Monday, January 13, 2014

Plum Par by Koko Nails | Review

Hello Angels
This post is perhaps not the ideal one for winter season but i thought of sharing my love for a nail color anyway. I've had it for sometime now but never got down to applying it. 

This weekend i gave it a try and my my i loved it soo much! More Spring/Summer appropriate. It is called Plum Par. A soft blue color, with a pinch of lilac. It falls under their high shine long lasting collection. Super easy to apply!! And no chipping, what so ever. You can skip on top coat too. 

Do you own any Koko nail polishe? What's your favorite winter polish?



  1. I've never heard of the brand Koko before, are they well-known? I may just be late to the party, not sure. The colour is absolutely beautiful though! And I love the photo with the flowers :) you cant beat a nail polish that doesn't need a top coat, love it!

    1. Not extremely famous like Essie or Modelsown! They have some gorgeous colors......


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