Sunday, June 30, 2013

Haul Zara/Others

Hello Angels
June comes to an end! Its been quite an eventful month for me. First half, i was sh** loaded on the work front and in the second i set about on my dream tour to Paris and Swiss. And now i get to end it 'in my perfect way' - with a mini haul!

Zara was on sale. Now how often does one get to hear that? Plus a girl can never have too many handbags and shoes! So let me jump right into it.....

I bagged 2 footwear from Zara and a bag from one of the local store in the mall. The black shoe is perfect for office/casual wear. Its classy yet got an edge to it. The Spike sandal was always on my wish list. Isn't it a beauty?? But the price kept me from buying them until today when the price was slashed by almost 60%. Lucky me!!!

I fell instantly for this red handbag. The style looks very similar to a Chanel classic handbag. Bonus points! The quality is very good and it costs me approx. USD30. A bargain.

How do you like my purchase? Do you prefer shoes and handbags over makeup? I do.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Swiss, Paris & Me

Hello Angels
Am back...ooh yes, the time flew by
My trip to Paris and Swiss was beyond amazing and beautiful. Witnessing the grand Eiffel tower, making it to the Top of Europe i.e. 11,300 feet high on Jungfrau mountain (-10 degree), was a dream come true. 

The ever so lively streets of Paris lined with retro classic cafe's and beautiful architectural creations is admirable. Finding a good cafe, sipping hot chocolate and watching the crowd was my thing to do in Paris. Observing the life, streets and beauty. Paris being the city of Love, how can i not do something crazy for the love of my life?! Pont des arts is a bridge in Paris crossing the Seine River where people place padlocks with their names to the railing of the bridge, then drops the key into the river below as a romantic gesture.

 I found this a must do and so here below (red one) is my 'lil padlock! What say?

Switzerland was an epitome of natural beauty. I lost count of the no of times i yelled out 'OMG', 'amazing', 'gorgeous' throughout my visit to Swiss. The chocolate, pastries and food is to die for. And as you can tell, i stuffed my face into them. Out of almost 1500 pics, here are a few. I may do another post, sharing few more

Let me know if  you would like to see more. What do you like the most about Paris & Swiss?
Have a great weekend

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Friday, June 21, 2013

My New Canon 600D

Hello Angels
So in co relation to my Paris Swiss trip and my ever growing interest in photography, i decided to buy an SLR. Which one? was the question. I did my research, consulted a few friends and colleagues. This also included asking a few fellow bloggers whose blog pics i really admire. For instance, Cider with Rosie.
Finally, the decision was made and God, one of the best. I bought the Canon 600D. This particular SLR is very famous for its features and picture quality and now i personally vouch for it too.
So below are a few of my baby step shots. Lots to get hold of and understand. But hey, am in no hurry...

Meanwhile, this week i discovered yet another Essie favorite. Garnet! Awww...such a perfect Red. Am in love with this color. It makes me want to keep staring and admiring my hands!! Weirdoo....i know.
So that' all for now. This was more of an update post. Hope you guys like it.
Which camera do you own or prefer to buy one day??
Have a great weekend...

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sleek Blushes

Hello Angels
On Tuesday morning, i had a wonderful surprise awaiting me! On waking up, i saw a small neatly packed courier on my dresser. I had almost lost hope of receiving my Sleek order before my travel and then this happened. Best Day ever!
Ripped opened the package and pulled out my order. Pink Sprint palette and Pomegranate. This is my first sleek purchase and i must say i am in love with not only their blushes but the packaging too. Compact, beautiful, large enough mirror and great quality. 10 on 10. My mum even commented saying 'i think you like the box and packaging more than the product itself'!!  hahah...she knows me well

Moving on to the product (to prove my mum wrong :D) - Very pigmented matte blushes. Especially the ones in the palette. A full fledged swirl of your brush, will end up in you taking wayyyyy more than required. It's that well pigmented. So make sure to use your brushes lightly. This product will hence last longer and i don't see it hitting pan in near future.

A retouch is hardly required. I wore them yesterday for almost 8 hrs and they seemed good as new on my cheeks. Thank god, am just too lazy when it comes to retouching make up!
Cheery on top is the Price. They are so damn reasonable. Plus the site offers international delivery for USD2!! I usually pay at least USD5 on all my online orders. So this was a total happy shopping experience for me.

Am sure to visit the site again and shop. Do tell me if you know any of the Sleek 'must buy' products. How do you like the Sleek brand? 

Have a great week guys..

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Swiss Paris Shopping #2

Hello Angels
2 more days left before i take off to Swiss & Paris..woop woop!
Yesterday i wrapped up my shopping list. And before i put them all away in my bag, here is a quick sneak peek.
Jacket from Mango (that sounds soo fruity!!) - I somehow feel the picture below haven't done enough justice to the jacket. Because its way more gorgeous than what it looks in the pic below (Perhaps its my lighting). The fitting is awesome. I love the color and the zip detail. I plan to pair it with a black legging and long boots.What say?
Top from Mango - I don't think this can be called a 'dress'. Hence, am going to call it a 'long top'. Anyway, there isn't anything out of the world going on here. But i love the fit again and i truly believe a good fitting dress can add soo much to your style. To complete the look, i intend to pair it with a yellow legging and long boots.

