Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Green Berry by Barry M | Summer-rish

Hello Angels
Yup! Yet another post dedicated to a nail lacquer and this time it is a truly truly summer-ish color by Barry M -  GreenBerry, from their Gelly Hi-Shine collection. A bright mint green, that pops!

Application did not go down very smooth because of the slightly gloppy, thick consistency. Though it is no real pain to apply, if you show a little patience (which i lack). I simply adore the color and don't mind spending rest of my summer with it or go through the slight pain of application. 

The collection houses several bright and nude shades. Definitely worth taking a peek or even slipping 1 or 2 into your basket! Cost 25/USD6

What do you think of this color? Isn't it gorgeous? 


Friday, July 25, 2014

Beauty Updates #5 | New Launches & Review

Hello Angels
I've decided to name my multiple review posts as 'Beauty Updates'. Keeping it very true to!
Last week i gave few drugstore beauty launches a whirl. Lucky for me, there were no disappointments.. 

Excess Volume Mascara -
This Mascara comes with a 2 sided wand. 1 meant to add excess volume (base coat) and the other dark lacquer (top coat). Together they give a decent lift to your lashes without forming clumps. The hold stays for long too. It does nothing magical but gains average points, which for me is good enough for a drugstore launch. Cost AED77/USD20

Bourjois Faux & Fabulous Smoky Eye Lashes -
I must have used fake lashes not more than 4-5 times in 25 years! Simply because am not a huge fan nor can i take the pain to put them on. But when i can across these beauties from Bourjois i simply couldn't resist. The criss cross design with deferred lengths is meant to give intense and extra volume to lashes. Super excited to try these. Let me know if you've tried them on already. Cost AED49/USD15.

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Liner -
A new launch from Bourjois. These eye liners are jaw dropping-ly - gorgeous, metallic, pigmented and smooth. I got myself the shade '49 crazy about brown'. A metallic dark brown color.  Buttery creamy smooth, and highly highly pigmented. Each and every color is a must have. Lasts long and no smudging. I use it on my water line and take it to my lower lash line. The finished look is gorgeous!

Dream eye liner formula at a super affordable price. Don't we all love when that happens?? Cost AED38/USD9

Some good and great eye product find from drugstore. Do check them out next time at Max Factor or Bourjois counter, especially the eye liner!

Have a great weekend guys...


Monday, July 21, 2014

The Ultimate Shimmer Brick | Bobbi Brown

Hello Angels
Several brands have launched versions of shimmer/blush brick palettes this year. I've been mostly an observer and never really bothered to test one. Until Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick caught my eye and was instantly sucked in! The shade i went for is called Pink Quartz

Now let me tell you, when i first tried it out on myself, the amount of shimmer that accumulated on the brush did create panic wave in me. But after application, i was far far from looking anywhere close to a disco ball. It doesn't really appear as an extra layer of shimmer or highlighter but looks very much a part of your blusher. For a bronzed goddess look concentrate more on the brown shades.

What it does : 
  • It leaves a luscious layer of shine not glitter!
  • Lifts your cheekbones, and gives a very dewy look.
  • Adds a touch of pink to your cheeks, giving it a healthy glow.
  • Works really well as eye shadow too
I've had my fair share of favorites among highlighters (Mary Lou by The Balm and Devotee by Nars). However, this one from Bobbi Brown being a color infused highlighter, definitely gets a few bonus points.

So, if your in the market for a shimmer, not for the regular golden or pearl white shade, but for a more pink tone, dewy one, this product will beautifully serve the purpose. The product comes in a standard but lush Bobbi Brown palette with a pretty huge mirror. Cost AED255. Available online for US$45.

That being said, i am very much intrigued to know how a drugstore shimmer brick will perform in comparison. I will keep you guys posted on worthy substitutes, if any!

Tried any of the Shimmer bricks? What is your favorite product for highlight?


Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Nail Art

Hello Angels
When Summer hits, i can't wait to get those pastels out and start painting my nails. Mints, nudes and pinks being the favorite. BUT when it comes to summer nail art, i simply cannot resist those dark shades. Here are two nail art i put together using my favorite bright shades, Blue, Yellow and Red. 

