Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kate Spade Wallet!

Hello Angels
I *nail biting* shopped Again!
Now you guys can decide if it was a good buy or not for yourself as soon as you skim through the below pics. I am a HUGE Kate Spade fan. There is so much bright colors involved in their product design, that i feel happy the moment i step into the store. My first purchase from Kate Spade was a bright yellow handbag (if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen it)

Am a 'lil particular about the kind of wallet i use. I am not a person who walks around with a lot of Cash (bad news for pickpockets). Hence i look out for wallets with sufficient card slots and which are very compact and small in design. This wallet is from Kate Spade's new collection and it seemed to have met all my criteria's.

It comes in 3 colors - Pink, Violet and dark green. Pink was an obvious choice. I love the feel (it smoothly fits into my palm) and style of the wallet. It can house all my cards well. Plus there is a slot for currency bills too!! wooop woop...

The shop was full of gorgeous bags and accessories, but i physically restrained myself. For now this would do and am very happy with my new purchase.

What do you guys think? Do you own a Kate Spade?
Have a lovely week ahead guys..

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Monday, July 29, 2013

What Just Happened to My Sigma??

Hello Angels
Yes, this is a very uncalled for blog post! This is me, seeking answers! Ladies following me on Twitter, must have surely noticed me going bonkers last weekend.

 I use the Sigma F82, flat topped kabuki brush for foundation and F84 for blush mostly.
I had never felt the need to replace them, though many at a times i was tempted to board the Real Techniques wagon. But since they gave me no trouble (until now!), i decided to cling onto Sigma

Over the weekend, i decided to clean my Make Up brushes. A very normal routine i follow every week.
So i washed both my brushes with lukewarm soap water (hand wash soap, again something i normally use). Placed them on a towel and let dry overnight. Next day i realized, the bristles of F82 had gotten all firm and rigid. It felt hard as a rock over my face. Plus a lot of bristles seemed to have moved away from the center (Pic 3).  

Honestly, my first reaction was 'what the f***'. I ran myself over the process of cleaning. Yes, i didn't do anything out of the ordinary. What just happened then?? It simply decided to go all bad on me!! While the Blush brush turned out perfectly OK after the wash (Pic 2). 

I purchased these two together, 1 and half years ago. I don't think one year of normal usage would ruin a Make Up brush. Provided i took good care of them! So the question remains unanswered. I raised a query with Sigma beauty and they have kindly offered to replace the brush for me! But what if this happens again?? And
What do i do till then?? I am not a fan of sponges. So yes, in the interim, while i wait for my international shipment, i will have to get another one!! errr.......

Am going to leave this post open for discussion. As any of you faced this problem before?? Please do let me know or advice 

On a happier note, have a lovely week ahead..

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream | Review

Hello Angels
Hope you ladies are having a lovely weekend.
Though am a beauty blogger, i always play safe with beauty and skincare products. I don't get my hands on every single new product that comes to market. I do my research well, before actual purchase. One among my qualified/eligible to invest products was Clarins skincare.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream
Its been quite sometime now that i have been wanting to try out Clarins skincare. And this month i finally decided to splurge!

My skin is normal to dry. My major concerns are dry patches, slight pigmentation and blemishes. This particular product promises hydration, freshness and a healthy glowing skin. I have used it for about 2 weeks now and the results are quite obvious. My dry patches (i had 2, visible ones near my chin and forehead) completely disappeared without trace. Red spots on my cheeks are fading away (one can hardly make out their presence now) and my skin looks healthy. Like literally healthy and bright!!!

I apply the cream twice a day - Day and Night. In Dubai, especially during summers your skin requires a lot of hydration and moisture. And this 'lil jar contains just want i need.
It applies very smoothly and easily on to your skin and doesn't make it oily or greasy. It can be applied without fear under your foundation as a good base. To top it all up, the cream as such an amazing yet subtle scent. The soothing fragrance is just want one can ask for before hitting bed.  

What drew me to the product at the time of purchase were 2 of its ingredients, Tumeric and Ginkgo biloba extracts. Tumeric is known for its skincare benefits. It gives the skin a healthy glow and tackles problems like hyper pigmentation. Ginkgo biloba is a herb extracted from an Asian tree know as Ginkgo, known for its anti aging and anti bacterial capabilities. The extract helps keep the skin clean from bacteria plus maintains skin elasticity.

