Sunday, November 17, 2013

Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HS95 | Review

Hello Angels
Looking good makes us feel good and confident. Universal truth. And having a polished good looking hair forms a huge part of it for me. I style my hair almost daily. Beside from using hair serums and heat protection spray, it is also equally important to use a good styling gadget. I have been using Panasonic's EH-HW11 for almost 3 years now and last week they launched their new Nanoe Technology based products which included hair straighteners too. 

I do know technical nitty gritty will bore you. But to understand the efficiency of this product, let me give you a quick brief up. Ordinary hair straightener leaves your hair cuticles open. And this is mostly the reason why your hair turns all frizzy and rough after styling. But the Nanoe technology ensures the moisture from your hair is kept intact. And this is one of the many benefits the product promises to offer.

My previous straightener had ceramic plates and this one uses photoceramic plates. Benefit? Photoceramic plates helps retain natural moisture of hair. This also helps in maintaining your hair color. I was able to effortlessly straighten my hair and they not only looked more polished and glossy but felt smooth too. The difference was evident and i loved the results. The product is sleek, light wight and travel friendly. 

It offers 5 temperature settings with maximum as 200 degree Celsius. The power supply automatically shuts off in 60 minutes if kept unused. Very useful feature for people like me who forget to turn the gadget off. The product promises to retain moisture 1000 times more than ordinary straighteners. And how can i not mention, it comes in pink and looks very pretty with an LED display. Cost US$130.

I could see visible results after using this straightener and highly recommend it to each of you. Walk upto a near by Panasonic store and see if they offer a trial. This will help you decide.

Which straightener do you use currently? Would you choose to give this product a go? 


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  1. Sounds amazing....anything for smooth and frizz free hair!! You look lovely btw

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks love...
      if i hadn't come across this one i would have bought a GHD too

  3. This is very nice blog by you . I'm using this hair-styler

  4. Great review. I currently use the Babyliss pro which is alright but thinking of getting a new one. I've just followed your blog :) xxx


    1. Thanks should give this one a try. Take my word you will love it ....xx


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