Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the brighter side...

Hello Angels
It feels like ages since I last blogged...5 days to be precise! I had a temperature on and off this week and to make things worse i was not in a position to skip work. Now recovering, feel much better...missed blogging but i had declared myself mentally and physically unfit to blog then. I was always under the impression that i consumed water in plenty but turns out my definition of 'adequate' doesn't quite meet the standards!! The heat is picking up here in Dubai and I need to act accordingly.. 
Anyway am back and I feel very happy about it...

My food craving went absolutely off the charts this week! Perhaps I can blame my fever & unstable health condition for it. I developed a craving for everything and anything. But, let me tell you eating good food lifted my spirits and that kept me going! ♥ 

In two days I will be announcing my giveaway winner. Thanks a ton to all those who participated. Also thanks for leaving all those lovely comments on twitter and my blog! Fingers crossed ladies...cheers!

How do you tend to behave when sick? Do you eat in plenty? Or develop a 'no no' attitude towards food?

♥ xoxo 


  1. Hope your feeling better.
    What's it like living in Dubai? I've been before and loved it!

    1. It's lovely living here..except for the heat tat gets to u! But I tend to overlook the climatic cons over the pros of this beautiful city...


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