Friday, November 30, 2012

It rained....♥

(The tallest building in the world, standing proud besides the rain clouds)

Hello angels
No matter how hard I try, I would fail to express my joy, happiness and excitement today morning, when I was woken up by the sound of cars driving against pouring rain....
How rare it is in a desert to rain, is a known fact. When it does, it calls for a celebration..

The following happened in a fraction of seconds....
I jumped off my bed, started yelling like a mad women...followed by my husband jumping off the bed...we rushing towards the washroom...gulping tea like water...hopping into our car for a drive...

I don't mind spending the rest of the day at home sipping hot chocolate...
it was such a beautiful morning.....

A perfect start to the weekend....xoxo

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hello angels
My thoughts lately...

Heaven on earth  glass of water that quenches your thirst

Comfort  my new pj's from women's secret is utterly the best pj's ever. I wish i could wear them to work!!

Happiness  to be able to sip tea, read and catch up with my loved ones after a hectic day at work

Excitement ♥ looking forward to the long weekend following UAE national day

Naughtiness  thinking of getting pan Arab color streaks done on my hair on UAE national day! (Red, green, black and white..yes am nuts!)

Dismay  my laptop refuses to boot. ipad not equal to laptop

Grateful  for a blessed life

What say angels??!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Giveaway Begins....♥

Hello angels
Its giveaway time...wohooo!

So my count as crossed 18 (Since 2 days back! Apology on delay), which means giveaway begins

Gifts - this is the exciting part. I literally spend 3 days or more thinking. Its my first giveaway and i want it to be very special. Everything i bought basically defines ME!

Ted Baker Make Up Pouch (Medium Size)
Not only is this bag ridiculously cute and pretty, it can house all your make up goody effortlessly. Make up bags are my weakness and i keep changing them every now and then

Inglot LipGloss
If am giving you a make up bag, i sure need to fill it too with at least one make up item....
I have personally used and loved this lipgloss. The color i got is in shade 71. A very sweet pink/peachy color. I love its test tube kind of packaging. 

An Owl
Yes, am obsessed with Owl prints, jewelery, iphone cases etc this should come as no surprise!!
I pair this bracelet with my watch. Love it....

All of these items will be beautifully placed and wrapped in a box and shipped to you.

So how to win it? to my home page, there is a new 'give away' page! Visit the page for details...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekend - Lime Tree Cafe♥

Hello angels
Two posts back to back....I just cannot hold back the blogger within me....

It's always fun, when you are in sync with your today for instance, when we decided to take a stroll out. He rushed to shave and I squeezed in to do my make up! Both of us busy on our faces and joking around....he picking an eye shadow for me was d best part....(a hideous color which I never wore was a different thing....hahah...but I love him for his gesture)

Ok carrying on....destination Lime Tree Cafe. I have been wanting to visit this cafe for long and finally the day arrived. Woohoo.....

Loved their Carrot cake. The best i ever had.... 

They also sell their own range of cookies, jams and too cute aprons!

The cafe is open for breakfast and tea. The ambiance was very welcoming and cozy. Perfect to have a fun tea time with your friends and family 

That's about it for my weekend. Off to work tomorrow....let me not even think about it now


♥It was a Chocolaty Day♥

Hello angels
My weekend was quiet entertaining...

Friday afternoon, 
we visited the chocolate fest held for a day at a shopping mall...amazing! Live demos of cooking and carving chocolate as well as a huge display of macaroons and pralines. Macaroons were delicious as always... 

Friday night Ritual, 
Its been quiet sometime now since we have embraced a tradition of watching horror movies late night with friends. The experience is ridiculously awesome! Lights off and all wrapped under one duvet. Our pick this Friday was 'The Women in Black', starring Daniel Radcliffe 
I love these Friday night traditions....

What was your weekend like??


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Up and a give away!

Hello angels,
Am done is back running!
Thanks to Wonder Forest for her assistance. 

Check out my new page layout. And give me your feed back on the new look. Like it??

Am especially excited about the KYF page, hoping to see a lot of action!

Give Away

18 my lucky number
My relation with this number is ever since i joined school. 
My roll no
My roll no again surprisingly at uni
If ever i take a token it falls to 18
Travelling dates coincidentally

So the instant my follower count turns 18, i will be holding a giveaway (International)...
Details to be posted separately. A ground rule - be subscribed to my blog!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sorry, Blog under construction!!!

Hello angels, 
A quick note before i head to work!
My blog is under going a design formatting, so please excuse the scattered look of the widgets and side bar.

Promise to get back running in a day!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy B'day to my dear chum....♥

Hello angels
This post is dedicated to my dear chum on her b'day...Happy b'day Shebin. You turn 25! B'days are always fun and filled with surprises. No matter how old you get, we tend to step back to being a 5 year old and expect gifts and surprise B'days parties!!! Ever so young at heart....