All in all, this product is keeping my skin very happy and satisfied. It costs $40 for 30ml. Pricey, but i consider it a good investment. What is your favorite Clarins product?? Have you found your holy grail yet??

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dessert Shots

Hello Angels
Long time no see??!! Yes, i was consumed by my work and other personal affairs, that i hardly had any time to blog. But keeping all things aside, i am extremely excited about this blog post.

When i invite family/friends over to my place, DESSERT is a key item on the menu  Plus i believe, they bring the perfect ending to any gathering or party. Agree?

So this week, i served Dessert shots! Very popular delicacy..especially for its extreme prettiness. Dessert shots are very easy to make. They can be set in less than 20 minutes. But of course if you go for a difficult recipe it can take you long hours. In whichever case they never fail to capture attention and your sure to receive loads of compliments on your presentation skills.

What to serve?
You may decide to serve anything from chocolate mousse to pudding as a dessert shot. Most often there are 2 to 3 layers of different contents. I filled the bottom layer with a mixture of crushed cracker & caramel, followed by chocolate mousse, then another layer of cracker/caramel mix. Finally topped it with whipped cream and raspberry. Wolaaa done!!! 

Making and eating them is such a delight. Absolutely love how they look on my dinner table. Have you ever tried your hands on dessert shots? What's your favorite recipe? Do let me know...

Have a lovely weekend lovelies???

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Skincare Haul

Hello Angels
I have been on a cosmetic diet for 1 month, and this weekend i took a break! 
Convinced that my Vichy Day Cream was doing absolute no good to my skin, i decided to move on and keep hunting. Clarins is one brand known for keeping up with customer expectations. My dilemma was to decide which particular range of Clarins skin care to opt for. After a days research i settled on the Daily Energizer range. This range includes a Day Cream/Lotion, Toner and a Cleansing Gel. 

It targets to reduce dry patches and hydrate skin. And that being the much hoped for result i seek. Fingers crossed. I will surely blog a review on them in near future.

Moving on, to another well known Skincare brand - REN. Being a beauty junky that i am, i made sure to invest in REN last month but unfortunately that did not go very well (Click here to know what am talking about ). On reading my review, the lovely people at REN took no offense but offered me help. They inquired on my specific skincare needs and accordingly advised a few products. 

And today, from a beauty geek's perspective, i received my kinda favorite goodies! A whole lot of REN skincare products sent to me for testing. This included 2 products i was dying to try, the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask and Omega 3 Night Repair Serum. Fingers crossed again. I promise to do a review on all.

Last on the list but not the least, is a Bath & Body Works product. Firstly may i ask, how many of you LOVE the scent of Eucalyptus? 'I love them' would be an understatement! Because i am insanely crazy about its scent. Now though there are many eucalyptus based products, most of them do not come anywhere near the actual fragrance. Fortunately, last night when i was on a 'lil trip to BBW, i found their Eucalyptus Spearmint anti stress lotion. 

Eucalyptus oil is a natural stress buster and i would say this lotion does the job fairly well. 192ml bottle for $12. 

Do let me know your thoughts on the above mentioned products. I would love to know. 
Have an awesome, fun and safe weekend

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

O My, Another one!!

Hello Angels
Last week i celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary! Yes, 2 glorious years together and it all feels like yesterday. My weakness for bags is well known to most. Am obsessed with Bags of all shapes and sizes.
To play it safe, my love went for the obvious choice and got me a Charles & Keith handbag. This particular brand comes up with the most classic, smart & beautiful collections. Excellent quality and reasonable price.

Let me tell you this is my first handbag in Black. Yes, a shocker! I tend to get attracted to non black colors. But this lady here, is a beauty and i love it. Compact looking, yet can accommodate all my junk. So thank you my love...

Moving on, below is a much loved outfit of the week. The top and trouser is from Zara (no surprises there!). I have been recently loving colored trousers. They look exceptionally smart with black/white tops. 

That's about it my lovelies. Let me also tell you, i am working on giving my blog a makeover. Very excited, as i always wanted a customized look. Fingers crossed.
Have a awesome weekend

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

DIY | Tinted Lip Balm

Hello Angels
Shopping as become a matter of seconds these days, thanks to Hi-Tech! But people like me, who prefer making their coffee the traditional way rather than opting for instant mix, enjoy getting our hands dirty occasionally with DIY's!! I love the feel of a home made product. It brings a very unique sense of satisfaction and joy. Plus the fact that i can customize it as per my needs and likes is a bonus.

