Monday, November 11, 2013

The Pixie Palette | Review

Hello Angels
My love for blushes and lipsticks overrides all other beauty products. Never was i a fan of eye shadows. I own a few staple colors (black & brown). But recently i got a little more experimental with my eye makeup, by using wee more color. I loved the change and wondered what kept me from them for soo long??!

As i began to enjoy colors other than black and brown, i needed more options. And the Pixie Palette came across to me as a fantastic option. A purchase from Feel Unique website. It is called the Pixie Eye Alchemy Assortment. Most colors in this palette are shimmery. 

As you may have noticed the palette covers a lo of shades. From Dark to light. Which made it even more attractive. I tend to gravitate more towards darker shades because they highlight my eyes. This palette offers a wide range with 36 shades. I can even afford to wear them to work. These are well pigmented, blends easily with my real techniques brush and stays put.   

Creating a palette takes time, if you opt for purchasing individual shades. So for those less patient and looking for variety this palette is a keeper. What are your thoughts on this palette? Would you like to own one?

Have a lovely week 


  1. Whens is Give away????hahahah offer dese......

  2. Oh my goodness this palette looks gorgeous! I love Pixi make up, their packaging is so lovely too! I got a few things recently and was pleasantly surprised! Their blushes are amazing x


    1. O is it?? I haven't tried their blushes yet...would love to try. Which one do you recommend?

  3. Love the palette. It is so pretty. Can't wait to get it.

  4. I love this palette!!! My mom just got it for free and gave it to me and I don't really have colored palettes. I only have neutrals like the Naked palette. So glad I have this now because I like neutrals and these colors aren't too bold for me :)


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