So on Sunday  i went looking for the perfect gift for the brat....and went totally nuts deciding on an apt gift. By character she is a full on tom boy kind but at times over board you understand my dilemma

Pandora - was my final choice. Though I had never shopped from Pandora before, I always loved their collections. So hopped in, went through a billion ( a lil exaggerated!) cute , gorgeous looking charms and pendants. Spend almost an hour and then finally decided on The One

The charms and pendants are simple and cute. You can wear them daily with no worries. I personally think these add to your style statement and for the same reason i'm going to visit them again this weekend and shop for myself... wohoooo!

My apologies for not uploading a real picture of the pendent i got her. The lady at the store, wrapped them into a gift box before i could click a pic. However, i managed to get a picture from Pandora website.

I simply love gifting. It brings immense joy to me....FYI I like receiving them too 

What's been your favorite b'day gift till date??

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend Flashback.....

Hello angels
A quick snapshot of my weekend....

Wednesday - At 12 30 AM myself and my husband played our luck with the theaters (to watch twilight of course). And we indeed were lucky...the movie was awesome but sadly the last one.... 

Thursday - the weekend turned out to be much much more relaxing and fun filled than expected. It was a long weekend since Thursday was a public holiday! it all began with a family get together party ( a little background to this - a decent no of my cousins and close relatives are settled here in Dubai and for the same reason keeping a gathering is the best way to stay in touch). It was a perfect kick start to the weekend with loads of activities and games. I even happen to win 'Passing the Parcel'. My mum and dad won the compatibility test!!(30 years and still rocking this came as no surprise)

Friday - Evening we took a stroll at a nearby shopping mall. I love the month November and December for the fact that all stores put up their Christmas decors and collections. Everything looks sooo beautiful around you, its heavenly!! Am a sucker for RED color, that makes things worse. So i hopped into Crate and Barrel for a quick tour and found a cute lil xmas ornament (Penguin shown above). I had to physically restrain myself from buying more

Saturday - That's today!! (last day of the weekend). My husband works on most Saturday's. That leaves me and mom stranded. But we get to spend our own quality time together. After lunch, we are driving off to Ikea for some shopping and later maybe some French Vanilla at Tim Hortins

How did you spend your weekend? did u watch twilight?? xox...

Friday, November 16, 2012

My weekend morning routine...♥

hello angels
When i woke up today morning and was still in my bed i realized my weekend morning routine is always the same. It's the same set of actions i repeat week after week

I wake up around 10/11ish, since its the only time of the week i get to sleep well! Justified! My husband wakes up at least an hour before me and silently sneaks out of the room allowing me to sleep in plenty. So finally when i do wake up, my first most spontaneous and programmed action is to stretch my hand towards my dear little side table for my phone. Check on my BB and Whats app messages. Next in line comes my ipad. Browse through my blog and most often i get to read a couple of new blogs posted by my fellow bloggers in my reading list. This is probably the best part, cause i loooove reading and especially when they are beautiful blogs with beautiful pictures in it....why on earth will anybody prefer a newspaper!!

Once am done with the above ritual, i force myself out of bed, get rid of my sock and go searching for my baby (husband). I love his reflex of jumping off the couch and giving me a hug Then of course, i take a trip to the washroom. All cleaned up, i go searching for my parents and they without fail treat me like a toddler, who managed to crawl up to them for attention...and i do manage to grab ALL their attention!! hehe...


Breakfast, which most often is brunch for me.....on a lucky day i get to eat from a restaurant, which is always a perk
What's your morning routine like??

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time out!

Hello angels,
Ooooo my my ...this week has been extremely tiring and exhausting for me. As I type this post, i am all wrapped in my duvet set for bed. I reach home after work at 8/9ish, followed by dinner - bed...and then work again!!! Not very exciting is it? This is what happens with employees of a bank during year end, especially when your in finance department. I lost count of the number of tea and coffee i have been sipping to keep myself active. Pheww.....

Only highlight of the week so far as been my husband's new S3. It's always fun to have a new gadget home. I enjoy the whole process of initial set up and downloading applications

This weekend I want to - 
Sleep plenty
Eat plenty, yummy delicious pizza's, Steaks, cake from cheese factory and much more
Pamper myself, maybe a day at spa
Movie, twilight breaking dawn 2 ( dying to watch the finale, though not happy with the fact, it's the last of Edward and belle I get to see.....)
Family time - quality family time

Sounds nice....hope it works out the same as well.....

How is the week treating you guys so far????

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekend Flashback....

Hello angels,
Headline for this week - shopped like crazzzyyy!
Don't blame me, blame the sale sale! It's that time of the year when stores are stocking the new Fall/Winter collection and offering discounts on old stock (Did i say Old stock? let me rephrase it cause they can hardly be called old, Dubai never ever faces a dead stock issue). 

Even though it never gets freezing cold here, people still like to get into the spirit and shop for warmer clothes, including myself!
This week was very exciting for me. Bowling, painting and of course shopping. Also an intentional act to include plenty of fruits to my diet. Benefits of which on my health and mindset is well evident.  