Zara Flats - When will Zara ever stop making gorgeous products?? (Not that i ever want them to!!)
This wasn't in my list. But i bagged it anyhow. And you may see why! Its glittery..yet i feel there is something simple about it. To cut it short, I Love it...

Surely you guys would get to see more detailed pics of me wearing all the stuffs i shopped, when i return from my trip. I promise! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me trying a few of them out in the trial room. 
Hope you guys have a great week.. and wish me a safe journey. I would try my best to post another blog before i leave! Love you all...

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chanel Perfection Lumiere | Review

Hello Angels
So for the past 2 weeks i ave been using my new Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation. Tried and tested, here is my review.......
Finish  The best part i would want to talk about is the awesome finish the product leaves behind after application. It covers your skin with a soft velvety finish. Unless your face is extremely oily, you can get away with powdering at all. I prefer a glowy look but this foundation is matte by all means. And i achieve the same with the help of my Mac highlighter
Hold  Long lasting finish is probably the most 'to be appreciated' fact about this foundation. It stays put for long and does not fade on you. And trust me, i have tested them in Dubai Summers and it does not even move or slide on your face
  Coverage  It provides a medium to full coverage. You need not necessarily apply it all over your face. It can be applied where ever required for a more natural look. Additionally, you can go for a full coverage too, without appearing to have applied tones of layers of foundation. The product is skin friendly plus with an SPF 10

Shades  Another winning feature, is the variety of shades available to choose from. Its available in 3 undertone groups. Product code ending with a 'zero' is neutral, '2' is pink and '4' is a warmer undertone. This makes choosing the right shade very easy.  
Fragrance  The scent is beyond gorgeous. Honestly, i hate foundation with a fragrance because it tends to give me a headache. But this one carries a very light, gorgeous scent and i simply love it. 
Packaging  To die for. So is the case for any Chanel product to be frank. Few products gives me that immense joy and satisfaction when simply holding them or when spotting them on my dresser, this baby falls into that bucket.
Price  Expensive. But taken the fact it provides a good coverage without having to apply lots, this 30ml bottle will last me loong

Have you guys used this foundation before? Will you be buying one?

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The show must go on......

Hello Angels
As much as i am disturbed by this most 'likely to happen' change, i can't help but move along with it. Google as decided to take away the sooo very loved 'Google Friend Connect' section. Which means going forward my lovely GFC followers will no longer be able to follow my blog via google friend connect!!

But the show must go on...
Bloglovin' is a simple and free app that allows you to follow all your favorite blogs and ensures you never miss on a new post. I have added a 'follow me via Bloglovin' ' widget to my right sidebar. Simply click on it and start following your favorite reads.

Do let me know if you face any issue with the process or change

Have a lovely weekend guys!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Essie | Lovie Dovie

Hello Angels
My new crush - Essie's Lovie Dovie nail polish
Such a pretty pink i must say, can't get enough of it. Neither too bright nor too soft. Strikes the right balance of a perfect pink for me. Needless to say, Essie nail polishes stay put for long and keeps chipping at bay.

Which is your favorite Essie nail polish? Recommend me a few. This one is surely coming with me to Paris.
Hope you guys are having a stress free week.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

New additions....

Hello Angels
We had a long weekend here in Dubai this time. Lonng weekends are always good especially when they allow more shopping time!!

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
After my disaster with Estee Lauder Double wear, i was yet to repurchase another foundation. Till then Bourjois healthy mix was my go to foundation. I gave myself 2 options either repurchase another Estee Lauder, which i absolutely LOVE. Or try a new one. Given the nature of a beauty blogger i went with option 2!! No surprises there
I have never used a Chanel foundation before. This was one of my many justifications. I am yet to use this one, hence its too early for a review. However, i must say it carries gorgeous fragrance!  What are your thoughts about this foundation??

 Urban Decay Naked Palette 2
No introduction required for this winner here. Needless to say they rock in every way. It was a gift to me by my sister and i have been using them religiously since then. The perfect perfect palette. Most colors are with shimmer when compared to the original. Worth the price & a must have in every girls make up collection. I can brag about it all day long day...
Do you own one? 

Another Gift
 I rearranged my dresser. Mainly because of the new vintage/miniature table my parents got me. How adorable does it look? I use it to place a few of my cosmetics & i love the feels it adds to my dresser.

All set for another week plus looking forward to my swiss pars trip in 2 weeks. Exciting!
What do you guys think of my 'lil experimental shopping with Chanel foundation?

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Swiss Paris Shopping #1

Hello Angels
I am thrilled that it is June finally! Reason being this month i am flying to Paris & Switzerland.
Woop Woop!! Super excited about the trip and why shouldn't i be??!!
I prefer to travel light and wear comfy clothes. But when Paris is involved how can i not go for something smart and fashionable??
Since its going to be a very busy 2 week for me at work before travel, i have started early on my shopping list. So here are a couple of items i bagged last week.

Topshop Blazer 
OMG! Love at first sight. The color is beyond awesome. The cutting is perfect. Everything about this blazer is gorgeous. Paired with a Black slim fit trouser is a total win win.

Sweat shirt - H&M 
The black and white strips finished with a neat black knit on hands woe me. I am thinking of pairing it with a Maroon trouser. 

Zara stole 
Love the color combination. Long enough to style it in different ways.

How do you like the 'em? Any advice on what i should be shopping for?
Have a great week guys

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