Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Night Skincare Routine

Hello Angels
A post, pending for long in my list of deliverables. For most part of last year i was constantly switching between products. But now it is finally safe to say i have settled. And indeed very happy with my routine. So here is a step by step run through my night routine. A few of the products mentioned below are already reviewed in detail on my blog and hence click on 'em to read the respective posts. 

Step 1 - I begin with removing my make up with much loved Bioderma. Two pads of cotton and i should be good to move to step 2

Step 2 - Philosophy is a well known brand for skin care and body wash. I use their Purity Foaming Face and Eye cleansing gel. Though introduced very recently into my routine, i am absolutely loooving it. When it comes to face washes am a 'lil particular! Because though many available in the market may cleanse your skin well, they leave a dry feeling skin behind.  This product on the other hand, not only does a good job cleansing but also moisturizes my face. No dry, harsh, rubber-skin kinda feeling!!!! (rubber skin!! i just made that word up...too keen to express my feelings)

Step 3 - Moving on, after the face wash, next up comes Clarins Toner. After all that cleansing you skin needs to loosen up and breath. I use a cotton pad to swipe my T zone, where in it tend to get a little oily. Especially around the nose. Make sure you choose a toner that suits your skin type. One with Alcohol is never good!

Step 4 - here things get a little complicated. I use any of the below mentioned 3 products after toning. 
Caudalie or Philosophy's Purity mineral oil or Kiehl's Ultra facial cream. Massaging your face is extremely important. It triggers blood circulation and brings a natural glow to your face by morning. I massage my face perhaps 3 times a week using either Caudalia or Philosophy. Both does almost the same job but i love Caudalia more.

On other days, i use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. The perfect cream for my needs. It moisturizes my face beautifully. Leaves them balanced and moisturized. No oily or greasy feeling.

Step 5 - Have a good nights sleep. Perhaps the most important of all, is to sleep for a good 7 hours at least!

Ground Rule - Never hit bed without removing your make up off. 

So how simple or complicated it your night skincare routine? What are your favorite picks?




  1. I live by the mantra of never leave your make up on when you go to bed. It is so damaging to the skin, so many people don't realise it!
    Is the Bioderma as good as everyone says it is?
    I've followed you on bloglovin so I never miss a post :) hopefully you can do the same?

    1. Agree with you...yes bioderma is actually very good. I have been using it for long and I have had no bad skin trouble since..

      Thanks for the follow love..will check yours too

    2. Great post
      What is your skin type
      I have used purity cleanser in the past

  2. Do we get all these (except for bioderma which i have already spotted at Boots) in Sephora?

    P.S you have a very lovely and helpful Blog :)

    1. Thanks darling. Yes we do get all these products in Dubai. Caudalie is available in Life Pharmacies, Kiehl's available at Kiehl's stores in Dubai Mall, MOE etc, clarins in Dubai Mall and Paris Gallery ☺️


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