Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My New Wallet..

Hello Angels
Hope all are having a great week!
 I had mentioned in my last post, about my hunt for a wallet. I had my eyes peeled on the Kate spade collection. And had even decided to get them. However, my plans were soon to change. 
The only 2 must haves in my check list were
 Plenty of card slots
 just enough space for bills (by habit i always carry less cash with me. Bad news for pickpockets)  

Now comes the twist! Last eve I went shopping with my sis and found this awesome wallet by Charles and Keith. Way less expensive than KS, great quality & very stylish.

Yes, I agrees the wallet is quite big from a normal one. But I lovveed it anyhow. There are times when i do not want to walk around holding a heavy handbag. This comes in handy then.
♥ Plenty of room for bills. 
 ♥ Separate card holder placed inside the wallet. It can hold 16 cards 
♥ Usable as a mini clutch
♥ Can house my iphone & may be even a lipgloss (Bonus!) 
♥ Vibrant color (Also available in Pink and Blue)

For now all the handbags i own can easily fit this wallet. If the occasion calls for a smaller bag, i can simply use the card holder alone. Its an absolute winner for me. And i see myself using it for long. No second thoughts on giving up KS after spotting this star

What kinda wallet do you use? Would you go for a similar sized walled or something much smaller?

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  1. This is really great! love the colour too :)


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    2. Natalie and Amy thank u..glad to know I made a good choice

  2. Waaawwww grt choice....and u r always good at it!!!!!(making better choices)!!!!!!!!

    1. Aww..tatz soo sweet of you darlin. Thanks


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