Friday, November 28, 2014

NARS Virtual Domination Palette | Review

Hello Angels
All Rise to the Queen of Cheek Palette - NARS Virtual Domination!
This one product as made it to almost all beauty lovers list within seconds of NARS sharing the news.
And why not?

First things first - That Packaging! Digital floral prints on a pure white case. It reminds me of snow and the sight of it makes me happy! A limited edition launch and certainly a must have for the sake of shades and packaging. The palette houses their best selling Laguna bronzer, Miss Liberty Highlighter, Sex Fantasy, Deep Throat and Final Cut.

To have all 3 essentials in one palette (bronzer, blush and highlighter) and that too in decent amounts makes it a winner from a 'purpose' point of view. Among st the blushes my favorites are Deep Throat and Sex Fantasy (the 2 pink shades).

You are saving at least AED500/USD120 versus retail buy on this palette. Definitely makes it to my favorites this year and gains a permanent space in my travel bag!
Here's is the link to my Instagram video of the palette

Price AED379/USD65. Available at Sephora, Al and


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So it is REAL! | Glam Glow Masks

Hello Angels
When some bloggers say 'i totally get the rave now', trust me they mean it! 

I was pretty happy with my Thermal Detox mask by Sanctuary and Parsley Seed by Aesop. So when the beauty world went all Ga -Ga about Glam Glow, i was really not motivated to test them out. 

Here's the twist - Recently i dropped by Sephora to get my mum a lipstick and as i stood patiently near the counter for my turn, my eyes had to wonder on near by shelves (sephora 'soo tactfully' placed near the cash counters) filled with miniature products. Among st those were small versions of all Glam Glow masks.

This must be a sign!

Full size is quite expensive so it only seemed fair enough to try these first before investing. I went for their Thristymud Hydrating mask.The texture is yellowish and gloppy. Very similar to REN products. Apply a generous quantity and leave it for 15-20min. 

Your left with a visibly cleansed and softer skin. When i say cleansed, i mean your skin looks brighter and healthier X 2. Since it gives a instant glow it makes a good on the go mask. 

Skin feels so good that i would usually avoid make up on the day of application (would hate to overlay them with chemicals). Definitely going back for a full size and it certainly is a good investment.

This small tube costs AED69/USD15 (15g)

Have you used Glam Glow before??


Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Night at the Opera | Guerlain

Hello Angles
Current Status - Typing away from a coffee shop whilst my husband gets himself a Back Massage!

Back to Subject. Guerlain brings out their Festive, A Night at the Opera Collection and last week i got onto testing them. My pick from the collection being the Eye and Blush Palette and Meteorites. 

Petrouchka Palette -
Needless to say it is a gorgeous gorgeous looking palette. One of those which can easily become a staple in your handbag. The palette houses 5 eye shadows and 4 blush shades!   

Guerlain played very safe with their choice of shades. Basic colors, keeping in mind these are also the most loved shades by ladies. Eye shadows are decently pigmented. I love the brown and champagne shade. Followed by 4 lovely shades of blushes. Coral, baby pink and 2 darker tone color more for contouring cheeks. I can see myself using every color here quite religiously :) Again the textures is uber soft and pigmented. The 2 shades that occupies smaller areas are more shimmer based.

I love convenient products, this palette can be a life saver for touch ups and travels. 
Approx AED380/USD90.

You can see my Instagram Video of the product here

Perles d'Etoiles Illuminating  Pearls
I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce its name! But i can very well give you a good brief up on the product. Now let me be honest, Guerlain Meteorites are pure luxury. These shimmer pearls are meant to give a subtle illumination. You can use it all over your face as a setting powder or focus more on areas you like to highlight.

I swirl my blush brush into the container, tapping of excess and powder cheeks and corners of my forehead. I mostly tend to replace my usual setting powder with this babe during special occasions. A lovely addition to a makeup addict's collection but not really a necessity.

Approx AED300/USD60

You can see my Instagram Video of the product here

With Christmas/New Year around the corner the Palette and Meteorites make a lovely gift to yourself or dear ones.

Nars Virtual Domination Palette review coming up soon and Boy!! that stuff as already got me excited. 
So stay tuned for it. 


Monday, November 17, 2014

Must Have Beauty Items...

Hello Angels
Sharing some of my Must- Have recommendations. Jumping right into it then...

Urban Decay All Night MakeUp Setting Spray
This product restored my faith in setting sprays! Most setting sprays fail to keep up to their claim. I received a small sample of this product a month ago, totally got me converted and now am a walking talking advert for it. Of course got myself a full size bottle. 

The Product itself comes in 3 version - 'All Nighter' (for long lasting makeup), 'De-Slick' (oil control) and 'Chill' (hydration & cooling). All Nighter is my choice. It sets your makeup literally for 12 hour plus. Foundation and even blush stays intact. AED125/USD30

Zoeva Brushes
I was in need of shadow brushes and so decided into venture to brands other than Sigma and Real Techniques. Zoeva came across to have a cult following. I ordered for a blush and eye shadow brush. The latter is simply Ah-Mazing!!  Soft...Soft...Soft... + holds the shadow well and helps blends smoothly. 
The blush brush is good too.

