Friday, July 25, 2014

Beauty Updates #5 | New Launches & Review

Hello Angels
I've decided to name my multiple review posts as 'Beauty Updates'. Keeping it very true to!
Last week i gave few drugstore beauty launches a whirl. Lucky for me, there were no disappointments.. 

Excess Volume Mascara -
This Mascara comes with a 2 sided wand. 1 meant to add excess volume (base coat) and the other dark lacquer (top coat). Together they give a decent lift to your lashes without forming clumps. The hold stays for long too. It does nothing magical but gains average points, which for me is good enough for a drugstore launch. Cost AED77/USD20

Bourjois Faux & Fabulous Smoky Eye Lashes -
I must have used fake lashes not more than 4-5 times in 25 years! Simply because am not a huge fan nor can i take the pain to put them on. But when i can across these beauties from Bourjois i simply couldn't resist. The criss cross design with deferred lengths is meant to give intense and extra volume to lashes. Super excited to try these. Let me know if you've tried them on already. Cost AED49/USD15.

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Liner -
A new launch from Bourjois. These eye liners are jaw dropping-ly - gorgeous, metallic, pigmented and smooth. I got myself the shade '49 crazy about brown'. A metallic dark brown color.  Buttery creamy smooth, and highly highly pigmented. Each and every color is a must have. Lasts long and no smudging. I use it on my water line and take it to my lower lash line. The finished look is gorgeous!

Dream eye liner formula at a super affordable price. Don't we all love when that happens?? Cost AED38/USD9

Some good and great eye product find from drugstore. Do check them out next time at Max Factor or Bourjois counter, especially the eye liner!

Have a great weekend guys...



  1. Those lashes look awesome! Great products.

    Have a nice weekend, doll x
    isa |

    1. Aren't they??!! I hope to do them

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