Friday, April 12, 2013

Food/Latte Art #6

Hello Angels
Happy weekend! 
I missed last week's food art blog post since i was completely held up with work and wasn't quite in a creative mode!
But am back and full on with excitement...

Cafe's that serve coffee with latte art always impress me. Its a pleasure sipping them  What do u say?
To create a latte art the basic ingredient is micro form milk. Once your milk is perfectly frothed, your good to go. Professionals do it by swirling milk but since am an amateur i preferred using my chocolate sauce.

Are you a coffee or a Tea person? Ever tried your hand at latte art? ♥ 

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♥ xoxo 


  1. So cute hello kitty :) it depends, I take a period where I drink only coffee and then get sick of it and drink then only tea.

  2. i have tired I LOVE YOU..but the Kitty is amazing... Grt 1 Fatz........

    1. @cupcake cat same here...right now am in the coffee crazy mode
      @ Thani fatzee sooo sweet!! Thanks dear

  3. That looks very good ^__^
    Nice blog !
    I fallow you :)

  4. this is so cute. we've always wanted to learn how to do this

  5. Amazing, I could drink the Hello Kitty one right now!

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  6. These are so cute - I want to do it now!!!

    follow for follow?


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