The product was delivered to me in a week's time + the pricing is very reasonable!! Visit Zoeva's official website for placing orders. 

Nars Blush in Oasis - 
I know I know, am listing a blush in my must have. But look at that color. Completely fallen in love with it. The texture is sooo smooth and leaves a natural looking hint of color. AED165/USD30

Mise En Dior by Dior/ALDO
Every magazine and every Red Carpet coverage spotted this beautiful creation of Dior a month ago. An absolutely stunning design which i honestly don't think any girl would dislike. This one of course is a copy from ALDO for just AED30/USD8 versus the original that costs over $500.

Absolute BARGAIN and hence a Must Have!!!

Hope you liked this post and found a few items to add to your shopping list!!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Fun with Bags!

Hello Angels
Its the weeeeeekend!! *Happy Dance*
When it comes to outfits, white, black and shades of grey is what i go for. To brighten up things, colorful accessories and bags are my saviors. Here are 2 of my favorite/most used clutch bags for the month.

The 'Clock' bag is from ALDO. Instantly fell in love with it. Goes really well with a jean and a white shirt. Casual yet chic.

'Whammm' clutch is from Mango. A total bargain. Love how bright and funky it is. The size is perfect and can easily fit in your mobile, makeup essentials and wallet.

Are you into funky bags?? How do you like these?


Monday, November 10, 2014


Hello Angels
Visiting a Spa once or twice a month has become quite a routine. With a job that takes 9+ hours from my day, pampering my body is key. So getting to know L'Occitane opened a Spa in Dubai definitely made my day.

Quality wise nothing less was expected from the brand and they definitely kept up to my expectation. The Spa itself is a extension to their store located at The Beach Mall. A small space with 2 treatment rooms. The tiny space did not bother me in fact i love cozy spaces. The interior was fab. The ambiance lifts your spirits and brings a 'feel-good' vibe. 

I opted for their Back & Shoulder relaxation massage. The treatment begins with a soothing foot cleanse. Followed by the massage. Lavender, rose water and shea was used on me. Pressure points were spot on. I never doze off during massages but this time around i think i did (that's a good sign!)

The Therapist who assisted me (Tina) knew her stuff and was extremely sweet. I would definitely recommend this Spa. The prices are moderate and not over the roof (Bonus!). Tel - 044301556

They were also kind enough to give me a goody bag with few mini tubes of their Original Hand and Foot cream and few other samples. These are given on the back of 'concern areas' you highlight while filling up the forms. So fill them in honestly!!

How often do you Spa??

Friday, November 7, 2014

Nars Again!! | Audacious Lipsticks

Hello Angels
Consumed by NARS products lately.. Hope you guys don't mind the over dose!
So jumping right into it - Nars Audacious Lipsticks. 

These babies were everywhere and created quite a rave. But given the price and the fact that i wasn't really in need of another lipstick, i resisted the urge! (Well done me!!). Now as my luck would have it, i was kindly invited to a Nars Master Makeup class last week. All attendees went back home with 3 Audacious lipsticks in our goody bag!!! 

My heart skipped a bit or two. The bullet is Sexy! Heavy, black metallic body with magnetic closure. The texture is smooth and creamy. Super pigmented, even nude shades. One swipe is all it takes. 

Among the 3 i love love 'Anita' the most, a muted rose color. Annabelle is a gorgeous bright red. Claudia is too bright for my skin tone but the color is beautiful. Nars just gained 1000 brownie points for launching these absolute stunners.

Tip - For a lasting effect set using powder and then go for a second coat. 

The collection houses 40 shades from nudes to brights. I love how they named each lipstick. You are sure to find either yours or a friends name in the collection. With Christmas around the corner, they would make a lovely gift to a dear one.  

I totally get you if you treat yourself with these babies (just saying!!!). Yay or Nay???!!
Available at Sephora approx AED165/USD38


Monday, November 3, 2014

Nars 2014 Holiday Collection | Laced with Edge

Hello Angels
Nars releases are always looked forward to with much anticipation. The 2014 Holiday and Gifting collection especially seemed very appealing to me! 

Nars Laced with Edge... 
The floral design on the packaging makes this collection very unique. Whenever brands do special edition packaging, i simply got to have them.

The range is vibrant and chic. My absolute favorite from the collection is the Almeria Blush (a tan rose color), Deadly Catch Lipstick (Crimson Red) and Femme Fleur (Brick Red with little shimmer).

Am a pink-blush lady but this one color looks stunning and very Autumn-y. Paired with Femme Fleur, you get the perfect bronzed kinda look. Femme Fleur is a gorgeous daily wear nude, that will be much loved for sure. 

The eye shadows are glittery, which goes with the 'Holiday' theme, but on the other hand makes them suitable for special occasion to someone like me. 'Gabon', the shimmery black is apt for smokey eye.

L -R, Femme Fluer, Deadly Catch and Adriatic
Opal Coast (Pearl white shimmer), Canberra (Lilac) and Gabon (Golden shimmer infused black)

I would definitely recommend testing out the blush and 2 lipsticks mentioned. What do you think of the collection? Have you checked out the Virtual Domination Cheek Palette from their gifting collection?? Am debating over placing an order...Help