Monday, November 17, 2014

Must Have Beauty Items...

Hello Angels
Sharing some of my Must- Have recommendations. Jumping right into it then...

Urban Decay All Night MakeUp Setting Spray
This product restored my faith in setting sprays! Most setting sprays fail to keep up to their claim. I received a small sample of this product a month ago, totally got me converted and now am a walking talking advert for it. Of course got myself a full size bottle. 

The Product itself comes in 3 version - 'All Nighter' (for long lasting makeup), 'De-Slick' (oil control) and 'Chill' (hydration & cooling). All Nighter is my choice. It sets your makeup literally for 12 hour plus. Foundation and even blush stays intact. AED125/USD30

Zoeva Brushes
I was in need of shadow brushes and so decided into venture to brands other than Sigma and Real Techniques. Zoeva came across to have a cult following. I ordered for a blush and eye shadow brush. The latter is simply Ah-Mazing!!  Soft...Soft...Soft... + holds the shadow well and helps blends smoothly. 
The blush brush is good too.

The product was delivered to me in a week's time + the pricing is very reasonable!! Visit Zoeva's official website for placing orders. 

Nars Blush in Oasis - 
I know I know, am listing a blush in my must have. But look at that color. Completely fallen in love with it. The texture is sooo smooth and leaves a natural looking hint of color. AED165/USD30

Mise En Dior by Dior/ALDO
Every magazine and every Red Carpet coverage spotted this beautiful creation of Dior a month ago. An absolutely stunning design which i honestly don't think any girl would dislike. This one of course is a copy from ALDO for just AED30/USD8 versus the original that costs over $500.

Absolute BARGAIN and hence a Must Have!!!

Hope you liked this post and found a few items to add to your shopping list!!



  1. I can't live without my Urban Decay setting spray! Love the post x


Thank you for your comment...they make me a happy lil bunny!