Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ombre Black Star by By Terry

Hello Angels
Lily pebbles totally enabled this buy. She just went on and on raving about it that i had to plan a visit exclusively to Sephora to check Ombre Black Star Eye shadow pen by By Terry. 

In fact i even had the color decided...Bronze Moon. Now after spending 20minutes at the counter, i walked away with blond Opal in my hands. It's not that Bronze did not excite me, oh yes it did and i am definitely going back for it. 

Blond Opal is a shimmery pearl white shade. My love for highlighter's was the soul reason behind choosing this color. SO SO Gorgeous. The texture is silky smooth and blends like a dream. Now, i tend to use it more on my cheek bones, cupids bow and brow bone and inner corner of my eyes than on eye lids. 
The shimmer is finely tuned into the color. 

All in All a must must have. There is little or no doubt that you won't fall in love...xx

Friday, March 20, 2015

Gucci Makeup | Review

Hello Angels
To a large extend i was successful in keeping myself away from Gucci makeup. I wanted to give ME some time before the splurge (Lol!!!). Eventually it happened. I found it very hard to choose among-st their blush range. They were uber pretty.

What stands out instantly when you try on Gucci blush is the texture. Silky smooth and fine. I went for Pink Camelia 060 (beautiful beautiful light pink. The shade in real is more pinkish than given photo below) and Spicy Petal 050 (peachy pink. A warm toned blush) 

The packaging is Luxe and Chic. The powder does fall out a little during application. But I've experienced the same with most finely milled powders.

Given an opportunity i may end up buying few more of their blushes but keeping it on hold for now. Because they are expensive. Available at Sephora stores. 

Let me know if you have a Gucci favorite.


Friday, March 13, 2015

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation | Review

Hello Angels
Ever since Nars made a re-launch in Dubai, I've been wanting to try their Sheer Glow foundation and concealer. After 5 whole months, came the day i actually went into Sephora to get myself one. 

And as faith may have it, they were Out of Stock on my shade. The only match available was in Sheer Matte foundation. I like dewy finish anytime anyday but given no option plus i reallllyyy wanted to try their foundation, Matte it was. I can always use my highlighters to create a dewy look, right? So that was decided.

Coverage is medium to build-able. The texture strikes a perfect balance between not being too runny and thick however i find blending needs a 'lil work around.  The color though looks too light for me in the bottle was just right after application. Stays put all day and no creasing. 

I like the overall finish the product offers but it is not quite there. I find Dior Star foundation soo much better than this one. Perhaps NARS sheer Glow foundation is more my kind and is next on my list.

Those with oily skin should give it a try though. Not necessarily purchase, sample it out first. In Dubai, Sephora counters don't offer foundation samples. But buy or take with you a small container and ask them to fill. 

Another rather annoying thing about this foundation is it does not come with a pump. WHY? I mean why on earth would they cut out on providing a pump? Making it extremely difficult to take the product out. 

Let me know your thoughts about Sheer Glow foundation? 


Friday, March 6, 2015

MUFE Step 1 Skin Equalizers | Review

Hello Angels
MUFE recently launched their range of Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primers. The colorful range of Primers looks quite appealing and promising and makes you wonder what they offer. 

I got myself the Base Smoothing Primer and Radiant Primer in Yellow. Firstly, i really like the packaging. The colorful tubes make things look a lot more fancier. Primer packaging aren't always the fanciest of all makeup products. So thumbs up to MUFE for taking that extra effort. Also i find the applicator tip just perfect. It gets the right amount of product out. 

Base Smoothing Primer -
My face is relatively pore and blemish free. Smoothing primers can contribute a lot to give a flawless foundation finish. And this one does a pretty good job at it. It fills and evens out skin reducing visibility of pores and blemishes. The texture is satin-y and blend-able. A recommendable base for your foundation for better and lasting finish. 

Radiant Primer-
Also part of the range are 5 shades of radiant primers for different skin tones. Yellow was a match for me. The product is actually yellow in color, intimidating, but on application blends almost colorless. The product is meant to correct, add radiance and lighten skin tone. 

Does it work? To an extent yes, because my skin did appear lighter and brighter after application. The results are not too evident though. 

 I definitely see myself using up the product but cannot promise a repurchase of the Radiant Primer but smoothing primer, Yes. The collection also includes mattifying and hydrating primers. Those with oily skin must try. Additionally Nourishing and redness correcting primers are also available.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Fauve by Chanel

Hello Angel
There was a time when Eye Shadows were just not my cup of tea! My collection was limited to basic matte nudes. Literally!
Things have changed quite a bit since last 6 months or so. Not only as my collection grown but you can now spot many glitter based colors too! Last week i treated myself with possibly one of the most gorgeous gorgeous color - Fauve (90) by CHANEL. 

Ah...this color makes me want to wear eye makeup every single day. I find the color uber pretty. To those who own tons of eye shadows, this color may seem 'not so' special!! (i hope not tho, else this whole blog post becomes quite pointless!)
Here goes my best try at explaining the color - Taupe/purple shade with silver glitter. The color stays put for long without creasing. Texture is smooth allowing effortless blending. Love Love the cute packaging with a convenient sized mirror. Pricey but given the staying power and color, i say it's a keeper!

I was tad bit skeptical about how well the color would translate on application. No disappointment tho. The color looks equally pretty. 'Hypnotizing' by MAC is the closest dupe i could relate Fauve to.

What are your thoughts ladies?