Monday, May 26, 2014

YSL Baby Doll Kiss&Blush | Review

Hello Angels
I love using my favorite cream blushes on lips (Creme De Chanel and Topshop cream blushes to name a few). But since they leave my lips very dry, i resist from using them often. 

Here is a product that was meant to be used for both lips and cheeks. YSLs Baby Doll Kiss & Blush created much anticipation and excitement among beauty lovers. The texture is silky/mousse smooth. A product it reminded me of is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (a personal favorite), only 3 times smoother. On cheeks i dot the product wherever required and then blend away gently, mostly with my finger tips.

They don't dry out on lips but at same time the lasting power is not soo impressive. That being said, they last for more than a decent couple of hours as a blush!!

(Pink Hedoniste in No 8, Soft Pink shade)

Available in 14 amazing shades. I really had a hard time deciding on a color to try out the product. Now that am really happy with it, am soon going to bag a few more! Trust me you will find it extremely hard to stop at just one shade.

The packaging is gorgeous and quite unique with a standard YSL design applicator. The concept makes it a travel friendly, 2 in 1 product too. 

Over all, a must have product for the sake of beautiful shades, lasting power as a blush and a decent lippy. US$50 /AED 180

Have you tired this product yet? Which is your favorite cream blush till date?


Thursday, May 22, 2014

X Formula by Sephora | Review

Hello Angels
X Formula Polishes - a new line of nail polishes launched by Sephora. I've read both positive and negative feedback on this product and honestly after reading the same, i was not expecting much at all! But after using them for almost a week's my take!

Firstly, this is one brand that will not let you down when it comes to shades. They have a massive massive collection varying from classics to liquid crystals to Lusters and Graffiti. You name it, they have it! 

I loved the formula. The brush is easy to work with and the packaging is cute. Quality wise i found them equally good compared to Essie (Not every blogger may agree though!)

Personally i loved their pastel colors. Simply Fab! 2 coats and you get an opaque look. They did not chip too soon for me and lasted for about 4 days.

I would highly recommend taking a walk across the X Formula aisle next time your at Sephora. And surely check out their pastel shades. 

Tried these before? Quite a controversial product....what's your take?? Am eager to know....


Monday, May 19, 2014

Sephora Textile Nail Art Stickers

Hello Angels
A week set aside for 4 fab nail product i discovered this month! If you are an addict to polishes/nail art - Welcome aboard!

So here's my second pick -  Sephora Textile Nail Art stickers! I've never ever  used something like this before and frankly, wasn't sure what to expect when I received them. If it wasn't for the ample free time i was left with this weekend, I may have never given them a try. 

It took me less than 30 minutes to get them on. I would advice using a small pair of scissor (similar to one shown below) to get that perfect cut around the edges. Application was super easy and I absolutely loved the end result.

This one product as really got me in for nail art stickers. The quality is fantastic +  they last long. 

Available in a variety of textile patterns. They even had a black plain leather one. How cool is that?? Going forward these are my Go To option for a fun day out. 

How do you like them? Tried nail art stickers before? 

Stay tuned for 2 more nail product review...


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes | Review

Hello Angels
This week is going to be all about Nails! I'll be blogging about 3 new nail products am loving at the moment. So all you nail polish, nail art lovers...look out for this space!

Revlon Parfumerie Polishes -  Perfumed polishes. The one thing that sets 'em aside from others. Have i been waiting for this invention to come through?? Nope. I never felt the need to have perfumed polishes. But am always in for giving new inventions a try!

The collection comes in 3 different fragrance notes - Fruits & Floral, Sweets & Spices and Fresh. The fragrance lingers for couple of hours after application. Nothing too strong or disturbing. I loved the color selection. Available in 24 shades varying from pastels to dark to metallics & glitter. 

What caught my eye the most is the packaging. 11/10 to Revlon for coming up with these super cute Perfume inspired bottles. I absolutely adore and love starring at 'em! 

I got myself 4 shades. Bordeaux, Ginger Melon, Apricot Nectar and Lime Basil (the 1st pic tells which is which). The colors are true to what they appear in bottles. I gave Lime Basil a try first and absolutely loved it. 2 coats and your good to go. It leaves signs of strikes slightly though.

Retails at US$8. A good to have product. I would love to own China Flower, a gorg Red, which was not stocked at my local Boots. 

How do you like these polishes? Given a try? Perfumed polishes your thing? Let me know...


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Benefits Push Up Liner a.k.a Best Gel Liner

Hello Angels
2 weeks back, Benefits kindly invited me with several other bloggers and media persons to the launch of their new invention. We were asked not to share details up until now and am glad i can finally talk about it. So here goes...

Benefits Push Up Liner - Am a hard core eye liner girl. I hardly step out without them. I've been a loyal customer to L'oreals Super Liner and Mac's Fluidline for years, literally! (switching between the 2, as per need). The draw back of liquid liners are that they smudge and are watery making application a little difficult. For the Mac one i had to carry a brush with me at all times.

Unfortunately/fortunately they are history to me now, as am completely won over by this Beneproduct. Having personally used both kinds, I stand in a good position to say, this one beats it all.

Lash hugging - The wide angled tip gives you that almost perfect line. Allows application very close                                                                          lash line. Plus creating a winged look is no more a Task with the angled tip.
Waterproof -    Stays put for hours. Budging is out of question. Bid goodbye to raccoon eyes babe!
Pigmentation - Take a look at the pic below. Jet black, that's what am talking about!

What more can you ask for?? This one product as combined best of both worlds. Gel texture and stick applicators.

Benefits also introduced an eye makeup remover to go with it. The remover is white in texture. Gel/Creamy consistency. Removes the liner decently. I've used my other waterproof eye makeup removers as well and they do an equally good job. So you really don't have to purchase this one, unless you wanna go all Benefits! (which i perfectly understand, if you do!!)

These 2 products along with Benefits They're Real Mascara makes the best eye makeup package according to me. I highly highly recommend the Push Up Liner to all...Cost$42

What do you think?


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sailor by Dior | Transat Summer 2014 Collection

Hello Angels
Summers are here and though in no form i heart Dubai heat, one thing to look forward to is the Summer Makeup collection launches. Here is my first buy - Dior's nail varnish in Sailor. How gorgeous is this color? Honestly, am not a fan of blue color. I like my Pastels, Pinks and Reds. But this one stood out for me..

It compliments my skin tone well and looks amazing. Dior polishes to me are the best in quality. Wide brush, dries super quick and leaves a shine behind. Of course they are expensive and hence picky with the colors i buy. 

These also come in a limited edition boxes. Each box contains a nail lacquer, CD buffer and nail stickers.

A very close dupe to this one is Ciate's Pool Party. The latter is slightly more darker though.

The name is quite appropriate i would say. It reminds me of a Sailor's uniform. The other 2 shades from the collection are Captain (Red) and Yacht (Nude). I have my eye on both! (I'm hopeless

The names chosen are super cute. How do you like this color? Yay or Nay?