Thursday, June 27, 2013

Swiss, Paris & Me

Hello Angels
Am back...ooh yes, the time flew by
My trip to Paris and Swiss was beyond amazing and beautiful. Witnessing the grand Eiffel tower, making it to the Top of Europe i.e. 11,300 feet high on Jungfrau mountain (-10 degree), was a dream come true. 

The ever so lively streets of Paris lined with retro classic cafe's and beautiful architectural creations is admirable. Finding a good cafe, sipping hot chocolate and watching the crowd was my thing to do in Paris. Observing the life, streets and beauty. Paris being the city of Love, how can i not do something crazy for the love of my life?! Pont des arts is a bridge in Paris crossing the Seine River where people place padlocks with their names to the railing of the bridge, then drops the key into the river below as a romantic gesture.

 I found this a must do and so here below (red one) is my 'lil padlock! What say?

Switzerland was an epitome of natural beauty. I lost count of the no of times i yelled out 'OMG', 'amazing', 'gorgeous' throughout my visit to Swiss. The chocolate, pastries and food is to die for. And as you can tell, i stuffed my face into them. Out of almost 1500 pics, here are a few. I may do another post, sharing few more

Let me know if  you would like to see more. What do you like the most about Paris & Swiss?
Have a great weekend

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  1. This post has made me so hungry! Love the photos, I hope to visit Paris at some point everything just looks so beautiful! xx

  2. wow such beautiful photos! I really want to go back to Paris in the future :D I've always wanted to see those locks in real life :D xx

    1. @chloe and @voiletdaffodils thanks..glad you liked the pics. I went crazy over my new cam!

  3. Beautiful pictures, so inspirational! I invite you to join my summer GIVE AWAY party on my blog :) Love, Anna

  4. I'm from Paris, but now that I live in Jakarta, I realize that it's a very nice city, architecture wise. I miss the food, pastries.. So thank you for your nice photos!
    As for Swiss, I've never been there but I heard so many good "reviews". I'd love to go there one day :)


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