Stripes - Use a pointy, eye liner kinda brush. 
Dots -  Since i don't own a dotting tool, a pencil dipped in polish was the next best alternative i found! And it worked out just fine. 

Am no expert when it comes to Nail Art, but i still like to give it a whirl when time allows. For occasions, i usually get it done from Salon.

For Top and Base coat i used X Formula by Sephora. This brand is a must try when it comes to polishes. They stock a fab collection of pastel shades and would leave you deciding all day!

What's your favorite Summer color? Have a safe and fun weekend lovelies...


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

OOTD | Boyfriend jean addict

Hello Angels
Despite being sick since Sunday with a running nose and an infected throat, i somehow seem to have all the energy to Blog (Only Blog!) Lol....

OK! So boyfriend jeans got me converted! These babies are officially my new Skin!  I got mine from Topshop. Despite the heavy price tag, Topshop was the only store, i felt stocked a good collection and a no of styles.

Especially for the Summers, these are way more comfortable than Skinny. Summers in Middle East esp Dubai are horrendous and one definitely can use some air circulation! The top am wearing is from COS.

I usually tend to wear sneakers with them (am sure even heels go well). White Converse or like on this particular day, floral print one from Primark. During weekends, makeup is minimal. I've gone back to an old favorite Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. This foundation has been my go-to this summer. Light on skin, medium to heavy coverage and no budging even after some heavy sweating (TMI!!). Read a full review here

For contour and highlighting, i use my beloved Chanel Les Beiges in No 2. Perfume, another favorite (and a must have!) from Jo Malone - Peony & Blush Suede

Lots of SPF + lip balm and am good to go....

What as been your Go To Summer essentials in terms of clothing and makeup? Leave me know....


Friday, July 11, 2014

Beauty/Non Beauty Finds | Review

Hello Angels
Yet again am back with my thoughts on few products and this time a Non Beauty favorite is added too...

Inglot Eye Liner Brush in No 23T
The brush is very fine and pointy.  I purchased it in an attempt to perfect my 'Flick'. For me to get that perfect flick and curve, bristles should be slightly more smooth and not too rigid. Yes! some of you may disagree. The brush does a FAB job and costs only $9.5/AED35. Bargain!

P.S. I use NARS Eye Paint in Black Valley.

Marc Jacobs Precision Pen Liner
Thoroughly thoroughly enjoying Marc Jacobs Liquid Eye Liner stick. This liner is really good. I love the tip, packaging and texture (not too runny). Allows you to create looks from simple to dramatic all the while giving you good control and hold. Jet black and waterproof. SOLD! 

Inglot Cream Blush in 08
What caught my eyes first at the store were their cream blushes. Neatly packaged in cute 'lil pots and available in pretty shades. My instant thought was that they would make a good blush/lip cream. 

I've been using it on and off lately and can i say the product is a real let down. As a blush, it does what we all fear most of cream blushes - they settle on pores and  patches. As a lip cream, they still manage to pull it off but again doesn't last me long. Bottom line, not impressed. 

Home Bakery
Last weekend i found heaven - Chocolate heaven!! This little Cafe/Bakery at Al Wasl, Jumeria, is the perfect hot spot for a fun catch up with friends or family! Chic, stylish, comfortable and most importantly heavenly Cakes, desserts, hot chocolates and much much more. So far I've tried their Nutella Kunafe, Forreo, Hazel Nut Chocolate Fondant, Oreo cake, Frozen chocolate drink and Teas. Yes, you can tell am a FAN! 

The ambiance is perfect to relax and chit chat over delicious yummies....

Hope this post was useful. Let me know if you guys have tried any of these products or visited Home Bakery!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer with Lush

Hello Angels
One of my favorite brand to blog about - Lush! And this Summer i am in very much need of some pamper. Here are a some interesting new launches...

Granny Takes a Dip - Lol! Surely a cool Granny! Though i wonder why it is named so? I was rather impressed by the size of this Ballistic for starters. Very big compared to other Lush Ballistic. GTAD is a perfect tangible form of Rainbow!  It was a pleasure to watch it fizz away and turn my bath into a pool of rainbow! By far the most prettiest ballistic from Lush.

