Monday, October 21, 2013

Accessory of the week

Hello loves
No i never had the intention to make this a regular weekly post. But i somehow happen to buy a new accessory every other week. So this week it is yet again another unique piece from Parfois. I walked into the store, spotted this beauty, bagged it, paid and walked out....all done in less than 15minutes. No Joke!

Now this may not be everyones choice. For example, my friend. She hated it. But there were others who loved it. So let me know what you think. I pair it with a plain black/blue top and it looks stunning as per me. 

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Love xx


  1. I quite like it, its unique and i looooove navy blue :)

    1. Thanks dear! Am interested to know what you guys think...

  2. that is really pretty not something I would imagine wearing.. but it looks so good on!

  3. I actually really like it! I love unique pieces like this plus the length is right and the colour is gorgeous, you have inspired me to go out and buy something unique like this for myself xx


    1. is soo sweet of you! Thanks...
      I feel good about the buy now ;)

  4. So gorgeous! I always see so many amazing things from Parfois! I'm so jealous, I live in like the one country where we don't have a Parfois store!



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