Monday, July 29, 2013

What Just Happened to My Sigma??

Hello Angels
Yes, this is a very uncalled for blog post! This is me, seeking answers! Ladies following me on Twitter, must have surely noticed me going bonkers last weekend.

 I use the Sigma F82, flat topped kabuki brush for foundation and F84 for blush mostly.
I had never felt the need to replace them, though many at a times i was tempted to board the Real Techniques wagon. But since they gave me no trouble (until now!), i decided to cling onto Sigma

Over the weekend, i decided to clean my Make Up brushes. A very normal routine i follow every week.
So i washed both my brushes with lukewarm soap water (hand wash soap, again something i normally use). Placed them on a towel and let dry overnight. Next day i realized, the bristles of F82 had gotten all firm and rigid. It felt hard as a rock over my face. Plus a lot of bristles seemed to have moved away from the center (Pic 3).  

Honestly, my first reaction was 'what the f***'. I ran myself over the process of cleaning. Yes, i didn't do anything out of the ordinary. What just happened then?? It simply decided to go all bad on me!! While the Blush brush turned out perfectly OK after the wash (Pic 2). 

I purchased these two together, 1 and half years ago. I don't think one year of normal usage would ruin a Make Up brush. Provided i took good care of them! So the question remains unanswered. I raised a query with Sigma beauty and they have kindly offered to replace the brush for me! But what if this happens again?? And
What do i do till then?? I am not a fan of sponges. So yes, in the interim, while i wait for my international shipment, i will have to get another one!! errr.......

Am going to leave this post open for discussion. As any of you faced this problem before?? Please do let me know or advice 

On a happier note, have a lovely week ahead..

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  1. Wah, this is so annoying! I have no idea what you can do to make it better, but I'm so annoyed for you! Makeup brushes are so expensive to replace!

    1. Thanks dear...yes, the are expensive and international shipping takes time!! :(

  2. This is so sad...I have never experienced it though! Good to know your receiving a replacement.


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