Going by its looks, i expected a fruity/sweet scent opposed to its actual spicy-lemonish fragrance. Very relaxing and calming. Nothing too powerful. The product doesn't work much on a moisturizing front, so if you need some extra moisture i would recommend adding a bath melt. Since the Ballistic is huge (yes, i am stressing again!), one can afford to cut it into half  and use for 2 baths.

A must stock Ballistic from Lush especially to brighten up those grey days!. Sure to bring a smile on your face! USD10/AED37

P.S. Makes a wonderful cheer up gift too...

D'Fluff  Strawberry Shaving Soap : Yes ladies, Lets talk about hair! Lol...
The product is not formy in texture but more of a soap that lathers (and hence the name!). I personally prefer this texture over form. It creates a pretty good layer over skin and helps easy hair removal.

Contains Strawberries, cocoa butter, coconut oil and egg white. Quite power packed from a regular shaving cream. Leaves your skin uber moisturized, soft and smooth. It doesn't hinder the performance of your razor and glides on like a dream. A unisex product that can be used on armpits, legs etc..


Zest Hair Gelly : Fly away savior. We all know how annoying those fly aways can be, particularly when your trying to style your hair for an occasion. This product is of gloopy jelly consistency and works well to keep those tiny monsters at bay. Yes, this product also works well as a styling gel but i personally don't use gel on my hair for styling. 


Which one of these products are you thinking of bagging this Summer??


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Some Good Reads

Hello Angels
Hope you guys had a lovely weekend, i surely did! Reading books is a hobby i miss terribly because of my work life. However, i always make note of popular books to read when time allows. Last month i knocked off 2 books from 'My List' and thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

The Fault In Our Stars
I purchased this book at the duty free on my way back to Dubai from London. Romantic, emotional, heartbreaking fiction. A must read.

Story about young Hazel and Augustus, who spent most part of their lives fighting Cancer and what happens when their paths cross. Romance bud and they find true love whilst battling a painful torturous disease.

You feel the joy, hardship and pain the characters are left to battle with. All the while hoping for a miracle to happen. Now a motion picture, however i recommend reading the book first if time allows!

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
Another excellent book turned into motion film. Slightly more relaxed and light on heart.

A young boy Charlie and his attempt to participate in Life - His Life, wherein he deals with family drama, haunting childhood memories, attraction, friendship, and all good and bad things school life has to offer!

A short book that takes you on a fun ride to good old school days and dilemmas of Growing Up!

Have you read these? Any recommendations for me? Leave a comment below.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Satchel Love | Ted Baker

Hello Angels
This month am feeling exceptionally spendy!! Lol...
During my trip to London, and after spotting quite a few Cambridge Satchels on every street, i got rather obsessed with getting one too. So i patiently waited  to get back home (as mentioned before Dubai is much cheaper when it comes to shopping VS London). 

So 3 days back i dropped by Bloomingdales with every intention to purchase a Cambridge medium sized satchel. To my surprise they were running a 50% discount too!! I was looking for either a brown or a purple colored one which unfortunately (fortunately, now to think of it) they did not stock. I didn't want to settle for just any color, so walked away hoping they will call me with an update soon!

Here's the twist - On my way back, i spotted a Cambridge Satchel inspired bag at Ted Baker. Slightly more bigger but in jaw dropping beautiful vibrant colors. They had it in Orange, Blue, Green and black. This beaut was almost the same price and frankly i found them way gorgeous than the Original. 

The material is real leather, with brown straps. I love everything about this bag, including the fact it was slightly bigger. Because, i intend to use it more as a work bag than a handbag. So after a long debate with myself, i settled for the Blue. How pretty??!!

This can easily house all my stuffs and a laptop if necessary. Looks very work oriented but stylish too. Agree?

Do you like the Cambridge satchel or similar style bags? It was quite the buzz last late to the party but never mind!

Am running a Giveaway on Instagram, do participate if you are based in UAE.