Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So it is REAL! | Glam Glow Masks

Hello Angels
When some bloggers say 'i totally get the rave now', trust me they mean it! 

I was pretty happy with my Thermal Detox mask by Sanctuary and Parsley Seed by Aesop. So when the beauty world went all Ga -Ga about Glam Glow, i was really not motivated to test them out. 

Here's the twist - Recently i dropped by Sephora to get my mum a lipstick and as i stood patiently near the counter for my turn, my eyes had to wonder on near by shelves (sephora 'soo tactfully' placed near the cash counters) filled with miniature products. Among st those were small versions of all Glam Glow masks.

This must be a sign!

Full size is quite expensive so it only seemed fair enough to try these first before investing. I went for their Thristymud Hydrating mask.The texture is yellowish and gloppy. Very similar to REN products. Apply a generous quantity and leave it for 15-20min. 

Your left with a visibly cleansed and softer skin. When i say cleansed, i mean your skin looks brighter and healthier X 2. Since it gives a instant glow it makes a good on the go mask. 

Skin feels so good that i would usually avoid make up on the day of application (would hate to overlay them with chemicals). Definitely going back for a full size and it certainly is a good investment.

This small tube costs AED69/USD15 (15g)

Have you used Glam Glow before??



  1. 69 DHS is actually not a bad price for such a raved-about product! I've been really wanting to try it as well and I think it's safer to get my hands on the small tube first! x



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