In love by chance
So i dropped at Topshop this week to check out their new F/W collection. Came across their lovely smokey eye palette, also the look and feel of the palette case was adorable! PERFECT! Went ahead and grabbed one. Reached home. Excited with my new find, took another look at my purchase. BAAAMME....a different set of color shades from what i had wanted. My disappointment gushed out in a 'Aaarrrrrrr'. Decided to return them over the weekend. The next day while i was getting dressed for work, i took a second look at my 'messed up purchase' and got an irresistible urge to try them on....wollaahh love at second sight! The color looked soooo beautiful on my eye lids that i had to keep them. 

FYI - there is no moral to this story, treat it as a  one-off! Always do check your purchase especially boxed one's.

Purchase from H&M and Pull & Bear
Smokey palette from Topshop 
Rimmel Blush - Madeira

What have you guys been up to lately?? xoxo.....

Friday, November 9, 2012

DIY iphone case design 2♥

Hello angels,
As promised, here is my second design....wohooo!
Am a doodle freak be it at work, home or a restaurant. Miss.Giraffe is one of my most ♥'doodle design. So why not have her on my case??!

Since my last blog was quiet detailed on the steps, this time i would run you through the stages via pictures (click on the image to enlarge)
The only addition to the whole process was a cute bow that i clued on the her head...adorable!

Which design did you like? Have a great weekend!! xoxo

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let no one burst your bubble...♥

In a day, in a week we may find ourselves in few or many situation wherein we begin to doubt our own ability and strength. People at work or family may intentionally or unintentionally put you in a dilemma about where you stand. Prime solution to the problem is knowing yourself  

Universal Truth
Be aware of your weakness and strength. Individuals are different from one another, just like no human being in this world has the same finger print as your's. We are born unique. What makes us unique are our weakness and strength. So be happy and content with what you are. If your not satisfied , then work on it full fledged.

Don't compare yourself with others. And most importantly if others get into the trouble of creating a trend graph comparing you to someone, consider them jobless! 

Be inspired by people. Learn from them. There is absolutely no one out their who is perfect  

Give your best shot at things your dedicated to. What comes out of it may or may not be favorable that's just something you have no control over. So why bang your head over something that's not your fault. If you make a mistake, learn from it.

It's only when you genuinely learn and correct your mistakes you step towards success. Life is beautiful, we are let's not be cry babies! 

Do you agree with me.....xoxo  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

DIY iPhone case...♥

Hello angel's
 Am sooo excited to post this blog out there for you guys! I was a happy little bunny while crafting this one. I  DIY's. These self designed cases make the perfect gifts for your loved one's. The fact that it's handmade makes it even more special. 

Items required iPhone rubber case (any phone case for that matter, any color), paint pot, paint brush...that's about it

Google has billions of pretty prints out there for you to choose from. I would suggest, don't go for a complex one cause then it makes the painting very difficult. If your not interested in an image paint your name, signature, a quote etc. Choice is unlimited....

My choice was an owl print (you may know I love 'em). I started with my background base coat (green). Had to run two coats of these for a neat finish. Once done with the coat leave it to dry for about an hour or so. Meanwhile you can start on the paper cut outs. If your confident enough unlike me, you can paint directly on the case. While painting make sure the brush strokes are in the same direction...this is a ground rule! 

Hope you guys liked it??!! Another design coming up soon...a little different from the above. stay tuned!!

A million thanks to Sprinkle of Glitter for advertising me on her Blog for a month. My term comes to an end today. To get more of me, subscribe!

Friday, November 2, 2012

In October i fell in ♥ with.......

Hello angel's,
Time for my October Favorites....its so very hard to decide on things one had reached for the most in a month. I did a lot of travelling in the past 2 months and what i discovered were a few travel best friends!

Sam Edelman (Ballet flats) 
These babies cost me a fortune (US$ 117) but i don't regret it a bit. I have lived in them for the past 3 months and they are the most comfortable ballet flats ever. The inner padding is thick and provides excellent cushioning. Don't be deceived by their good looks, you can walk in them for hours and even use them on very rough surfaces. The spikes on the tip are not clumsy, fear not they shall not break off! (I personally guarantee). I can rave about them all day, that's how much i love them...Value you get is much higher than the price you pay..

Michael Kors Tote
Another luxury spend, but but but hear me out 'a complete bargain'! The purchase wasn't random though. I researched well before deciding on MK. I certainly did not want to invest in a bag that would seem outdated in a couple of months. I tend to carry a lot in my handbag but this gem houses all my necessity with ease. Complements has been showered on them and mostly from men that too!! (Now that says something, right?) I was a little skeptical initially, if the thin delicate looking straps could carry the weight, but who am i kidding? They simply said 'bring it on babe'. 6 months and still rockin...

Lush Brazened Honey Face Scrub
Am not a fan of it's scent to be frank. But the job is well done. Feels cold on your face, exfoliates and cleanses wonderfully. Use it twice a week for a healthy glowing skin!!

Piggy Bank
Something i bought over the weekend from a local shop. Placed on my dresser, it brings a smile on my face every time i look at it. Does it serve any purpose, yes it makes me happy! what more??

What were your favorites? xoxo.....