Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bioderma & Lo'real | A good combo

Hello Lovelies

I have never blogged about my favorite Make Up cleanser Bioderma Solution Micellaire, because it is sooooo very famous and there is thousands of reviews about the same out there! I have been religiously using the product for almost a year now and adore it to bits. I keep 3 different sizes of it - travel, daily use and refill!!

I dismiss the price issue with this product because of the fantastic work it does. It is slightly expensive especially for make up remover that you use daily or perhaps more than once a day. But honestly, since i was very happy with the product i wasn't even looking for a replacement.

Over the weekend, when i went grocery shopping, i walked passed the cosmetic aisle without any wicked intentions. Spotted L'oreal Make Up remover and was immediately intrigued by it. It looked appealing so i bagged one for a try out. Take my word, the product is amazing! It does an almost equivalent good job as Bioderma. Eeeeeeee!! 

It is especially good for removing eye makeup. I often go for a smokey eye look and removing it, even with Bioderma becomes a 'lil bit of a pain. But this 'lil guy here removes all in one swipe. 

Now would i replace Bioderma with L'oreal? No. Because, Bioderma is a cleanser plus make up remover. You can use the same anytime during a day to cleanse your face and feel fresh. L'oreal is a pure makeup remover and it does a fantastic job with waterproof and eye makeup. So i will surely be using the two in combination to clean my face when i have a heavy duty make up to tackle. Not much of a difference between the 2 with regards to price.
Bioderma USD17 for 250ml
L'oreal USD7 for 125ml

Which is your favorite or current makeup remover and cleanser? Have you used the above 2 products?
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  1. Actually i havent used either of them so will keep an eye :)

    Please do come visit my blog too!! :)

    1. O you should try them out! between the two I would recommend bioderma though...

  2. I tryed Bioderma once. It is great!


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