Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy - My prayers and condolences

Hi all,
It's all over the newspapers, radio and TV. Aftermath pictures of Sandy brings immense discomfort and concern. My dear sister living in Canada has taken necessary precautions herself. What its like to be in such helpless situations i have no clue. But all my prayers and wishes to people of US and other countries who are likely to be impacted by the Hurricane. Heart felt condolence to all who have lost their near and dear one's. Take care. xxx

Photo courtesy Yahoo/Reuters

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's a sweet day......a recipe ♥

♥ Bread Pudding 
I used to be quiet the 'wiping kid' when it came to eating as a child. Yes, i did give my mum a hard time 
(sorry mommy!). But there was something that i did open my mouth wide open to always 'The Bread Pudding'. She made it frequently, can't blame her, as it was something i ate with minimum or no fuss. It is nothing fancy, but i do love it the most. It's easy to  make and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.

Ingredients 1 glass of milk, Half a teaspoon Vanilla essence, 3 eggs, 4 slices of white bread and some strawberry. Serves 3

Whip the eggs along with 8 teaspoon of sugar. In a separate bowl, mix milk and bread crumbs together. Make sure the bread completely dissolves into the milk. Then mix the egg and bread mixture together. Keep aside.

In a pan melt sugar (8 teaspoon). This is to give the pudding its top sugar coating. Once done, quickly move the content ('the golden syrup' i would like to call it) into your cooking pan. Then pour the mixture kept aside on top of the golden syrup. The pudding will have to be steam cooked for approx 15 minutes. Once done let it cool then refrigerate it and serve cold.

Your cooking pan can be any round shaped pan used to bake. Later however, you can cut them out in round or any shape for that matter like the way i did with a small glass or shape cutters. Choose a pan based on the thickness and size you want the pudding to be

Do u have any easy to cook recipes?? Share with me....xoxo

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Flashback...Trip to Oman♥

hi all,
This weekend we are heading off to Oman, visiting my aunt and to explore the country . Am in my car, sitting next to my love, as i draft this blog post (hence, this post is going to be more in present tense than past, which i personally think is more fun to read. Also i don't trust my memory to recall every small detail of the journey on my return). We left at 5 am, so i had to get up at 4 am (yes! u heard me right). Hardly slept for 3 hrz! Was almost similar to being thrown in my pj's into the car. 

After 2 hrz of drive, we pulled over at a restaurant for a some breakfast. Then i quickly turned my attention to some on the move make up (Its sooo much FUN!!). Its a 6 hr travel to Oman from Dubai (where i live). Oman, just like Dubai falls under the Middle east cluster (Only for those who slept through their geography class like me!!). 

During this trip, i will be taking a step back from my regular tech life. Away from internet & blackberry...for the same reason this post will go live only on my return. 

Site seeing moments
With Katy Perry giving us a background score, we are heading for some adventure. The chain of humongous mountains is a jaw dropping site. Never in my life have i seen such huge one's. Throughout the journey i had my face stuck to the car window, amazed by the site like a 5 yr old. I even managed to climb a small one. Let me take a moment to explain you guys the scene. We pulled over on my insistence to click a few pics. The very second the car came to a standstill i sprang out, running towards the nearest mountain with my husband running behind me to stop me from doing anything tooo spontaneous...hehe!


Hope you had a nice weekend too....xoxo

Monday, October 22, 2012

♥ Twist to my Day♥

After a lovely weekend....i had to encounter a rather boring Saturday day off! My husband was working and i felt so out of place and lonely that i took off to a nearest shopping mall for some distraction. Sometimes the world looks so gloomy that the simplest of things can bring great joy and  happiness. This may be reason why a shop that i have passed by a million times before helped me cheer up on a Bad Day!!

 Candylicious - Dream world to a candy lover. I love buying hello kitty candies, jelly beans and cupcakes from here. It's such a colorful shop ( pretty huge to even be called a shop). But what i found this time around was not another favorite candy but a cute Violet basket (Like i said, it was a very simple find, but it made me happy instantly!! Grls i tell you.... ). Apparently i think it is meant to gift chocolates and candies, but i had other plans.

 Found these cute 3 pairs of sock from Aldo to keep my feet warm at night. Cherry on top it had my favorite 'Owl Print'  

 Lush mini Haul - Grabbed a few lush products.
   Rehab shampoo (Good for hair fall. As well as enriches your scalp, So it says......)
   Retread Conditioner (for now i just got a sample, letz see how it works)
   Brazened Honey (Face scrub, used it twice already - love how it leaves my skin clean and fresh)
   Figs and Leaves soap (Yet to try)
Review coming soon!

 For long, i was desperately looking for an apt container to store all my bed side table items. This little basket had 4 sections, which let me place my books, sock, cream and much more. Love it........ 

