Saturday, July 5, 2014

Some Good Reads

Hello Angels
Hope you guys had a lovely weekend, i surely did! Reading books is a hobby i miss terribly because of my work life. However, i always make note of popular books to read when time allows. Last month i knocked off 2 books from 'My List' and thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

The Fault In Our Stars
I purchased this book at the duty free on my way back to Dubai from London. Romantic, emotional, heartbreaking fiction. A must read.

Story about young Hazel and Augustus, who spent most part of their lives fighting Cancer and what happens when their paths cross. Romance bud and they find true love whilst battling a painful torturous disease.

You feel the joy, hardship and pain the characters are left to battle with. All the while hoping for a miracle to happen. Now a motion picture, however i recommend reading the book first if time allows!

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
Another excellent book turned into motion film. Slightly more relaxed and light on heart.

A young boy Charlie and his attempt to participate in Life - His Life, wherein he deals with family drama, haunting childhood memories, attraction, friendship, and all good and bad things school life has to offer!

A short book that takes you on a fun ride to good old school days and dilemmas of Growing Up!

Have you read these? Any recommendations for me? Leave a comment below.



  1. I love both of these books and the films are great too! So uplifting (even though they're quite sad!) xx

    1. True...surfaces several emotions!
      Will watch the movie later, as am sure to sob!


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