Friday, March 6, 2015

MUFE Step 1 Skin Equalizers | Review

Hello Angels
MUFE recently launched their range of Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primers. The colorful range of Primers looks quite appealing and promising and makes you wonder what they offer. 

I got myself the Base Smoothing Primer and Radiant Primer in Yellow. Firstly, i really like the packaging. The colorful tubes make things look a lot more fancier. Primer packaging aren't always the fanciest of all makeup products. So thumbs up to MUFE for taking that extra effort. Also i find the applicator tip just perfect. It gets the right amount of product out. 

Base Smoothing Primer -
My face is relatively pore and blemish free. Smoothing primers can contribute a lot to give a flawless foundation finish. And this one does a pretty good job at it. It fills and evens out skin reducing visibility of pores and blemishes. The texture is satin-y and blend-able. A recommendable base for your foundation for better and lasting finish. 

Radiant Primer-
Also part of the range are 5 shades of radiant primers for different skin tones. Yellow was a match for me. The product is actually yellow in color, intimidating, but on application blends almost colorless. The product is meant to correct, add radiance and lighten skin tone. 

Does it work? To an extent yes, because my skin did appear lighter and brighter after application. The results are not too evident though. 

 I definitely see myself using up the product but cannot promise a repurchase of the Radiant Primer but smoothing primer, Yes. The collection also includes mattifying and hydrating primers. Those with oily skin must try. Additionally Nourishing and redness correcting primers are also available.


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