Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review on Tory Burch Flats.

Hello angels
Hope you guys are having a rocking week! 
As of for me, last month I had a new member added to my much loved ballet flats collection - Caroline Mestico flats by Tory Burch
Expensive? Yes, but totally worth than buying 5 cheaper ones. Yes, the feeling of investing a lumpsum is difficult but if your sure to get full use out of it, i don't see the problem.
 So far my favorite pair of flats were by Sam Edelman. But these babies have made it to the list too 

I did have to go through my share of blister attacks but fortunately that didn't last long. They are extremely comfortable and go easy on your foot. The elastic lining rests smoothly on your feet without leaving any harsh marks. This particular version comes in two colors navy blue with white border and the light chocolaty one i bought.

I enjoy looking down my feet and admiring these lovelies! They look super trendy and classy 

The only con I faced, which am hoping will soon be remedied is, i found them slightly slippery!!! Every time I am on an elevator i tend to slide off! Plus while walking if I make a sudden halt i end up creating a dramatic slippery woooshh stop. Am guessing as I get more use out of it, the bottoms will roughen up, giving me better hold on the ground....

Do you love flats? Which is your favorite so far?
Would you invest in a Tory?

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  1. Have you heard of tieks? I'm obsessed and think I'll buy a pair soon....talk about a huge investment!

    1. Yes, Tieks is kinda the talk of the town now! However, Tory is something I always wished for...

  2. These are gorgeous :) totally worth a little extra!

  3. Hi just found your blog! I love these shoes so much, they're simple and pretty to wear every day :) I really need to get my hands on a pair! We don't have Tory Burch in England though as far as I know... haha great post! :)

    If you have a minute, take a look at my blog? If you enjoy it, I'd love to follow each other? Lucy x


  4. @19thmaonstreet agree! xx
    @jennifer thanks hun
    @ Lucy u can always order one online! I wil surely drop bu ur blog...xx

  5. I really want a pair of these, but heard so many stories of them wearing through in a few months and the leather separating from the sole pretty fast. Buuut I still want them, they are so luverly

    1. what we need to remember is that these are made of rich leather. Hence, they will tend to get sensitive over time. They are not designed for rough use.
      You should buy what appeals to you!!

  6. I found Tory Burch flats really astounding, I wanted to give surprise to my cousin on her 24th birthday so I gifted her Tory Burch flats and she really liked the shoes.

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