Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review | Estee Lauder Double Wear

Hello Angels
2 weeks back i used up my Bourjois healthy mix foundation and must say without a tiny winy fraction of doubt it was an amazing foundation completely worth buying. And I prefer it over my Mac. So moving on, I had two choices, get another Bourjois or try a new one. I opted for latter and decided to venture into a new brand. The decision was made - Estée Lauder Double wear stay in place foundation.

Pheww....short name. I had heard several awesome reviews about this product and some of my close friends did use it too and had excellent review. So i decided to take the plunge. 
I got mine from sephora. Perhaps the lady at the counter was having a bad day, i am not sure but she was of zero help in matching a shade for me. I ended up taking control of the situation and found my shade, which was btw Perfect!

I have been using the product for 2 weeks now and loved it to the brim. It feels velvety on the skin and takes zero effort to blend in. The coverage is great. Infact it also does half the job of a concealer. No joke! 
The product has several shades to choose from. So I am quite confident you will have no trouble finding yours. It lasts long and you look fresh through out the day. It gives a bright, glowy finish which I absolutely love. It receives blush pigmentation well both powder and cream forms. 
The only downside is the bottle not having a pump! I suck at getting the right quantity out and fear wasting the product. Anyway that's something for me to work on then.

But unfortunately, before i got to enjoy the product to the core, the terrible, uncalled for, unimaginable happened. It fell from my hand when i was rushing to work! I cried! I was a sad day. I will re purchase it, but what an unfortunate event??!!

Hence, as i blog away now, i do not have a decent pic of the product. But only one from my iphone.
Share your views on the product. And let me know if you would re purchase it? As a disaster of this kind ever happened to you? Hope not



  1. I really want to try this one out but the price scares me off. So sad that it broke like that! :(

    1. Yes it is on the expensive end..but I would say totally worth it.

  2. They are giving samples away at the moment so I might grab one and have a try! I'm funny about liquid foundations they never seem to suit me maybe as i'm so pale! not sure if its abit too heavy!? Feel very sorry for your little tragedy!

    1. Samples are a good way trying out produces. especially when ur unsure. Unfortunately here in Dubai they don't offer samples much for any product.
      This doesn't feel heavy on your skin and helps your skin breath.


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