Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My New Wallet..

Hello Angels
Hope all are having a great week!
 I had mentioned in my last post, about my hunt for a wallet. I had my eyes peeled on the Kate spade collection. And had even decided to get them. However, my plans were soon to change. 
The only 2 must haves in my check list were
 Plenty of card slots
 just enough space for bills (by habit i always carry less cash with me. Bad news for pickpockets)  

Now comes the twist! Last eve I went shopping with my sis and found this awesome wallet by Charles and Keith. Way less expensive than KS, great quality & very stylish.

Yes, I agrees the wallet is quite big from a normal one. But I lovveed it anyhow. There are times when i do not want to walk around holding a heavy handbag. This comes in handy then.
♥ Plenty of room for bills. 
 ♥ Separate card holder placed inside the wallet. It can hold 16 cards 
♥ Usable as a mini clutch
♥ Can house my iphone & may be even a lipgloss (Bonus!) 
♥ Vibrant color (Also available in Pink and Blue)

For now all the handbags i own can easily fit this wallet. If the occasion calls for a smaller bag, i can simply use the card holder alone. Its an absolute winner for me. And i see myself using it for long. No second thoughts on giving up KS after spotting this star

What kinda wallet do you use? Would you go for a similar sized walled or something much smaller?

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♥ xoxo 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Things i have been loving lately

Hello Angels
A quick run down over a few things i have been loving lately
♥ 30 minute bubble bath using Lush bath bombs
♥ Shopping for swim wear. Getting a 'lil carried away here though...
♥ Spa days. I have finally discovered and come to agree how important these pamper yourself treatments are
♥ Getting a hang of frothing milk and brewing that almost perfect coffee. Plus am enjoying my own 'lil coffee art creations on 'em
♥ Plus am really enjoying 'Loackini' chocolates by Loacker with my coffee. Have you tried 'em?

♥ Plenty of family time. My sister has come down from Canada to visit us. Which means loads of girly time and shopping
♥ Lusting over the Naked Palette 2. A gift from my sister. Needless to say, i am a fan now
♥ Drolling over Bloomsbury cupcakes. They sell the best, by far, cupcakes i have ever tasted in Dubai!
♥ On a look out for a wallet. I have my eyes on a Kate Spade. What do u think?

what have you been enjoying these days? Food, shopping, cooking??

♥ xoxo 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review | Estee Lauder Double Wear

Hello Angels
2 weeks back i used up my Bourjois healthy mix foundation and must say without a tiny winy fraction of doubt it was an amazing foundation completely worth buying. And I prefer it over my Mac. So moving on, I had two choices, get another Bourjois or try a new one. I opted for latter and decided to venture into a new brand. The decision was made - Estée Lauder Double wear stay in place foundation.

Pheww....short name. I had heard several awesome reviews about this product and some of my close friends did use it too and had excellent review. So i decided to take the plunge. 
I got mine from sephora. Perhaps the lady at the counter was having a bad day, i am not sure but she was of zero help in matching a shade for me. I ended up taking control of the situation and found my shade, which was btw Perfect!

I have been using the product for 2 weeks now and loved it to the brim. It feels velvety on the skin and takes zero effort to blend in. The coverage is great. Infact it also does half the job of a concealer. No joke! 
The product has several shades to choose from. So I am quite confident you will have no trouble finding yours. It lasts long and you look fresh through out the day. It gives a bright, glowy finish which I absolutely love. It receives blush pigmentation well both powder and cream forms. 
The only downside is the bottle not having a pump! I suck at getting the right quantity out and fear wasting the product. Anyway that's something for me to work on then.

But unfortunately, before i got to enjoy the product to the core, the terrible, uncalled for, unimaginable happened. It fell from my hand when i was rushing to work! I cried! I did...it was a sad day. I will re purchase it, but what an unfortunate event??!!

Hence, as i blog away now, i do not have a decent pic of the product. But only one from my iphone.
Share your views on the product. And let me know if you would re purchase it? As a disaster of this kind ever happened to you? Hope not


Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's discuss our favorites....

(Image Pinterest Beauty tips)

Hello angels
The most common way we get to discover new products is by word of mouth. Girls talking & raving over a product catches our attention much more than any fancy advertisement. I personally have discovered a lot of my favorites through friends, bloggers and you tubers. Surely you agree??!

