Monday, June 17, 2013

Swiss Paris Shopping #2

Hello Angels
2 more days left before i take off to Swiss & Paris..woop woop!
Yesterday i wrapped up my shopping list. And before i put them all away in my bag, here is a quick sneak peek.
Jacket from Mango (that sounds soo fruity!!) - I somehow feel the picture below haven't done enough justice to the jacket. Because its way more gorgeous than what it looks in the pic below (Perhaps its my lighting). The fitting is awesome. I love the color and the zip detail. I plan to pair it with a black legging and long boots.What say?
Top from Mango - I don't think this can be called a 'dress'. Hence, am going to call it a 'long top'. Anyway, there isn't anything out of the world going on here. But i love the fit again and i truly believe a good fitting dress can add soo much to your style. To complete the look, i intend to pair it with a yellow legging and long boots.

Zara Flats - When will Zara ever stop making gorgeous products?? (Not that i ever want them to!!)
This wasn't in my list. But i bagged it anyhow. And you may see why! Its glittery..yet i feel there is something simple about it. To cut it short, I Love it...

Surely you guys would get to see more detailed pics of me wearing all the stuffs i shopped, when i return from my trip. I promise! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me trying a few of them out in the trial room. 
Hope you guys have a great week.. and wish me a safe journey. I would try my best to post another blog before i leave! Love you all...

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