Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's discuss our favorites....

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Hello angels
The most common way we get to discover new products is by word of mouth. Girls talking & raving over a product catches our attention much more than any fancy advertisement. I personally have discovered a lot of my favorites through friends, bloggers and you tubers. Surely you agree??!

So where is the long intro leading to? Well, I have come up with a fun way we can share our likes with each other. You may pretty much know about the products I use, from my blog but I have no idea about your favorites. 

Hence am going to feature one blog with all of my followers favorites ..this is a great way to discover new fab products. Especially when we find one same product being mentioned by many!!!

What do you have to do? Simple, email me your favorite 
♥ Lipstick
♥ Blush
♥ Foundation
♥ Mascara
♥ Eye shadow / Palatte 
♥ Perfume
♥ Skin Care

Plus a product you would love to buy in near future. Since I am a beauty freak, depending on how well this goes, I will expand to non beauty products like books, movies, food etc. 

Leave a comment down below if you would like to participate. Do not state your favorites on the comment bar. Mail them to me. Plus if you have a blog leave me a link. You got to be subscribed to my blog for me to take in your mails and publish them. 

Open for one week starting excited! 

♥ xoxo 

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