Well looks like distraction comes with a Price Tag, but who cares i got my smile back...priceless!!
What do you think? Leave a comment..xoxo

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Flashback♥

Hi All
I had a such a relaxing and entertaining weekend. Managed to tick off everything in my To Do List for the week!! (Doesn't that give one a very self satisfying feeling??) 

Visited the local Carnival and got to witness fireworks (I never get enough of these)
♥ Tap Dance performed at the Carnival (admire their stamina, they were performing non stop for an hr)
Some yummy corn
Weekend shopping (So happy with all the stuffs i got) A lovely long top. Fell in love with it's color combination(Right) and an Aztec print top from Promod (left)
Vintage styled heart shaped ear rings.
Bath n Body works hand cream...smells heavenly (Shea Cashmere and Velvet Tuberose)
Say hello to my new Tom Cat Pen drive. I have been eyeing these for loooong. Ain't they adorable??
Like a good grl, reorganized my make up items
Ever since we got the new Canon printer, i have been enjoying taking photo prints and collage

Eid Al Adha (Religious celebration of Muslim) is next week and i have lotzzz to shop and prepare for. Managed to buy a couple of things for myself. But haven't purchased gifts and ornaments yet for the main day.....

Tell me how your weekend went by?? Would you want me to share picz of my shopping this week??? xoxo........

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

♥Foundation Review♥

Like most of you one of my make up essential are the foundation base. I haven't experimented on many, cause i tend to stick to one if it serves my purpose. May be in a year i may try two. So here is my review on the four dominant ones i tried.

My skin type is normal and i am blessed with a fairly toned skin with minimal blemishes and pigmentation. I will mention the color code against each foundation used by me.

Mac Matchmaster (No 4)
This was my everyday foundation for a fairly long time until i discovered Bourjois.  
Consistency - Dense in texture i would say
Coverage - Full
 - job well done, for a good 12 hr plus. Apt during summer (with a SPF 15). The most water resistant of all foundations i have used.
 ▼ - On application it does feel like an extra layer of skin. Also on a bad pimple day, the foundation appears cakey around them. Skin is less hydrated.
As a solution to using less of the foundation. i use Garnier's BB Cream as base before application. Also to hydrate your skin puff Mac's charged water.

Bourjois Healthy Mix (No 54 Beige)
The perfect one found so far
Consistency - Liquid
Coverage - Build able
 - Feels like skin. It blends superbly onto your skin and gives it a natural glow. Stays put for a good 12hr plus without touch up. Very hydrating. Second best in water resistance
 - whenever i did apply a BB Cream under this foundation, i found myself glowing like a disco ball. Hence, one has to build a full coverage using the foundation alone.
 Apt when the climate is less humid and hot. The product doesn't detail on a SPF protection, which is a major downside, especially if your living in a place like UAE (But i still end up using it on a daily basis cause in a day, exposure to sun is minimal for me)

Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing (No 3.25 Cool Beige)
I had heard so many good things about this foundation and ended up purchasing one. But it failed to meet my expectations. 
Consistency - Liquid
Coverage - Medium
 - Very moisturizing. To get the best out of the product one has to initially cover all blemishes and pigmentation with a concealer.
 - The product failed to conceal any of my pigmentation. The worst was it wasn't even buildable. As a result i would end up applying way more than required. Not recommended for Oily skin. No SPF. Finish lasts for less than 6hrs. 

Mac Studio Sculpt (NC 30)
This one was my first most expensive foundation and probably the most loved at the time. Coverage and consistency is the same as Mac matchmaster. But the major downside was i really did not like the finish it gave and somehow my skin looked dull after a couple of hours. I hardly use them any more. 

Products used hand in hand with my foundation routine 
Garnier's BB Cream - The product was launched in middle east very recently. Though in Europe it was available since long. It gives a good coverage. Very moisturizing. 
Mac Mineralize Charged Water - I got this one a few months back and has been a favorite ever since. Though the bottle comes in one size, i fill them into smaller bottles (with a spray nozzle) and slip them into my handbag. It refreshes your skin and hydrates them too.
Sephora face powder - Used only when i feel the need to reduce the excess glow from foundation application. Also when am too lazy to put on any foundation, this one comes to my rescue. 

I would always want a summer and winter foundation in my vanity box. Hence, i think Mac's matchmaster and Bourjois foundation are the perfect duos to own.
Tell me which are your favorite one's or recommend me a few.....xoxo

Based on personal views. Am not affiliated to any of the above mentioned brands

Friday, October 12, 2012

Frame your memories!!

Loved, awaited and desired by all♥  As much as i love receiving gifts, i enjoy and take immense pleasure in gifting others too.
I have known my husband for almost 3 years now, though we got married a year ago. During this period, i have gifted him almost all male oriented handy dandy gifts. This month on his b'day i decided to be a lil creative...
The gift was a romantic pool sided dinner at a classy restaurant♥  Now rather than saying it by word of mouth or on a card i decided to frame an invitation. Found this to be an ideal way to build memories. So here you go, i will let the pictures talk...

