Monday, July 21, 2014

The Ultimate Shimmer Brick | Bobbi Brown

Hello Angels
Several brands have launched versions of shimmer/blush brick palettes this year. I've been mostly an observer and never really bothered to test one. Until Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick caught my eye and was instantly sucked in! The shade i went for is called Pink Quartz

Now let me tell you, when i first tried it out on myself, the amount of shimmer that accumulated on the brush did create panic wave in me. But after application, i was far far from looking anywhere close to a disco ball. It doesn't really appear as an extra layer of shimmer or highlighter but looks very much a part of your blusher. For a bronzed goddess look concentrate more on the brown shades.

What it does : 
  • It leaves a luscious layer of shine not glitter!
  • Lifts your cheekbones, and gives a very dewy look.
  • Adds a touch of pink to your cheeks, giving it a healthy glow.
  • Works really well as eye shadow too
I've had my fair share of favorites among highlighters (Mary Lou by The Balm and Devotee by Nars). However, this one from Bobbi Brown being a color infused highlighter, definitely gets a few bonus points.

So, if your in the market for a shimmer, not for the regular golden or pearl white shade, but for a more pink tone, dewy one, this product will beautifully serve the purpose. The product comes in a standard but lush Bobbi Brown palette with a pretty huge mirror. Cost AED255. Available online for US$45.

That being said, i am very much intrigued to know how a drugstore shimmer brick will perform in comparison. I will keep you guys posted on worthy substitutes, if any!

Tried any of the Shimmer bricks? What is your favorite product for highlight?


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