Monday, June 9, 2014

Where Breakfast Hearts

Hello Angels
Today i felt the need to share my favorite weekend routine with you guys. One thing (most often the only thing) that gets me excited for the weekend, is the thought of having a yummy breakfast/brunch at a lovely restaurant. Myself and my husband look forward to this little weekend ritual of ours.

Yes, we've had our share of hits and misses in the process but we still enjoy our time. Here are my few my favorites lately.  

Mo's - Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Located at the famous Citywalk, last week i paid my first visit to Mo's. The Restaurant is huge and well designed. The staffs were super pleasant and friendly. I ordered a 'Fully Loaded Omelette' and a Banana Shake with Macadamia nuts. My love went for California Omelette. Whilst we waited for our order to arrive, we were kindly treated to their freshly in house baked Banana cake with whipped Cinnamon butter. The warm cake and the dip, made a heavenly combination.

The order was served within 10 - 15min. The Omelette was Delicious. Bacon, sausage and Cheddar Cheese was neatly wrapped in a classic Omelette (True to name fully loaded!). California Omelette was again a classic with Avocado and Cheddar cheese.  The portions were really good and we walked out with a stuffed but happy tummy!

The Farm -  Al Barari
The restaurant is located a little far away from the city at Al Barari. The drive from the main entrance to the actual location of the restaurant is an experience in itself, surrounded by dense trees on both sides. The restaurant creates a very relaxed and being in a modern 'Farm' feel. Highly appropriate for family breakfasts. 

Each customer is given an ipad for Menu selection. I went for Cottage Cheese Frittata and my Husband went for Hash Brown Pouched Eggs. The items are comparatively expensive. The food was delicious, and i really really enjoyed my Frittata. The portions were not soo generous though. 

The restaurant not only serves good food but a beautiful experience all together. Make sure to make a reservation to avoid waiting. 

Tom & Serg
The one reason that pushed me to try out this place apart from my habitual inclination to try out new joints was some really good reviews about their Latte's. So obviously i paid a visit and tried out their Latte and Baghdad Scramble (Spicy Lamb Sausage with Cauliflower and Paratha). I enjoyed both my orders thoroughly.

Later i went for a serving of dessert too. This item was a disappointment. Unfortunately i don't recollect the name! Sorry....

Social House 
Me and my girls had our meet up over breakfast 2 months back at Social House. A good selection of breakfast items and i was impressed by the quantity (i somehow managed to finish mine!).  

Loved the food, drinks and ambiance. The price was reasonable too. The picture says it all. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my love for food and anything sweet! So let me know if you enjoy these kinda posts and i could perhaps do a few more around Tearooms, Dinner joints etc.....


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