So where is the long intro leading to? Well, I have come up with a fun way we can share our likes with each other. You may pretty much know about the products I use, from my blog but I have no idea about your favorites. 

Hence am going to feature one blog with all of my followers favorites ..this is a great way to discover new fab products. Especially when we find one same product being mentioned by many!!!

What do you have to do? Simple, email me your favorite 
♥ Lipstick
♥ Blush
♥ Foundation
♥ Mascara
♥ Eye shadow / Palatte 
♥ Perfume
♥ Skin Care

Plus a product you would love to buy in near future. Since I am a beauty freak, depending on how well this goes, I will expand to non beauty products like books, movies, food etc. 

Leave a comment down below if you would like to participate. Do not state your favorites on the comment bar. Mail them to me. Plus if you have a blog leave me a link. You got to be subscribed to my blog for me to take in your mails and publish them. 

Open for one week starting today....am excited! 

♥ xoxo 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bits & Bobs..♥

Hello Angels
A random post about a few things i picked up over the weekend
Customized Cupcakes
Have you seen anything more adorable? It was a gift to my dear friend on her baby shower. I ordered them from Bloomsbury Cafe. Their cakes are to die for. The right amount of Chocolate, the right amount of sugar...everything is perfect  Since i wasn't sure if its going to be a girl or a boy, i mixed both themes. How smart!!

Aeropostale Flats/Sandals
I am not a huge fan of Aero clothing line. But they were on sale this week and these lovely bright neon flats caught my eye instantly. These are my first pair of actual neon footwear and i am loving 'em  I feel its perfect for me because i tend to dress in shades of black mostly and this will help me add that extra BLING factor to my outfit.

I got the below nail care set from H&M. Perhaps not of the best of best quality. But its sufficient to get the work done in a go. 

REN Vita Mineral Day Cream
Absolute no intro required for this very famous skin care brand. Its all over the internet and youtube. Well that justifies my purchase...:) I was on a look out for a good daily moisturizer and came across this one. Its too early for me to state an opinion however, you can expect a detailed review soon. Have you used it? Do share your views please.

Have a greattttt week!
Which is you fav REN Product?

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Drumrolls...Giveaway Winner is....

Hello Angels
Am very excited as i type away this blog post because its time to announce the winner
I was 'ahhed' & thrilled by all the lovely comments, tweets and mails from you lovely ladies
Thank you so much for your support and love. Jumping straight into business...
Drumrollss....The winner is

Evie Elliot 

You take away a classic clutch hand bag from Stradivarius and a cute note pad . Hope your thrilled. Please mail me your correct address and i will ship your gift asap. I have your email id and this will help me verify.

Do share your excitement with us!

♥ xoxo 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the brighter side...

Hello Angels
It feels like ages since I last blogged...5 days to be precise! I had a temperature on and off this week and to make things worse i was not in a position to skip work. Now recovering, feel much better...missed blogging but i had declared myself mentally and physically unfit to blog then. I was always under the impression that i consumed water in plenty but turns out my definition of 'adequate' doesn't quite meet the standards!! The heat is picking up here in Dubai and I need to act accordingly.. 
Anyway am back and I feel very happy about it...

My food craving went absolutely off the charts this week! Perhaps I can blame my fever & unstable health condition for it. I developed a craving for everything and anything. But, let me tell you eating good food lifted my spirits and that kept me going! ♥ 

In two days I will be announcing my giveaway winner. Thanks a ton to all those who participated. Also thanks for leaving all those lovely comments on twitter and my blog! Fingers crossed ladies...cheers!

How do you tend to behave when sick? Do you eat in plenty? Or develop a 'no no' attitude towards food?

♥ xoxo 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Food/Latte Art #6

Hello Angels
Happy weekend! 
I missed last week's food art blog post since i was completely held up with work and wasn't quite in a creative mode!
But am back and full on with excitement...

Cafe's that serve coffee with latte art always impress me. Its a pleasure sipping them  What do u say?
To create a latte art the basic ingredient is micro form milk. Once your milk is perfectly frothed, your good to go. Professionals do it by swirling milk but since am an amateur i preferred using my chocolate sauce.

Are you a coffee or a Tea person? Ever tried your hand at latte art? ♥ 

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review on Tory Burch Flats.

