Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer with Lush

Hello Angels
One of my favorite brand to blog about - Lush! And this Summer i am in very much need of some pamper. Here are a some interesting new launches...

Granny Takes a Dip - Lol! Surely a cool Granny! Though i wonder why it is named so? I was rather impressed by the size of this Ballistic for starters. Very big compared to other Lush Ballistic. GTAD is a perfect tangible form of Rainbow!  It was a pleasure to watch it fizz away and turn my bath into a pool of rainbow! By far the most prettiest ballistic from Lush.

Going by its looks, i expected a fruity/sweet scent opposed to its actual spicy-lemonish fragrance. Very relaxing and calming. Nothing too powerful. The product doesn't work much on a moisturizing front, so if you need some extra moisture i would recommend adding a bath melt. Since the Ballistic is huge (yes, i am stressing again!), one can afford to cut it into half  and use for 2 baths.

A must stock Ballistic from Lush especially to brighten up those grey days!. Sure to bring a smile on your face! USD10/AED37

P.S. Makes a wonderful cheer up gift too...

D'Fluff  Strawberry Shaving Soap : Yes ladies, Lets talk about hair! Lol...
The product is not formy in texture but more of a soap that lathers (and hence the name!). I personally prefer this texture over form. It creates a pretty good layer over skin and helps easy hair removal.

Contains Strawberries, cocoa butter, coconut oil and egg white. Quite power packed from a regular shaving cream. Leaves your skin uber moisturized, soft and smooth. It doesn't hinder the performance of your razor and glides on like a dream. A unisex product that can be used on armpits, legs etc..


Zest Hair Gelly : Fly away savior. We all know how annoying those fly aways can be, particularly when your trying to style your hair for an occasion. This product is of gloopy jelly consistency and works well to keep those tiny monsters at bay. Yes, this product also works well as a styling gel but i personally don't use gel on my hair for styling. 


Which one of these products are you thinking of bagging this Summer??


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