Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Nail Art

Hello Angels
When Summer hits, i can't wait to get those pastels out and start painting my nails. Mints, nudes and pinks being the favorite. BUT when it comes to summer nail art, i simply cannot resist those dark shades. Here are two nail art i put together using my favorite bright shades, Blue, Yellow and Red. 

Stripes - Use a pointy, eye liner kinda brush. 
Dots -  Since i don't own a dotting tool, a pencil dipped in polish was the next best alternative i found! And it worked out just fine. 

Am no expert when it comes to Nail Art, but i still like to give it a whirl when time allows. For occasions, i usually get it done from Salon.

For Top and Base coat i used X Formula by Sephora. This brand is a must try when it comes to polishes. They stock a fab collection of pastel shades and would leave you deciding all day!

What's your favorite Summer color? Have a safe and fun weekend lovelies...



  1. Love your nail art! Thanks for the tips :) I also experienced that you can create cool nail art results without buying all those special pencils or stickers. Just use your imagination and you can produce beautiful nails without spending all your money to those tools.

    isa |

    1. Thanks love...and i agree, sometimes we can very much manage with things around us!

  2. Love both of these !
    would you like to follow each other on GFC?? Let me know and I'll follow you back.


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