Hello angels
Hope you guys are having a rocking week! 
As of for me, last month I had a new member added to my much loved ballet flats collection - Caroline Mestico flats by Tory Burch
Expensive? Yes, but totally worth than buying 5 cheaper ones. Yes, the feeling of investing a lumpsum is difficult but if your sure to get full use out of it, i don't see the problem.
 So far my favorite pair of flats were by Sam Edelman. But these babies have made it to the list too 

I did have to go through my share of blister attacks but fortunately that didn't last long. They are extremely comfortable and go easy on your foot. The elastic lining rests smoothly on your feet without leaving any harsh marks. This particular version comes in two colors navy blue with white border and the light chocolaty one i bought.

I enjoy looking down my feet and admiring these lovelies! They look super trendy and classy 

The only con I faced, which am hoping will soon be remedied is, i found them slightly slippery!!! Every time I am on an elevator i tend to slide off! Plus while walking if I make a sudden halt i end up creating a dramatic slippery woooshh stop. Am guessing as I get more use out of it, the bottoms will roughen up, giving me better hold on the ground....

Do you love flats? Which is your favorite so far?
Would you invest in a Tory?

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Labello Lip Butters & Other Updates!

Hello Angels
How is the world treating you?
Climate out here in Dubai is flipping back to Hot from Moderate. Which means dry skin, chapped lips and dull hair. As a result i need to follow a strict regime to keep my skin healthy and dry free

The Labello Lip Butters, the much hyped about product finally launches in Middle east and i grabbed the Macadamia and Raspberry Rose. The product does a decent job. Keeps your lip moisturized for a 2-3 hours max. Which fits the decent 'no of hours' window for me.
The Macadamia flavor taste delicious and Raspberry smells like heaven. No Doubt! I give in!
However, i didn't find it excelling over and above the lip butters already existing in the market. Plus i lovvve these tin packaging but have to agree to the fact that its not very hygienic.

♥ More updates 
This weekend was all about chilling out. For most of the time, i was very much at home with family. Nothing like it. Treated myself with Haagen Daz ice cream, fruits and Lush Bath Bombs.
Secondly, if i can be of any positive influence on you guys, then now be it! I cleaned my much messed up make up drawer and felt rather proud of myself with the end result. Below is an After and Before pic!

How did your week go by?
Have you tried the Lip Butter? Whats you say?

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Magical book of truth - The Power

Hello Angels
A book that inspired me. And to an extend put me on the right track
The power by Rhonda Byrne 
This book as changed my perception in a material way and am glad about it
Have you ever felt num? Blank? Or lost as to where life is taking you?
Have you settled for less in life just because you assume that's your faith or destiny?
Have you feared to Dream?
Have you held back from speaking your mind fearing the outcome?
Have you been consumed by negativity which led you to hard aches and difficult times?
Do you feel good about yourself?

Well, many of us may have nodded our heads to the above, at least I did
Often it happens that reality strikes us only when it gets explained to us, not that it was completely alien to us before. Something similar happened to me when I read this book. Perhaps most of things it said were stuffs and truth I was aware of. But I never convinced myself to act accordingly or implement them in my life

This book gave me a wake up call! And so it did to many...
It talks about how to live an amazing life. It helps you dream and desire. It helps you act and react. It clears out all that unnecessary doubts and skepticim away. Trust me it really does! Everyday we make billions of choices. What happens to us is not just faith, it is the outcome of our choices. If we realize this simple fact then life becomes less complex.

 Live on positive frequency. Take away the negativity. Use less of words like 'terribe', 'frustration', 'struggle' etc..treat others the way you would want to be treated. And it will come back to you...Karma
Whatever you may feel, whether good or bad, determines your frequency and accordingly attracts people, situation, events that are on the same frequency

To change anything - be it matters concerning money, health, relationships or anything for that matters we need to change the way we FEEL

I would highly recommend this book to each of you. I read one chapter everyday before I hit bed. I wake up each morning not cursing my hectic work schedule but thankful for another day and a Job itself. 

If any of you have read this book, let me know your review.
Hope this helped.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Food is Joy!♥

Hello Angels
Food Food Food....
Its a blessing, its happiness, its joy. Plus clicking pics of these delicious yummies is a weakness.
I am a complete, full on foodie. So here are a couple of pics i clicked before they got into my tummy!

Dinner time for me...

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