Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My week | Instapicz

Hello Angels
What have i been upto this week?? Quite obvious if you take a glance at the picz!
I have been eating, partying and enjoying. This week began with a lovely breakfast with my best chum . Followed by a family meal at a local restaurant (steak and Arabic cuisine). 

The black dress was my valentine outfit. Then of course was the yacht party with my colleagues yesterday. Perfect climate, perfect ambiance and perfect company. The view couldn't get any better...

This kitten is just 5 week old and belongs to my cousin's friend. She shared these cute, gorgeous pictures with me and I had to share them with you guys. I have it on as my display pic on iPhone. OMG, speechless adorable....

A view of my city from the yacht!! I love this city....
How is your week turning out to be?? 
♥ xoxo 


  1. The kitty is adorable! Do you know what breed?
    elephants never 4get

  2. What an adorable kitten!!!

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