Friday, November 8, 2013

Caudalie Divine Oil | Review

Hello Angels
My loves, looking for a miracle oil? Then this is it. Look no further! Caudalie's Divine Oil just made it to my holy grail/staple product list. My daily routine never included the use of any oil before. Skincare oils makes my skin too oily and greasy. Hair oils weighs down my fine hair.

I purchased the Divine oil purely driven by hype. But the product is indeed miraculous. I have normal to dry skin. This oil can be used on Body, Face and Hair!!! Tadaa... 3 in 1. It is nothing like the oils i have used before. Extremely light and no stickiness what so ever. 

When you use several skincare products, it becomes difficult at time to judge the impact of one product. But results from using this oil was more than obvious and it made me sooo very happy. I apply it after shower on body, face and hair. I suffer dryness on my elbow joint, finger tips and cheeks. After over a week's use, my elbow joint no more appears white from dryness. They look well moisturized and neat. The same for my hands and cheeks. 

Most nights i massage a small amount on my face before hitting bed. A 5 minute massage ensures good blood circulation and my face looks fresh and healthy the next day.

Moving on to Hair. Oils and my hair don't go well together. It weighs them down and attracts dust. But i took a leap of trust with the Divine oil. After application, my hair looked healthy, shiny and smooth without weighing them down! Love.....

For once am actually introduced to a product that stands up to all claims. The spray bottle makes it extremely user friendly. Gets the right amount out. The bottle in itself looks gorgeous. It as a very natural, light scent to it. Which i love.

Considering the fact it can be used for body, face and hair, plus does an extremely good job, it is absolutely worth US$41. Have you used the Caudalie Divine oil? I highly recommend it. Which is your favorite oil for face and hair?



  1. the name sounds funny cz its AXE in malayalam..CAUDALIE

  2. This sounds so lovely! I really like that it's multi-purpose. xo


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