Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Victoria Secrets Body Lotion

Hello Angels 
These days shops are flooded with body lotions of all kinds and brands. I personally have ventured into BBW, The body shop, Soap & Glory and Loccitane. Last month I purchased a body lotion from Victoria secrets. Pink is the only range by VS i have heard ravings about. However, i fell for a different range by VS.

Italian Bergamot. Have you ever smelled a bergamot? Its somewhere between an orange and a lemon. The fragrance is heavenly and the scent lingers on you for long enough. The Product clearly calls itself  'Fragrance Lotion', so it doesn't promise on being an amazing moisturizer. It acts like any other average lotion. The scent as absolutely vowed me and i at times prefer it over my perfume.

 Reasonably priced and the quantity is also satisfactory. Though the tube is quite big, i carry it with me all the time. The tube says its a 'Limited Edition', though i really really hope it doesn't disappear one fine day. That would break my heart.

 What is your favorite brand for body lotion ?? Have you used the subject product before? 
Have a wonderful week angels

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