Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekend - Lime Tree Cafe♥

Hello angels
Two posts back to back....I just cannot hold back the blogger within me....

It's always fun, when you are in sync with your today for instance, when we decided to take a stroll out. He rushed to shave and I squeezed in to do my make up! Both of us busy on our faces and joking around....he picking an eye shadow for me was d best part....(a hideous color which I never wore was a different thing....hahah...but I love him for his gesture)

Ok carrying on....destination Lime Tree Cafe. I have been wanting to visit this cafe for long and finally the day arrived. Woohoo.....

Loved their Carrot cake. The best i ever had.... 

They also sell their own range of cookies, jams and too cute aprons!

The cafe is open for breakfast and tea. The ambiance was very welcoming and cozy. Perfect to have a fun tea time with your friends and family 

That's about it for my weekend. Off to work tomorrow....let me not even think about it now


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