  Articles needed
Form Board or Chart paper (any color)
Frame (Mine from Ikea)
Snaps taken on THE DAY (Of course this can be attached only after the day, and not when gifting

Pictures can be of any favorable size. My personal favourite are the wallet sized one's, which can easily be slipped into any frame.

Create one for every special occasion with some notes written on it describing the day...and build a wall of memories...xoxo

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The 'Coming Soon' tab ♥

Hellooo all
Won't it be great if we could see the future or the least have a sneak peek preview of it??? Oo yes!
The excitement of receiving a gift is not limited to the object alone but extended to the surprise and suspense associated with it. Simply thinking about an upcoming event or occasion sets me into a happy mood weeks before. So why am I tutoring you guys about all this?

Well, I have decided to give my readers a sneak peek into the future, by appending a 'coming soon' tab in my blog. It would be placed on the right hand corner of the page.

One of my concern factors while deciding to start a blog was if I would be able to contribute consistently. Now that I have began to write, I did overcome that fear, and find plenty of topics to write on. So most often I know before hand what am going to blog about in the coming weeks.

What do you think about the new tab? Helpful? Tell me about it....xoxo

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Decode Your Craving...♥

As i had promised in my 'Opening Piece', i love to share everything that catches my eye and interest. This includes articles and information i find useful to people. I read an article on the subject published by Aquarius magazine and since not all may come across the magazine i decided to share. So all credits due to the magazine. To get things a little more personalized i did add my thoughts to it 

Go ahead take a bit!! 

All of us have our weaknesses. Mine would be chocolates and spicy food. But before indulging in them, take a moment and give it a thought. Is it just a harmless craving or is it our body yelling out at us for Help!!??

Cravings towards Burger and Fries
Fact - High fat food stimulates the pleasure centre of the brain. If your craving for high fat food, it may mean you suffer from Dopa-mine deficiency. The deficiency increases your craving, and you eat lot more and this sets the craving cycle. Doctors often look at consumption of too much high fat food as an addiction.  
Solution - Include more protein to your diet 

Craving for Crisps and popcorn
Facts - Craving for salty food could be a sign of stress. Adrenal glands located above the kidneys, help deal stress and regulate body's salt level. But when human reach a chronic stress level from bad relationship or job hate problem, this overloads the adrenal. As a result, body's fail to operate well, leading to high desire for salty foods.
Solution - Take it slow fellows! Relax and take it easy. Avoid excess intake of coffee and tea. Exercise and yoga helps

Craving for Chocolates (This is for me....)
Facts - The hormones in our body change during menstrual cycle. After menstruation, level of  Oestrogen drop, leading to drop in serotonin. the happy hormone of the body. Chocolate can raise your serotonin, and craving can be a sign of deficiency of serotonin.
Solution - Exercise and eat more green leafy vegetables.

Craving for Spice food
Facts - If you cannot resist yourself from the urge to eat something spicy, a lack of Zinc could the problem. Zinc forms a big part in our sense of taste, and if you suffer from Zinc deficiency you may tend to seek for spicy flavors. Smoking reduces Zinc, which can be the reason why smokers also crave intensely for spice.
Solution - Eat more seeds, nuts, seafood and oily fish like salmon 

Craving for Coke, Tea and Coffee
Facts - All high in caffeine. Craving for these can be caused by stress. Details as mentioned above.

Simply add good routines to your lifestyle and we would never have to compromise on favorite Foods

Hope the post proves useful!! Take care of yourself and be happy....xoxo
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Favourites♥♥

Hello we kick start with October , I would like to share a few items which made to my September  favorites. Let's begin.... soo excited

Bath & Bodyworks Candle - Lavender Vanille
mmmm.... something delicious! I fell in love with this exaggeration! Refreshes and relax your mood. BBW are known for their candles and this baby is a bargain;) Best time to purchase these are during the BBW sale. Actual price $22, sale price 8$...NO JOKE

Botanics Hair Mask
Discovered at Boots pharmacy. I am definitely not among those who are gifted with  lustrous smooth hair and hence on a constant hunt for the perfect hair care. Apply after shampoo for 5min. It leaves your hair super smooth and clean. The best part, it lasts for 3 to 4 days. Price $6.

Botanics Foot Cream
Another favorite by botanics. Living in Dubai, the climate leaves your heel dry and cracked. I was a committed user of Vaseline and the product does its best. Though the downside to Vaseline is, the impact remains only for a day. Botanics cream however, leave your heel moisturized and smooth for long. You may need to use it only twice a week or so. Price $6

Tresemme Hair Heat Defense
I style my hair regularly. Requirement for a heat protector becomes essential. The product doesn't weigh on your hair plus brings a good shine. Love it... price $9.

Hope you guys find the post helpful. Tell me about your favorites....xoxo
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