So this weekend when i woke up, i wanted to make my very own Lip Balm. No joke, that's what happened. So here goes....

A very easy and a common way of making a lip balm.
You would need
♥ A mineral blush or a lipstick for color
♥ An empty container
♥ Petroleum Jelly
Now who doesn't have these readily available at home??

Simply mix all three ingredients well. You can mix them in a separate bowl or in the container itself. Once done, clean the edges. That's it, Done! They make a perfect gift. And one can hardly tell its homemade!! 

Let me know if you guys are going to give this a try or have already done so before!
This weekend was indeed very relaxing and chilled for me. The heat, however is taking a toll on everyone.

Take care lovelies
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Cake Pops

Hello Angels
Its the weekend!! woohoo...
I have a sweet tooth that's no big secret now. Plus all those who follow me on Instagram would know this better. Last evening i baked a few cake pops for my 'lil cousins. 

Cake pops are nothing but cake on sticks. Very very simple to make. Firstly crumble the baked cake. Add frosting to this mixture. This will enable you to roll the cake into small cute balls. Place the balls in the freezer for 15 to 20min to firm up. Once done you can dip the balls into candy melt for that extra coating of sweetness and then sprinkle away toppings of your choice. 
I used crushed gems for my toppings. These make the perfect beautiful gift and kids love it (i love it too)

Have you baked a cake pop before? What do you think about mine? 
Have a great weekend lovelies....

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Victoria Secrets Body Lotion

Hello Angels 
These days shops are flooded with body lotions of all kinds and brands. I personally have ventured into BBW, The body shop, Soap & Glory and Loccitane. Last month I purchased a body lotion from Victoria secrets. Pink is the only range by VS i have heard ravings about. However, i fell for a different range by VS.

Italian Bergamot. Have you ever smelled a bergamot? Its somewhere between an orange and a lemon. The fragrance is heavenly and the scent lingers on you for long enough. The Product clearly calls itself  'Fragrance Lotion', so it doesn't promise on being an amazing moisturizer. It acts like any other average lotion. The scent as absolutely vowed me and i at times prefer it over my perfume.

 Reasonably priced and the quantity is also satisfactory. Though the tube is quite big, i carry it with me all the time. The tube says its a 'Limited Edition', though i really really hope it doesn't disappear one fine day. That would break my heart.

 What is your favorite brand for body lotion ?? Have you used the subject product before? 
Have a wonderful week angels

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Cupcake Project

Hello Angels
Yes, this post is not about make up or cosmetics but my ultimate weakness - Baking!
My beloved cousin is pregnant and we decided to throw her a surprise baby shower this weekend. My task was to bake cupcakes. Hardly a task cause i love baking and cooking. Though i hardly get time for both due to my hectic work schedule. 
So today morning, i put on my baking apron and got to work. The color combination was obvious being baby shower. I baked double chocolate fudge cake and added baby blue and pink frosting to it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day with cakes, pastries and family. The unexpected twist of course was me being crowned the next 'Mommy To Be'!! Yes, as a custom in our family we draw lots at the end of the party and choose the next couple to deliver the 'Good News'. A fun family custom (of course i am not taking it seriously!)

Hope you guys rock the weekend. Tell me if you like my cupcakes. Pics including a few baking videos are posted to Instagram. check them out

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Paris, Swiss and Me #2

Hello Angels
Hope you guys are all prepped for a great weekend ahead. For now, am down with fever and not quite sure how my weekend will turn out. Anyhow, here are a few pics of me and my love♥  in Paris and Swiss. I kept my promise of sharing pics!
Though it was supposed  to be 'Summer' in Paris during this time of the year, you can clearly tell that wasn't the case and no exception for Swiss either! Since am used to the heat in Dubai, taking in cold and chill wind was initially a problem. But i coped up in a day's time. 

Few pics are from my camera and the rest from iPhone. I randomly picked a few. Hope you guys like it
I am actively posting videos to my Instagram, so to get a better scoop of me, follow my Instagram!

PS. The Minnie Mouse headband is not a part of my outfit! something i purchased from Disneyland. Just in case you guys are wondering!

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