Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ombre Black Star by By Terry

Hello Angels
Lily pebbles totally enabled this buy. She just went on and on raving about it that i had to plan a visit exclusively to Sephora to check Ombre Black Star Eye shadow pen by By Terry. 

In fact i even had the color decided...Bronze Moon. Now after spending 20minutes at the counter, i walked away with blond Opal in my hands. It's not that Bronze did not excite me, oh yes it did and i am definitely going back for it. 

Blond Opal is a shimmery pearl white shade. My love for highlighter's was the soul reason behind choosing this color. SO SO Gorgeous. The texture is silky smooth and blends like a dream. Now, i tend to use it more on my cheek bones, cupids bow and brow bone and inner corner of my eyes than on eye lids. 
The shimmer is finely tuned into the color. 

All in All a must must have. There is little or no doubt that you won't fall in love...xx

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