking!
am not getting too cheesy here, but this means a lot to me so lots of hugs going out to each of you.
I will surely be holding a Giveaway to celebrate the good news..and while am on a hunt for the perfect gift, make sure you follow me on GFC and Instagram @fathoosh

♥ xoxo 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Food Art #4

Hello Angels
Time for the weekly Food Art Blog Post!
Absolute no introduction required to these tiny 'lil heads. They took over our laptops, phones and tablets!
The Angry Birds
Though i never went crazy about the game (by nature am not attracted to video games), i love their charming faces! Hence here goes....

Ingredients that went into the making 
Bun, Cheese, Tomato, Black Olives and Pepper 

Am extremely happy, the whole thing turned out pretty well...a 'lil self pat at the back!!
Its feels very good to receive emails from you guys talking and sharing about your interest. Keep them coming.
♥ xoxo 

Monday, March 18, 2013

♥ Mini Haul ♥

Hello Angels
As you can tell, i bagged a few goodies over the past week and here is a quick sneak peek!
I purchased this soo very adorable elephant ear rings from Porfolic. I adore 'em!!
Plus the collar statement necklace. Am very much into statement necklaces this year, as i find them perfect to accessorize any 'not so interesting' outfit or even to add that extra charm to your attire. I love the color combination on this one

Then comes, perhaps one of my best buys . Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. I do know there are plenty of You tube videos on makeup tutorials. But am book crazy! There is nothing like flipping through those bright, colorful pages over a cup of coffee...
This book walks you down a step by step process of Face, Eye and Lip makeup. Also Bobbi Brown advises on essential food requirements for a healthy, glowing and younger looking skin. From selecting your makeup tools to application, this manual can be your go to guide. To me it also adds to my book collection!

If i was to hold a 2nd giveaway..i would love to gift this book, to one of you...what do you say?
Are you a bookworm? I would prefer reading a book over watching a movie any day...
♥ xoxo 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Food Art #3

Hello Angels
Weekend is around the corner and am looking forward to some quality time eating and sleeping
A big thank you to all, for your lovely comments on my food art, it makes me immensely happy!
So this week, my food art cover page is being rocked by Mr. Owlsen!

Am obsessed with owl prints or anything owly for that matter ! So here is a bite of me.....

Mr. Owlsen is made of..
Nutella, Bread, Apricots, Black Olives and Coriander leaves

To answer a few of you - Yes, i make these food art myself. And i do not waste any food in the process, they always end up in my tummy!

♥ xoxo 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

♥ ASOS Ring Holder ♥

Hello Angels
yay yay yay! Am in a complete state of  joy and satisfaction when typing away this blog post!
My much awaited purchase from ASOS arrived today, to give me a pleasant surprise. I spotted this baby, when browsing online at ASOS and fell for it instantly. Its basically, a ring holder in a shape of a Dachshund. Its called the 'Sausage Dog Ring Holder'

It can hold easily 10 rings. I simply adore the holder for its cuteness plus i can now place all my rings together stylishly!
What do you think about my latest find? Love it?
♥ xoxo 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review | Baby Lips & Sally Hansen Lip Gloss

Hello Angels
Am all pepped to have a great weekend! And in a perfect mood to review two of my favorite lip care products. So without further a due...letz jump in

♥ Maybelline Baby lips 
The much raved about and i now understand why!!
The product comes in several shades. I purchased the Pink Punch but planning to get the rest very soon.
Texture/Pigmentation - The Lip Balm/Lip gloss is fairly opaque. And is impressively pigmented for a Lip BalmIt severs the purpose of a balm by moisturizing your lip, at the same time you can afford to leave it on without applying any lipstick, thanks to its pigmentation. The texture is slightly thick, which is surely from the Shea Butter they contain 
Lasting - You will surely have to reapply them every two hours or so. I don't see any pain in reapplication cause they are yum and smells awesome
Packaging - I love love the packaging! Its super cute..super girly
Price - Very Reasonable

♥ Sally Hansen 
I don't know why, i haven't really heard or seen much blog posts or review videos on these babies. Or did i miss something?
Anyway, the reason i say is because, this lip gloss/lip balm is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
Texture/Pigmentation - Its transparent and works well as an lip gloss. I lovvvve its smell plus it tastes yumm. It feels amazingly light and soft on your lip.
I usually apply them before and after my lip stick application..
Packaging - See through cute casing
Price - Very Reasonable

I will not rate between these products because
a) i find it difficult
b) it serves different purposes to me. When am too lazy to apply a lipstick, Baby Lips is my Go To product
And Sally Hansen can be used anytime, anyday as a lip gloss

Have you tried them on? What do you think about it?
♥ xoxo 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Food Art #2

Hello Angels
My food art for this week!
Omelette or Scrambled eggs make it to my weekend brunch often. If you ask me, the best way to kick start a great weekend is by having an early morning breakfast at a lovely restaurant. It gives me the right push to start my day. I do not entertain looong hours of sleep. Am happy as long as i get my required 8 hours..many of you may disagree with me on this note!

I kept the theme pretty simple. Love, Naughtiness, lies in the eyes of the beholder 

I used an ordinary marker pen to sketch out the face. The other one ofcourse was made out of full boiled egg..

Hope you guys liked it! What's your favorite food for breakfast??
♥ xoxo 

PS : I do not waste any food in the process of making my food art.