Friday, February 1, 2013

When in Love♥

Hello Angels
Am being totally selfish in this blog post. When in love, i guess one does such crazy things! So hope you don't mind!

To My Love 
I am head over heels about you
Your love for me, makes me melt
Your voice, makes my heart leap with joy
Your absence causes unbearable discomfort
Your presence makes me complete
Your patience, taught me to ignore the tiny black spot on a huge white canvas
Your love, makes me want to be perfect for you in every way
I love You ♥ I adore you

This is not a random post. I, as always felt the need to put these few words about my love out there. Its essential we speak our hearts out. I am not even sure if my mister would read this blog post but nevertheless..i still would not want to miss an opportunity to say 'I love you'

Valentines Day is around the corner gals...How do you plan to go about it?
I am for sure taking this up as a mission for the month! 

♥ xoxo 

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  1. Sweet:)

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